I Did Bukkake (and I didn't even know what it

After one of my bosses "special parties" there was a note in one of the tip envelopes asking if I wanted to work a bukkake party. I called the number and told the man that answered I'd have to clear it with my boss to make sure there wasn't anything else planned. He chuckled and said he already cleared it, he's not that crazy, and my boss was going to be there.

Then I had to ask him what a bukkake party was. He told me and said he'd had three of them and had the same girl, Lisa, there each time. This time they wanted to add another girl. I had to explain I really didn't want to be naked, I'm embarrassed about the lack of breasts. He asked if I had a suggestion and I said I'd do a schoolgirl look, knee highs, short plaid skirt, white shirt tied up to expose my tummy, pig tails and ribbons. He liked it and told me when and where to be.

When I got there, I was introduced to Lisa and we made our plans for the night. The reason they wanted a second girl, Lisa wouldn't swallow. We waited in a room right near the "man cave" which was a separate building from the main house. When the party started, we were brought out. The big screen TV had porno playing, the lights were dimmed, there was a stool with a bowl next to it under a light and all of the men were either naked or only wearing shirts.

After Lisa was seated, I walked around and did my best to work up the guys. I let them touch me and I touched their cocks, I sucked a couple of them and spent a lot of time telling them how big and nice their cocks were. I gave some hand jobs and finally, the first man went up to Lisa (holding the bowl under her faace) and shot his load onto her face, some dripped into the bow.

Then the next man did the same, followed by the others. It really didn't take long for all of them to start cumming. As they did, I'd suck their cock to get the last little bit of cum. Lisa's face was getting pretty covered and there was quite a bit of cum in the bowl.

Once everyone had cum, they stood around admiring their work. Then one of the men told me to lick her face clean. I had to tell them that Lisa and I had already agreed, she didn't want me to lick and I didn't want to lick, but I hope they's like what I did do. I used one of my finger on each hand to scoop the cum and push it down her face into the bowl. When I had as much as I could get, I licked my fingers and smiled as nicely as I could and told them I needed to get a glass, they cheered.

I brought the bowl to the bar, got a wine glass, and once again used my fingers to clean out the bowl and fill the glass. It put almost 3/4 of the glass full. I'd never eaten a lot of cum mixed together and didn't really know if I could do it, even though it was a bit of a fantasy.

As I held the glass up in a toast, some of them started to chant, chug, chug, chug. I stopped them and said I wanted to savor it and took a pretty good mouth full, swished it around a bit and actually liked the taste and feel, I wish it could have been warmer though. I got a cheer when I swallowed and repeated this three more times until the glass was empty.

When Lisa and I went back to the room we waited in to clean up and change, the owner of the house brought us each an envelope with our tips. He also asked if we wouldn't mind working together again some time. Lisa said as long as she didn't have to swallow, any time. So I added, as long as I can swallow, I like working with her.
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4 months ago
Small titties are very sexy, especially when they belong to a hot cum swallowing woman.
3 years ago
Great story...(as an aside, it's counterproductive to be "retired" yet accept friend requests..I kinda take it personal)
3 years ago
3 years ago
great way to share
3 years ago
great story love that you swallow and you shouldnt be ashamed of your body at all your body sounds beatiful and freckles are cute be proud of what you have hun
3 years ago
Loved the school girl element. Good work.