Is This CFNM?

It had been almost a month and I never did get an email from Miranda, as she said she would or from any of the others. I gave up, I guess I should have gotten their emails or numbers while I was there. Then it happened, I got an email with an apology, she misplaced the paper she wrote on, etc. Anyway, she wanted me to call or email at my earliest convenience. Of course, I called right away.

She said she was getting ready to through a party for one of her friends that just got engaged, good excuse for a party. The apartment complex had a room that they could reserve and she needed some "entertainment", she already had her friend Mike and wanted to know if I'd be another. She said pretty much that all we had to do was show up, get naked, mingle and dance with the girls. The d***ker that they got, the better the tips could be, she wasn't paying. Besides, she said, you like to be naked around girls. Good news, it was going to be on a Sunday afternoon and I'm off on Sundays. She told me to call Mike and he'd fill me in on everything.

Mike pretty much said we would get handled a lot especially as they got d***k. Show up at Miranda's at 1230 on Sunday a week later, bring swim trunks and a towel, also buy about a dozen condoms, colored, ribbed, something fun. He said they could come in handy. So I did, and on the Sunday in question I was there.

Mike answered the door and we introduced ourselves. I told him I was a bit nervous being naked with another guy in the room, he laughed and said you get used to it quickly. He strips and dances for a living and does a lot of private parties. He asked if I had any Viagra, I said no, didn't need it. He said I might, we need to stay hard for a couple of hours, so he sold me one and said he'd take the payment when we split the tips. We were now supposed to wait for Miranda, she'd call when they were "ready", so he filled me in on what would probably happen.

About 1:30 we got the call and headed to the meeting room, just off from the pool, hence the trunks and towel. There was acutally a guy standing security at the door and when we identified ouselves, he just smiled and let us in. There had to be about 20 women in there, all pretty good looking, all in very short skirts, very short shorts or bathing suits. All were wearing either a sports bra, bathing suit top or halter top. In other words, they were not very dressed up and the music was going quite loudly as they danced with each other or visited.

We found Miranda and she led us to the bar, Mike put out the tip jar and I put the condoms on a plate as directed. Sheila, from the beach, was tending bar and we smiled and waved. Miranda told us to put our suits and towels behind the bar and mingle. So we did.

Almost as soon as we got to the area where the girls were dancing we got surrounded. Some of them started touching my back and butt, some my chest and cock and then one of them took a can of whip cream and put some on my cock which was sticking almost straight up. She put more on my nipples and my butt and before I knew it, I had tongues licking whipped cream all over me and I really liked the one on my cock. After she got all of the whipped cream she sucked it a couple of times, stood up, smiled and started to jerk me off while she introduced herself to me, I couldn't believe it and the same was happening to Mike.

After a short time another girl went to her knees and started to lick on my balls while I was being jerked off, then she moved the hand away so the girl could suck on my cock. Meanwhile I had more hands and fingers running over my chest and ass. I was in heaven, I didn't know if I could last a couple of hours. Then some music started and they began dancing again, only now it was around Mike and me and they kept grinding into our asses and cocks.

One girl in a white skirt and red bikini top came over to me smiling, put her arms around my neck and said "not in my ass, only my pussy". Then she backed away and I saw she had a condom in her hand, soon it was on my cock. She turned around, leaned on a coffee table and pulled her skirt up, no panties. I couldn't resist, I slipped my cock into her pussy, my god was it hot and wet, I mean it just slid right in. Then she started to squeeze my cock with her pussy and move in time to the music, I had all I could do to keep from blowing my load right then. After about two or three minutes, she stood up, my cock popped out, she smiled and said she'd be back later. I removed the condom and threw it away.

Another girl came over to me totally naked, by now I noticed two or three of them were naked, some topless, some bottomless, not many fully clothed anymore. Then naked girl told me to come over to a bench that had some girls standing around it. I did, she told me to get on my back, I did, and then she put a condom on me, straddled me and lowered herself onto my cock. As soon as she did, the girls started to chant; fuck, fuck, fuck. She started to ride my cock up and down as she told me to just lay there, she'd do all the work. Then I reached up to her breasts, very nice, firm, oh dear they were nice. While I was doing that I was trying to think of other things so I wouldn't cum, then I noticed she was rubbing her clit with one of her hands, it wasn't long and it happened, not me, her. I felt her pussy start to tighten and loosen on my cock, over and over as she climaxed, I was doing multiplication tables in my head so I wouldn't cum. Finally she was done, she looked down at me, smiled really pretty, said her name was Trish, and she got up. Once again I removed the condom and threw it away.

I went to the bar to get a drink of water and noticed there was quite a bit of money appearing in the tip jar. While I was drinking, one of the cuter girls, still dressed, came over and started to visit and hold my cock while she talked. She didn't exactly jerk me off, she just kind of held it and moved her hand around just a little bit, it felt really good, and so hot to be doing this. Just before she walked away she told me that what she was doing was rubbing my precum into my cock, there was so much of it she couldn't resist. Mike came over to get a drink and told me I needed to get back out with the girls, so I did.

We were dancing some more, one of the bottomless girls kept grinding her ass onto my cock for a few minutes, then she knelt down and sucked if for a while before going back to dancing. A couple of other girls came over and asked if I was having a good time, I said yes, she smiled and said she was too, then she put her arms around my neck and started to grind her pussy, through her shorts onto my cock. I told her I might make a wet spot, she just smiled and said she didn't care.

After about two hours of this Miranda stopped the music and made the announcement that Mike and I would be leaving in about 15 minutes. There was kind of an oh no sound and then Mike and I were moved into the center of the dance are, placed back to back about two feet apart and told they were going to have a contest to see which of us would cum first.

Two groups of girls got around us and started kissing us all over, sucking our cocks, licking our balls, all the normal stuff when the girl in the white skirt came back over to me, grinned broadly, said she knew what to do and told me to put on a condom and sit on a chair she was carrying. While I did that, she took off her skirt and top, came over to me and faced me. Then she lowered herself onto my cock and told me to just let it go. She started to ride up and down on my cock, squeezing it with her pussy going up, relaxing on the way down, then she started squeezing and relaxing both ways, it was getting hard to control and she told me to let it go, the object was to cum and about then I did, really hard and loud. The girls around us started cheering and the others started chanting, proof, proof, proof.

She got off of me, peeled the condom off and held it up. There was a big glob of cum at the tip and she used her fingers to slide it out of the condom. Once again, the girls on my team cheered, we won. As Mike and I got our stuff on and left they all thanked us and applauded and some cheered and whistled.

When we got back to Miranda's, Mike split the tip money, took $10 for the Viagra and I would up with over $100, not too bad for an afternoon of fun. He also gave me an envelope with my name on it, he said Sheila kept one for each of us. In it some of the girls had left notes, most of them with thier name, what they had on, phone number and email. All asking for a contact back.

Steph was at home when I got there so I told her all about what happened, I started to get hard all over again just telling her. Then I told her I really needed a shower, I was full of pussy juice, saliva, whipped cream, etc. Steph said she was waiting for me to get home and she's glad I wasn't much later.

We went down the hall towards our rooms and Steph followed me into mine as I got undressed she told me to hurry, she needed me in the shower now. I knew why and hurried up a little. As I was getting into the shower, she pulled off her shorts and underpants and got in with me. Then she put her arms around my neck, told me I was the best b*****r ever, litterally straddled my cock with her pussy, told me she loved me and started to piss right on my cock. It felt so good, so hot and wet my cock started to get stiff all over again. When she was done, she told me to hurry up and get done. She needed me to do some serious drinking to repay the favor. She took off the rest of her clothes and we showered.

After the shower, we went naked back to the living room and fixed some wine coolers, weak on the wine. It was pretty nice to see Steph naked. She's starting to join me in being naked at home and it's really nice that she does. I really enjoy the way she looks.
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