I Did Bukkake Again

It had been a couple of months since I did the bukkake thing with Lisa and even though we were asked if we'd do it again for them, I haven't heard back on anything. Then, on a Wed, Lisa called me and said that she had been asked to call me and see if I would work with her on another bukkake party. It was to be at the same "man cave" but with a few more men and possibly a little bit younger crowd. I agreed as long as it was on a day off.

When Lisa and I talked the next time, she said no problem on my day off and they were looking forward to us again. She asked if I was going to go naked or wear something. I told her I was still very uncomfortable with naked, so I was going to put together something that I hoped would help turn them on. She said something about that not being too hard to turn them on.

Once again we met at the "man cave" on the property of one of my bosses friends. It was pretty much a three car garage that had been converted to a big bar area and a home theater system, pool table, etc. Upstairs he had a bedroom/den for reading and working on his computer along with a bathroom. Upstairs is where we waited, we were about an hour early so we could visit and have a glass of wine.

I had taken one of my pleated mini skirts and shortened it, it was now more like a pleated belt. My pussy was totally exposed and about half of my butt. Since it was green plaid, I found a green sports bra that kind of matched it, that was my costume. Lisa said she liked to be naked, she didn't want to clean cum off of clothes. She did say, even though she didn't want me to last time, if I want to lick the cum off of her I can, since she knows me now.

The men were downstairs making quite a bit of noise, there was some drinking going on, but most of them were cheering or making comments on the porn movies that were playing. They were bukkake, of course. We were asked if we were ready, and if we were, just do what feels natural and good. Lisa and I looked at each other, smiled, and Lisa said, let's go serve some drinks to the men and mingle.

We went downstairs, it looked like most of the men were drinking beer, there looked to be about 25 men. Lisa and I went over to the bar area, got a couple of beers each and opened them. Then we kind of started into the sea of men, all fully clothed yet. As soon as they noticed us, attention turned to us, and we started swapping full beers for empties and did some cock rubbing through the pants at the same time. As we did this we talked a little bet with the men, some I remembered from the last bukkake and some from my bosses, that gave me an idea and I went to the bar a chugged a couple glasses of water.

We kept talking and grabbing crotches until the men started to loosen up and pull off their pants. Both of us were encouraging that. Finally, I had to pee, I went to the front of the room, by the TV and asked for everyone's attention. Then I announced that I only had one more drink to hand out and whoever wanted it could come forward. With that I put a glass down by my pussy and started to fill it. There was a big cheer, but no one, not even the guys I thought would, came forward. When I was done I said I'd be right back and headed for the bar to pour the pee down the sink. One of my bosses friends met me and said not to dump it, so I handed it to him and he headed back out into the room drinking his special beer.

The owner got everyone's attention, a little later and announced that we were going to start the bukkake. Lisa, like last time was to sit on a chair holding a bowl, the idea was for the men to cum on her face and she'd catch whatever dripped off. Before Lisa sat down, while he was talking, I sat down on the chair and started to rub my pussy, Lisa got the hint and started to do the same thing while standing there, that got the guy's attention and it wasn't long before there were a lot of pantsless or naked men jerking off.

I did my best to start going around the men touching them and rubbing their cocks. My favorite thing to do was to hold their balls and bend over and lick the precum off their cock. After it looked like the first of the men was going to cum I moved over by Lisa. One of the men stepped over towards Lisa and as he jerked his cock, I cupped my hand on his balls and gently squeezed, he came all over Lisa's face and some was dripping down toward the bowl. When he started to back away, I stopped him and sucked the rest of the cum from his cock. I let all the men know that I'd clean their cocks when they were done cumming. That seemed to get them even more horny.

A couple of men looked like they were having trouble getting started, so I went over and started to suck on one of their cocks, the other guy was watching and stroking his cock as I sucked his friends cock. It wasn't long before both were hard. I heard my name and two of the men had cum and were looking for me to clean their cocks. I went straght to them and sucked all I could to clean them up.

This went on until all of them had cum on Lisa's face, she couldn't open her eyes because of the cum in them and her face was all wet and whit. Quite a bit had dripped into the bowl. When the last of the men had cum, I went up to Lisa and used a finger to scoop as much cum as I could into the bowl. Then, since she said I could, I started to lick her face clean, getting every drop of cum that I could. I really do like the taste of cum and I was getting a lot of here. When I got her face pretty well cleaned off I took the bowl and headed for the bar.

At the bar I got a wine glass and poured the contents of the bowl into the wine glass, using a finger to get it clean, then I licked my finger. I told them all how happy I was to share this with them, toasted them with the glass and took a pretty big mouthful, swished it around in my mouth and swallowed. I could tell they really liked that.

Lisa and I visited with the men for about fifteen minutes with me drinking my cumcocktail the whole time. We finally went back up to the den area so Lisa could clean up, she took a shower. When we got downstairs, the owner handed us each a white envelope and said he really enjoyed us and hoped we could do this again, only sooner.

I went home. My b*****r was sitting, naked, in our living room, watching TV. He asked how it went at the party and I told him. He couldn't believe I'd drink all of that cum, from so many men. I know it turned him on, though, even as he pretended it didn't, his cock started to get hard. I told him it was real easy to have all that cum, I knelt between his legs and took his cock into my mouth and started sucking, then I stopped and said, "that's all there is to it, and then they cum." I got up with him having a hard as steel cock and headed for the bathroom, telling him I needed a shower.

Jeff followed me making comments about that not being fair, to get him hard and quit. The whole time he was jerking his cock. He followed me into my bedroom and before I could get all the naked he said he needed me, quick. I sat on the bed so he could put his cock in my mouth, he was right, he was quick. He started to cum almost as soon as I got his cock in my mouth. When he was done, I did tell him, I really prefer cum from him best.

Then I told him to follow me to the bathroom and he better have to pee. He dind't have to very much, but he was able to give my pussy a little golden shower before I took my shower. When I was done I put on a T shirt and went out to join him in the living room. We had a glass of wine together and visited for a while. He said he wishes he could go to a bukkake party some day, I liked that thought.
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very sexy & naughty