It's me again. Not too long after I did the bukkake thing, my boss and the Mrs. were going to have a party, a garden party, they said. Part of my job as personal secretary is to do all of the personal correspondance for the Mr. and the Mrs. so I knew this was going to probably be a pretty big party, they sent out over 20 invitations, so if everyone showed up, over 40 people. I really never did anything in front of that many people.

The Mrs. wanted to know if I thought that I could actually walk around among the guests and fill glasses, since we were going to be outside, it didn't matter if I dribbled a little. That's why I have a special little rug to stand on inside, so no dribbles get on the carpet. I told her that I didn't know if I could keep enough water and juice in me if I was walking around. She said that there was going to be another girl, one they had used before, to help fill carafes just before the party. I asked who and it turned out it was going to be Lisa from the bukkake party. I guess that's how they knew her.

On the day of the party Lisa arrived a little early so we had a chance to visit a little bit. She said that she used to do this quite a bit, but she really had trouble standing and peeing, so she used to sit and fill glasses and that's what she would be doing here. She brought an outfit that the Mrs. had given her a couple of years ago, it was like a very short sun dress. White with pink stripes and no sleeves, very cute: It was also very short, when she stood you could see her pussy and it was freshly shaved for the party.

The Mrs. came in and asked if I liked her outfit and I said yes. She was happy, because she had one like it for me, only it had light green stripes. I tried it on and it fit great but seemed even shorter than Lisa's. I'm glad I don't mind people seeing my pussy and ass, they were going to see quite a bit of it today.

The whole time we were visiting, we were literally chugging water and juice to fill up a couple of carafes each before the party started. The only beverage served was to be wine coolers made from pee, lemon lime soda and white zinfandel wine. My job was to top off glasses where the people wanted more pee than wine cooler.

The Mrs. made a big announcement before the party that there was going to be a surprise at the end, so no one leave early. She mixed the first batch of coolers in a big punch bowl, so everyone could watch. Equal parts of all three liquids. Lisa was standing by her chair drinking while I mingled. It wasn't long before one of the ladies asked me to top off her drink. I stopped and spread my legs a little bit, she put her glass under my pussy and I let some pee trickle out. She tasted it and smiled. It wasn't long before I was pretty busy peeing into peoples glasses, the whole time drinking water and juice from a glass I carried with me. I did try some of the cooler, it really didn't taste too much like pee, mostly like salty wine.

Lisa went about her job. Once in a while I'd hear a little bell ring and some of the people would go to Lisa and get their glasses filled or just watch as she peed into a carafe to be added to the punch bowl.

After a couple of hours, the Mrs. asked if I needed to empty my bladder, the party was almost over. I told her I'd love to, it's hard walking around for two hours in a constant state of having to pee and not being able to empty. She was carrying a carafe with her and just announced to the people near us that I was going to do my best to fill it, there was a little bit of laughter and a small audience watched as the Mrs. held the carafe under my pussy and I finally emptied my bladder. She looked at me and told me that this was for her and the Mr. for after the party.

Not too much later the Mr. made the announcement that it was time for the surprise ending and asked if I would come over to where he was. I didn't have a clue as to what was going to happen, but there was a lot of smiling among the men. Then I saw the Mrs. coming towards me with what looked like a glass of milk. The Mr. announced that just like they have their favorite beverage, he learned recently that I had a favorite and he asked the men to leave their donation, when they could, before the party was over.

I knew what it was then. I smelled it, it had the wonderful musky smell of fresh cum, the glass was still a little bit warm. Everyone was looking at me and smiling. I held the glass up to make a toast and told them how wonderful this was for them to share with me. I took a nice mouthful, swished it around with my tongue, swallowed, smiled and told them how wonderful it was. There were some cheers and clapping. Then I walked around sipping on my drink while personally trying to thank each of the men. Most of them were at the bukkake party, so they knew I liked it.

While cleaning up after the party and everyone including Lisa had gone they told me how much they really appreciated me being both the personal secretary and working these parties. I told them I actually enjoyed both jobs and I hoped I'd be with them for a long time. I had already finished my cum cocktail when they sat down and poured the last carafe of pee into two glasses for them. We continued to talk for a while longer and part of the conversation was about how they were going to try to incorporate a drink for me into the parties from now on, but some of the parties, since they would be smaller, or with women only, I'd have to understand.

They were thinking about a pool party but since they knew I didn't like to be totally naked, would I consider just wearing a bathing suit top. I was hesitant and told them I really liked the skirts and tops but if they wanted me to just wear a bathing suit top I'd rather be naked, but I didn't want to. They ended it with they'd come up with something, they wanted me to be happy and feel comfortable. The Mr. did add, he was actually turned on by small breasts, that was one of the things that attracted me to him, but he understood.
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3 years ago
Very thoughtful of the rich to include their "Help" in their parties.
3 years ago
that was a bonus tip for you