Life With s*s: Pt5

We woke up with the doorbell ringing and someone knocking. Steph went downstairs to check and it was her girlfriends. Mom and dad had gone to work and we were tired because we worked late. Steph called up to me and told me to come down, no need to dress.

When I came downstairs both Terece and Lexie gave me a hug and a tug on my cock and said hello. We had some news to tell them and they couldn't wait to tell us something, they went first. They told us that they figured that they were more gay than bi and that they were moving to CO, maybe the Denver area, to go to college. I guess I looked surprised and they said it's not a big deal, they are bi, they just happen to really like girls better, especially each other, and then they kissed.

Steph was excited for them and told them we finally made a decision too, about school and our future. I had been planning on going into the military, but since I'd been working in the kitchen at the micro brewery, I found I really liked cooking. We found a school in the Twin Cities of MN that offered courses we both wanted and we would wind up with our BA's in less than three years. It was all year schooling, no breaks except holidays. I was going to major in culinary arts and Steph was going for hotel, motel, restaurant management. We haven't told our folks yet.

Terece asked if our folks weren't home, would it be OK to go out to the pool and Steph said yes. They literally undressed in the living room, stopped at the laundry for towels and headed out. Steph told me to get the suntan lotion and fix them some drinks.

They were definitely still bi, they let me lotion them up, rubbing their backs first then their breasts, tummies, pussy and legs. All three seemed to like the attention and so did my cock. By the time I got done with Steph I had a little stream of precum hanging from my cock, she scoopped it up with a finger and licked it clean.

I got the girls some drinks and as a thank you, each of them gave my cock a couple of tugs. As I sat down, Terece started telling us about how they figured that they were probably more gay than bi. While she talked she was absent midedly stroking her pussy, so I thought, then I noticed that Lexie was doing the same thing. That got my cock rock hard and I wanted to jerk off right there.

Steph asked what they were doing. Terece said just getting ready, she thought the three of them could have some fun before they left, since they were moving in a couple of weeks and didn't know when they'd see each other again. Before Steph finished with "what do you have ...." Terece got up and went over the chaise that Lexie was on, Lexie spread her legs and Terece went down on her pussy, licking it inside and out, cleaning off as much pussy juice as possible. Then she started pushing her thumbs into her pussy and spreading it open as she pulled them out. We knew what was coming next and Steph told me to go to her room and get the lube from her night table, I did.

When I got back downstairs Terece had her entire fist inside Lexie and was pumping it fast as Lexie rammed her hips onto the fist and fingered her clit. Evidently she didn't need the lube. As I watched, she started to climax, I looked at Steph and she was fingering her clit too, she looked at me and smiled, then said, "I'm next, I hope, I don't think I can last long".

When she was done, Terece asked if I wanted to lick her hand, of course I did, I love the taste of pussy. She let me lick her hand dry and told me to clean up Lexie, she was going to help Steph. I looked at Lexie, she spread wide open and told me to make sure she was clean, then she giggled and added, I hope you don't mind. She was staring at my cock, it was so hard it was throbbing and precum was dripping out the end.

As I started to go down on Lexie, I saw Terece start to work on Stephanie, she was already moving her thumbs in and out as I started to lick Lexie's pussy clean, it was really wet and tasted so good I thought I'd cum without touching my cock.

I heard Steph moaning and looked over, Terece had lubed her hand and was working four fingers in and out of her, slowly at first. Lexie got up and went over to Steph too and started to lick her clit while Terece kept working her fingers in and out. When she put her fist in, Steph moaned loudly and said she couldn't hold back any longer. Lexie kept sucking and licking her clit while she started to moan and push her pussy onto the fist, it was just unbelievable.

Last was Terece's turn and she asked Steph to do the fisting. As Steph started the process, Lexie went over and started to kiss her, deep kisses, tongue action and started to work her way down to her breasts. By the time she was sucking on her breasts, Steph had four fingers in Tereces pussy and was adding a little more lube, I started to stroke my cock, slowly, I didn't want to cum yet. When Steph got her fist into Terece, she looked up at me and smiled and said it felt really good to have her fist in the pussy, about then, Terece started to shake as she climaxed. I asked if I could lick her out and they all just smiled at me as Terece spread her legs for me to get to her pussy. I couldn't taste the lube, just the pussy juice, I loved it.

Steph made a comment that everyone had climaxed but me. She asked if I wanted to and I just nodded yes. She told me to lie on one of the chaises and start jerking off so they could watch. As I started, Steph came along side me and started to spread her legs a little, I knew what she was about to do and I couldn't wait. Within seconds, there was a stream of pee right from my s****rs pussy hitting me right on my cock and balls, I didn't want it to end, it felt so good, but it did. Then Terece said she wanted to help and she stradled me, got her pussy above my ccok and she started to pee on me, she was smiling at me as she did it and I knew I couldn't last much longer. As she got off, Lexie moved over me, squatted until my cock was just about touching her pussy and she started to pee on me, that was it, I couldn't hold back any longer, as her piss was hitting the end of my cock I started to cum and just let it happen. When I was done, they were all smiling at me and asked how it was. I had to say terrific.

Then Steph told me I better hose off that area some time today, we didn't want any questions about why it smelled like pee out there. We all laughed as Terece said "too bad you don't have a dog to blame it on".

We visited for a couple of hours and then said our goodbyes. The girlfriends got dressed and left. Steph and I went upstairs to get our morning showers and get ready for work. As we got into the shower I asked Steph to sit on the floor of the shower and spread her legs. When she was in position I peed all over her pussy and clit while she smiled and told me she loved me.

After our showers, Steph followed me into my room and said she had one more thing to do. She got down on the bed and told me to stand in front of her. She started to suck on my cock and rub my balls until I came for the second time today. I know why she did it, she kept sucking until everthing was out of my cock. She then stood up, put her arms around me and started to kiss me, her tongue came into my mouth followed by some of the cum, we kissed and passed the cum back and forth for a couple of minutes, she closed her mouth and backed a way a little bit, we both swallowed.

Then she looked me deep in the eyes and asked me if I thought we'd stay together forever. I smiled and told her I hoped so, she was really special. Then I told her thanks, and she asked for what. I told her this was one of the first times she was around me totally naked, usually she puts on a T shirt or something. She looked at me and smiled and said she didn't think she had to hide from me anymore, she is just who she is and that's the way it is. We said "I love you" almost at the same time, laughed and she headed for her room to get ready for work.
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