Life With s*s: Pt 7

Well we found a nice, small, one bedroom studio that had a pretty good neighborhood, nice and quiet. We made a trip home to get another truck load of stuff mom and dad said we could have and we got moved in. A week later we start work and school. Until then it's get the place the way we want it.

Some is double duty, we bought a pretty big dining room table because it is also our desks. Very little living room furniture, we're not going to be here much. Mom and dad followed us back, they wanted to see it and help us move in. The next day we all had breakfast together, in our new apartment, and they left, still not really happy we shared a bedroom, but since we had twin beds, it was probably OK.

After they left, we opened one of the boxes of wine they left us. They gave us two since they knew we didn't drink heavily. I got naked, Steph stripped down to just her shirt and we settled in to enjoy a day off. As we sat together, Steph started to stroke my cock almost absent mindedly like she did at the motel. I told her I liked it and she said she really didn't realize what she was doing, then she grinned at me and winked. Now I knew better. She did ask if I was going to go naked all the time at home and I said as long as it didn't bother her, yes. She said it would bother her if I quit, then she would think something was wrong.

I asked if she was going to start to go naked but she said, not yet, but I will sl**p naked. I totally understand, it's not for everyone, but she does look pretty sexy in just a shirt. Then she asked another question, she wanted to know if I thought her pussy would look better completely shaved, I like the little patch she has, but said that maybe we could work at it and make it look better, she shaves it kind of ragged, maybe I can help. She added, she wanted me to keep my cock and balls shaved, she didn't care about the rest, but she liked smooth skin when she was licking and sucking. Hard to believe we're talking about this stuff. A couple of years ago we barely talked at all.

We finished our wine and decided we needed to get dressed and do some grocery shopping for the rest of the week and the start of next week. We got back, put everything away, got into our lounging attire, shirt and nothing, and poured some soda to drink (or as they call it in the north "pop").

There was a knock at the door, neither of us thought of this. Steph got up, she had the only clothes on and asked who it was. It was a man's voice and said it was he and his wife, just came to welcome us in. She could see them in the peep hole and saw that they were a little bit older than us. Steph told them we weren't dressed, if they wanted to come back a little later. The woman answered and said they've seen everything, it won't bother them if it doesn't bother us. Steph looked at me, I nodded, she opened the door.

We met the folks from across the hall, Keith and Sue. At first I felt really awkward, but Keith said not to let it be a bother, they aren't dressed all of the time either. I got up and came over to them and we shook hands, Keith did glance at Steph's pussy. After a couple of minutes of standing there, Sus suggested we sit down, Steph asked if they'd like some wine or . . . they said yes to the wine.

Steph poured four glasses, added some soda to ours, and served them. This was really starting to be surreal. I'm naked, Steph is half naked, this couple is fully dressed, and we are just visiting. I almost got up to get dressed, but thought that would be even more awkward. We visited for about 15 minutes, Sue said they needed to get home. As they got up I could see Keith had a hardon, my guess, they were going to have fun when they got home. As they left, they told us not to worry about being undressed if they came over, it was OK with them.

When they left we almost burst into laughter. Steph asked if I could see his hardon. I told her he'd been staring at her pussy the whole time and she said she knew it and Sue kept looking at my cock. I told her this could actually wind up being fun some times.

By now we both had to pee pretty bad. We went to our new bathroom and got into the little shower. I got on the floor of it as Steph stood over me and let loose with a stream that started hitting me right in the face and then worked it on down my chest. Then she got down and I did the same for her. We bought a bunch of cheap small towels to wipe off with, we figured we'd go through a lot of them.

After we dried off I asked Steph to come to our bedroom with me. She did and when we were in there I asked her to lie on the bad so I could eat her out. I really like the taste of her pussy and I love it when she climaxes. I went down on her right away and started to suck on her clit while pushing my tongue inside her. She got really wet pretty fast but she stopped me and asked me to fist. When I got up, she already had the lube on the nightstand and handed it to me.

I started rubbing my thumbs up inside her pussy with a little bit of lube on them. As I rubbed, I pulled her pussy open, a little more each time, this took a while, I didn't want to hurt her. She started to moan as I moved over to using three fingers. I added more lube and she started to rub her clit while I moved my fingers in and out, then I added the fourth finger, that had her pretty spread out and she started to climax, I could feel her pussy squeezing and releasing my fingers as she moaned and pushed her pussy onto my hand.

When she was done, she sat up and told me to get on my back. As soon as I had she licked off all the precum that had formed on my cock. Then she licked my balls and sucked them while stroking my cock with her hand. When I couldn't hold back any more, she got up and straddled me with her pussy and rocked that wet pussy back and forth and up and down on my cock, I could feel her clit on my cock as I started to cum, I couldn't hold back.

After I finished cumming, Steph went down on my cock and sucked it clean and licked it clean and got up all the cum from my tummy. She then got back on top of me, put her face close to mine and pulled my mouth open with two of her fingers. I didn't know what was going to happen. I found out as my cum fell from her mouth to mine. Then she rolled off and started to kiss me. We did our usual thing here and passed the cum back and forth as we kissed for a couple of minutes and then I swallowed it.

We were both pretty tired and Steph said that she had told me that we weren't going to clean up every time we messed around. She like the smell of sex, is the way she put it. Besides, we need to take a shower in the morning after our morning "golden showers". Life with s*s is getting pretty fun and interesting.
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