Cum Slut

I don't know when I really became a slut. I guess I've always been one. Mom and dad tell me that they had trouble keeping me in clothes when I was little. If they didn't keep an eye on me, I'd be naked and didn't matter where, at home, in public, in the yard. I guess I kind of outgrew that, even though I do like boys looking at me and I enjoy being naked, I do control it now.

I'm not bad looking, not a beauty, but not bad looking. Height is 5'4" and weight is 125 pounds. Shoulder length curly red hair, blue eyes, very small breasts (the saying more than a mouth full is a waste, I don't have a mouth full). I don't like my butt, it's a bubble butt, not big, but still it sticks out too much. Speaking of too much, I have way too many freckles.

I do like wearing short skirts and dresses and very revealing clothes. I prefer no underwear of any kind, face it, I don't need a bra except to have padding. It got to be very common place for me to sit in school just right so that the boys near me could look up my skirt or dress, That really got me turned on and I guess them too.

When it came to making out, I loved being touched all over, but I didn't want to fuck, I was afraid of getting pregnant or an STD. Everything else seemed to be OK. What I really found out was that I loved to give blow jobs. Just something about the feeling of a rock hard cock in my hands and mouth that really got to me. But, what I liked best, the cum. I didn't want the boys to try to have stamina, I wanted them to cum in my mouth as quickly as possible. This wasn't an acquired taste, I loved cum from the first time it was in my mouth, just the feeling, the warmth, the taste, everything about it I truly like.

While still in high school, one time I went on a dare to a frat party that was going on in town. We have a college here with lots of fraternities. I was working at a fast food place and heard a bunch of the college guys talking about having a big kegger at their frat house. One of my freinds that knew what I was like dared me to go, after I told her I'd love to be there with that many boys. I decided to go.

On the night of the party, I left work early, pretending to not feel good. Then I changed into a very short skirt and a shirt that showed my tummy. I was scared, but went up to the door, it was loud and all I heard were male voices and loud music. I knocked, but no one answered, so I walked in. It was just a bunch of guys watching porn on the TV with music turned up really loud and they were all drinking. When one of them noticed me he asked what I was doing there, I told him I was the entertainment.

He questioned me about who sent me and I told him it was my idea. I figured with this many boys around at least one of them would like a BJ and I was here to do it. He wasn't sure about the answer, but he went over and turned the music off and made the announcement about what I was there for. Everyone laughed, and looked at me. One of them asked if I was serious, I just smiled and asked if he wanted to be first. The music was turned back up and the boy that asked me came over to me and brought me a beer, which I turned down.

We started talking as best we could over the music and as we talked I undid his belt, unbuttoned his pants, pulled down the zipper and then pulled down his pants and underwear. The whole time he just let me do it, some of the other boys were watching, and I could tell he liked the idea, his cock was hard and sticking straight up.

I knelt on the floor and started to suck his cock while rubbing his balls with one hand. The precum was already starting to ooze out when I started to suck. All of the talking stopped as everyone started to watch the floor show. When he came in my mouth I kept sucking until he told me I had to stop, and I did. Then I looked around at the audience that had formed, smiled, opened my mouth to show them all of the cum, then swallowed. They actually cheered. I told them I'd be sitting near the window if anyone else wanted a BJ.

My guess was that there were about twenty guys at the party when I got there. I'm pretty sure I got to every one of them. I just loved the feeling of the cock in my mouth, the cum and most of all, the attention. Some of the guys called friends to come over and join the party. Some of the boys I recognized from school and from the restaurant but nobody really said anything about what was going on. To date, that was the most cum I ever got at one time, but I have crashed more parties

Some day I'd like to have a whole glass of cum to drink. Not just one cock full at a time. I wonder, how many cocks it would take to fill a glass with cum?

97% (16/1)
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3 years ago
If you ever need additional donors let me know..
3 years ago
bery naughty
3 years ago
I would br happy to help you fill it too great story and red heads are the best!
3 years ago
i would love to fill that glass and your moutth with my cum