The Best Job Ever: Pt 2

I've really enjoyed my job, mostly because I don't have to work. I'm at the bosses house every morning for breakfast. I've since found out that they actually make coffe by mixing their own pee with water, about 50:50 before brewing it. They kept asking me if I wanted a cup, I kept saying no, then one day I drank some. It actually tasted more like salty coffee than pee, I have a cup with them every morning. The reason I'm there, when they are seated for breakfast, I stand next to the table and lift my dress or skirt so that they can each get a small juice glass full of the fresh stuff. They keep talking about how good it is for us to drink urine, I don't care, as long as I get payed to do this.

One morning after I did my normal jog, the Mrs. informed me that she was having a luncheon the next day for some "special" friends and that I'd be needed for it. She suggested I just arrive for breakfast and stay, we all agreed on that.

When I got there the next day, the Mrs. had a new dress for me to wear. Usually I wear the plaid skirt but this one was like a very short party dress. It was emerald green, low cut back, boat neck front, bell sleeves and it came to just above my pussy, really short. She told me that when they started the luncheon she wanted two carafes half full of pee or one full one, she didn't care which. Then she wanted me to be able to provide refills at least twice during the luncheon, she thought the ladies would like the "little show".

I did what I was supposed to, I drank a lot of water and juice (apple, cranberry, blueberry) after breakfast so I could fill the carafes. I filled two of them half way and got myself ready for the party by getting myself close to having to pee as the guests arrived. I was to stay in the kitchen until the Mrs. called for me, then bring out the first carafe.

When I was called, I carried out the carafe expecting the ladies to drink it straight, that was my surprise. When I got out to the luncheon, about twelve women, the Mrs. stopped me and poured a bottle of white zinfandel wine into the carafe filling it, then she had me pour for the ladies. I did the same with the second and when I was done pouring I told her I had to go pretty soon. She asked me to wait a few minutes, then she would call me.

I was really having to go by the time she called me. I went straight to her, she took one of the empty carafes and held it under my pussy while I started to fill it. She looked up at me and smiled and said that the ladies all were enjoying their special wine. When I was done I went back to drink more water and juice. We filled the carafe one more time before the luncheo broke up.

The nicest thing about these parties and luncheons is that they all leave little white envelopes for me with tips. I generally make about $200 in tips. Not too bad for going pee.

As I helped the Mrs. clean up we talked about my job and how much she really appreciated it. She also asked if I could manage one small glass for her before I went home. I did that just before I changed to go home. She was sitting in the living room when I left, sipping her fresh urine and she told me I could have the next day off, but be ready they were planning a small get to gether for the weekend after next and I'd have to be very busy.
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