It's CFNM Again

It was over a month since I did the party with Mike for Miranda and friends. I thought I would have heard from one of them by now, but I hadn't and was about to call Miranda see if there was something she could use me for. I really wanted to expose myself in front of some women or girls. So, I called her.

We talked for a while and said that she hadn't really been doing any parties lately, but she thought it was nice that I called. After a while, she said she had to go, but if she heard anything that might arouse my interests, she'd let me know. I figured, don't call me, I'll call you.

It wasn't even an hour and I got a phone call from a girl that said she was a friend of Miranda's s****r. She overheard the call with Miranda I had and got Miranda to give her my number. She had an idea but didn't know if I would do it. This wasn't really going to be a party and they couldn't pay me. They also wouldn't have any alcohol, they are below the legal drinking age of 21.

Pretty much, it was going to be some of her friends at her house, her parents were going to be gone for a long weekend and she was staying at one of her friends houses. She wasn't supposed to stay home alone, but the girls could go there during the day to use the pool. I had a feeling I knew where this was going to go and I kind of liked the idea and told her so. Her name is Tatiyana but everyone calls her Tat. We made plans for when I would have a day off and it worked for her. She said it was to be kind of a surprise, she wasn't going to tell anyone I was going to show up. My only concern, they wouldn't call the police. She assured me, it was her house and her friends, nothing bad would happen.

On the day planned on, I didn't really know what to expect, but I brought some condoms along, just in case. I was supposed to be there around 1100, the friends would all be getting there around noon. Only one of her friends would be there when I got there and she wasn't sure, but thought there would be about six girls. I was on time and almost couldn't wait.

I rang the doorbell and Tat answered, she was really cut, short brown hair, brown eyes, nice tits, but looked to be about 14 to 16, I wasn't sure. I had to trust that Miranda wouldn't have agreed if they were too young. Tat was dressed in a pair of shorts, very short, and a sleevless T. Really hot, she introduced me to her friend Jordan, almost as cute. Shoulder length brunnette, green eyes and dressed almost like Tat and lookes about the same age.

Jordan said that she and Tat would like me to be their "boy toy", if that was what I wanted to call it. Pretty much they wanted me to do for them whatever they asked and to be naked while I did it. I agreed as long as there was no pain and nothing i*****l. They thought it would be fun and told me to get naked. I loved the way they took charge right away. Later they admitted that they both are into the CFNM websites and knew they should be in charge.

After I got naked, they told me to help them get the pool area ready, there was a privacy fence around it, so neighbors couldn't see in. I was supposed to arrange chairs around the pool, put out clean, dry towels and get an assortment of sunscreen and tanning lotions and oils they had in the laundry are. I had just finished brining a cooler full of sodas out when the doorbell rang. Tat told me to answer it, I was a bit nervous now, I didn't know what to expect. I went to the door and looked through the peep hole, it was two girls. I opened the door and welcomed them in, at first I don't think they realized I was naked as they came from sunlight in.

As soon as they realized it, they laughed and pointed and asked Tat if this was her idea. They all started laughing and giggling and Tat told them what was supposed to do. They asked, anything? And Tat gave the right answer, they just grinned at me. Almost right away there was another ring, I didn't wait to be told, I checked, another girl, I let her in. She took off her sunglasses, looked at me, looked at my cock, all of the other girls started laughing and asked, what do you think? She grabbed my cock and said she liked the surprise. My cock started to get hard in her hand, she looked me right in the eyes and said, I think you like it too.

The girls were still talking when Jordan told me that there might be just a couple more that weren't sure if they could make it. Then, one of the other girls said, they'll be here, I called them and told them what to expect. All of them got around me and introduced themselves to me and a couple of them grabbed my cock and tugged it a little before letting go and giggling. Then the doorbell again, I recognized one of the girls on the other side, it was Trinity, from the beach and two more friends. They all looked under 18 and were all hot. My cock would not go down, I just hoped I wouldn't cum while walking around.

Tat said that they should get changed and go out to the pool, everything was set up. Then she looked at me and told me to help her. I was to hold her clothes while she got undressed, fold them neatly and put them down while she put on her bikini. I was told to do this for each of the girls, I got to see them each naked, but not for long as I had to fold the clothes and hand bathing attire and each of them gave my cock a little tug, just for good measure. They really looked good in their bikinis, really good.

As they walked out to the pool, Trinity told me she didn't want to burn and she needed me to put sunscreen on her right away. I went over to her and put it on her back and shoulders, she told me there was more to her than that, she needed it all over. I loved it, rubbing sunscreen on her breasts, even though her bikini top was on, down her tummy and yes, her legs. My cock was dripping precum as I finished. Then I was told, one at a time to do each of the others. Two of the girls took their tops off so I got to do their bare breasts, nice and firm.

Finally, one of them asked what was dripping from my cock. Before I could answer, another one of the girls told her precum and told me to give it to her. I walked over, she flicked it off my cock with her fingers, and showed it to the girl asking, then she licked it off her fingers and they all giggled and couldn't believe she did that.

As the day went on, I was asked to keep them lotioned, get them drinks and at one time help serve some snacks. By now, all of the girls were topless and one was working on her all over tan. She called me over to lotion her butt, as I did it, she spread her legs a little bit and told me to get between her legs, just in case the sun shined there. I started to rub lotion between her legs and she slid her pussy right down onto the side of my hand. It was wet and hot and she sighed, just a little bit and told me to keep rubbing. I looked around and two of the other girls were watching me masturbate their friend. She rolled onto her back and told me to use my tongue, so I did, it wasn't too long and she climaxed, damn it felt and tasted so good.

The two girls that were watching, now were naked and were fingering their pussies and staring at my cock. One of them told me to go down on her, again I did what I was told. By now, they all were watching as the second girl climaxed. There was a little cheer that went up and they all were getting undressed. What a torture, I had to lick and suck the pussies of every one of those girls until they climaxed. I was afraid to touch my cock or I'd cum. When I was done with all of them, they told me to get them some more drinks, so I did.

While I was in the house, they must have figured out it was my turn. After I served them the sodas, they were all sitting up in their chairs and started to arrange them all so I could stand in front of them. Then I couldn't believe it, they wanted to have me stand there while they tried things, kind of a dare thing. So it started out with two of them challenging each other to see who could get my cock furthest into their mouth. I din't object to that, the first girl got almost all in before she gagged a little, the second girl got it all in down her throat when the first girl did it too, I thought I would cum right there with these girls cheering each other on to suck my cock.

One of the girls went inside the house and came back out smiling, as she walked towards the other girls she held something out and they all cheered, I couldn't see what it was. As she got in front of me, she turned around and told me to put it on and she handed me a condom. I slid it on as she turned around and backed her pussy up to my cock and I just slid right in, she was that wet. She did about four or five pumps on my cock and pulled off, the girls were all cheering like she'd just done a magic trick.

Then Trinity came up to me and said there is something she wanted to do ever since she saw me at the beach. She reached down for my cock and started to jerk me off in front of all the girls. I told her I was getting close and she didn't stop, she just whispered to me to let it go, and I did. It shot out a couple of feet, didn't hit anyone, but there was a bunch of cheering for Trinity. She just rubbed the left over cum from her hand onto my cock and gave me a little kiss on the cheek and said "thanks".

By now it was time to clean up. The girls helped and then I gathered up all of their bathing suits and folded them and brought them in. They were all getting dressed when I came in and handed them their suits. They all wanted to know if I'd do stuff like for them like this if they called. I told them if it was a day off for me, I'd do it. I got a hug and a kiss from each as they left.

Finally it was just Jordan and Tat left. They thanked me and told me I was really a good sport to do this. I explained, it was a real thrill for me, they actually blushed a little and said for them too. She said she would give my email or number to the girls that wanted it and I left.

It was a long ride home, I was still a little bit horny, that was just so much fun. When I got home Steph wanted to know all about it, so I told her. She said you have dried up cum on your cock, we need to get that off. I got undressed, at her urging and headed for the bathroom. When I got there, Steph was standing in the shower ready, I got in, she got close and put my cock between her legs and started peeing, damn that hot pee felt good on my cock, then I started to pee. We showered, she put on a T shirt and we settled down for the rest of the afternoon.
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1 year ago
Sexy and a surprising but hot ending
2 years ago
Hot and sexy story, thanks.
2 years ago
very exciting story. thanks for sharing
3 years ago
Very hot and sexy.. Lucky guy
3 years ago
very hot & naughty