Life With s*s: Pt. 4

After the week away, it was really hard to get back to a normal lifestyle. First off, mom and dad noticed that we were a lot nicer towards each other. Rather than tell a big lie, I told them that we just really learned to appreciate each other more, I guess it comes with growing up . . . they thought it was nice.

Every chance I had, I would go naked around the house when the parents weren't there. I loved being naked in front of Steph and she got pretty comfortable about being partially naked around me. Whe would just wear a T shirt so I could see her pussy and ass. She was still uncomfortable about being totally naked, she didn't like her little titties, I didn't care.

Since school was out, Steph got a job at the same restaurant I worked at during the same shift so we could drive together. She worked in the front of the house and I was in the kitchen. This was really good, becuase of our schedule we were usually home alone after we got up until we went to work.

She never got tired of the peeing thing. Every morning it was pretty much the same thing. She'd come in to wake me and follow me to the bathroom. We'd get into the shower and she'd start to pee on me while I did the same to her, then we'd shower, helping wash each other and then to my room.

Steph seemed to never get tired of watching me jerk off. She'd ask if we could wait, though to cum later. This one morning, she asked if I'd given any thought to trying to fist her, and I had, I was afraid I'd hurt her. She wanted to try, she had bought some lubricant and went to her room to get it.

When she laid on my bed, she put a pillow up under her hips and spread her pussy open with her fingers. It looked so good, so pink and wet, I had to go down on her. I started to lick up inside her pussy, get the taste of her pussy juices, then I went for her clit and started to suck and lick it. Steph put her hands on my head and said she wanted to try the fisting now, she was really turned on.

I started like I remembered the girls do. I worked at the opening to her pussy with my thumbs, slowly putting them in, feeling how warm and wet she was. Then I would spread them apart, but not f***e it too much. I did this probably six or seven times, each time spreading her pussy open wider. I was getting so hard and the precum was oozing out just from looking inside that beatiful pussy of hers.

Next I got the lubricant and wet a couple of fingers with it and put them inside her pussy and rubbed them around to spread the lube, I did this a second time just to make sure. Then I put lube all over my right hand and started by inserting three fingers into her pussy, it was tight and she was moaning and moving her hips onto my fingers and telling me to put in another finger. I went for four and she started to stroke her clit and push her pussy onto my fingers, like she was fucking my hand. It was really tight when I tried to insert my thumb too.

Before I could get my thumb in her pussy she started to climax and tighten around my fingers. When she was done she told me to straddle her so she could suck my cock and I did. I was so horny I only lasted a couple of minutes and started to blow my cum into her mouth, I couldn't stop.

When I was done, she was looking up at me smiling and motioning me to lie down next to her. I did and was kissed and passed my cum back and forth between us for a couple of minutes. Then we both swallowed. She said that it felt so good to have her pussy full like that and she wanted to keep trying until I could get my fist inside her.

After that we went downstairs and got breakfast. I still love to walk around naked and look at her pussy and ass. Maybe some day she'll be willing to go naked around me, but until then, I'll take what I can get. After we ate, Steph said that maybe tomorrow Lexis and/or Terece might come over to visit. They're planning on moving away together to go to college and they have something that they want to tell us.
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