The Best Job Ever

At twenty eight I think I have the best job ever. Let me tell you how I got here.

I grew up in a small neighborhood with no little girls to play with, so I was left to play with the little boys. As we got older and started to venture from home, to play in the woods near our houses, I got jealous. Every time the little boys had to pee, they'd just pull out their little weiners and go. I had to run home, or get teased as I pulled down my pants and squatted. I was going to learn to pee standing up.

Dad always said he wouldn't take a bath, he didn't want to sit in dirty water, showers were cleaner. Since I was both a tomboy and a daddy's girl, one night I anounced to mom that I wanted to take showers. She asked why and I recited dad's answer, she just smiled and said of course. I was about seven and starting on my mission. Every night when it was shower time, I'd practice peeing standing up, first it would run down my legs, it took me a while to figure out how to stand and let it go between my legs. The big challenge, getting distance, I found I had to do a little bit of work with my fingers, but most importantly, get the right stance. It wasn't long before I could stand in the shower and pee on the wall.

I guess this is also how I got to be an exhibitionist. I couldn't wait to show the boys. One day at play, I had to pee and I told them so. They made a couple of squatting comments and I ignored them, I went near a tree, pulled down my pants and underpants, got into position and started to pee on the tree. The boys went crazy, that was the funniest thing they ever saw, it was terrific. Only one problem, practicing in the shower I forgot about dribbling on my pants, it was dry by the time I went home.

As we grew up and started middle school, I was in dresses and skirts a lot. One day we were walking home from the bus stop, still about a block from home when I told my friends I had to pee, I stopped walking and just started peeing right between my legs. The boys stared. One asked if I was getting my panties wet, I told him I didn't wear any, I saw little bulges in their pants.

I used every opportunity I could at parties to pee in front of the boys, I love doing it. Usually I'll find a group of them standing together and I'll join them. Then after a bit announce that I have to pee really bad and I don't see a toilet nearby. This usually gets me a "just go, we don't care." And I do, I just let it go right down between my legs. I guess a lot of guys get into this, because I see a lot of bulges.

Now about my best job ever. I got a job in the secretary pool with a small privately owned company and was going nowhere. After being there about three years, the boss said he was having a big party at his house and would any of us like to work the party for him and he offered some pretty good pay. He picked four of us, one guy. We were supposed to show up at noon to set up for the party and then serve the guests. We were supposed to wear black skirts, shorts or pants and white shirt.

I showed up with a short black skirt and a short sleeved silk bouse. We set up and then started serving. A couple of hours into the party I was serving my boss and a couple of his friends when he stopped me and introduced me to them. One of them told a joke that was pretty funny so I laughed, then another joke and another. I don't know what came over me but I told them I had to pee and if they didn't stop making me laugh I'd pee right there. They all laughed and told another joke. I looked at my boss and said I'm sorry, and the pee started to hit the ground right between my feet. I couldn't resist it, and they seemed to really like it.

When I was done, my boss handed me his handkerchief and said go ahead, he knew I needed to wipe, I tried to look embarrassed, not horny, and did just that. He told me to keep the handkerchief and to see him in the morning on Monday. I said yes and as I walked away one of the men asked if he was going to discipline me, he laughed and said no, I'm going to promote her.

On Monday I was asked if I wanted to be his personal assistant, it would mean working at his office and at home, he'd furnish me with a car and raise my pay. Then he asked if I could do that anytime I wanted, I asked what, and he said, you know when you had to pee. I smiled at him and said, you already know I can don't you. He smiled and said he really hoped so, I'd like me new job.

I'm 5'4" tall and weigh 125 pounds, have shoulder length red hair, blue eyes, small tits, not even 34A, a little bubble butt and a shaved pussy with just a little oval patch of hair above it. I am now busy at parties every week for their "special" friends. My outfit is a very short green plaid micro skirt, little green slippers and a green top tied up so my tummy is bare.

I drink lots of water and whenever I have to pee, I stand on my special rug (so they know where to find me) and ring a little bell. Then I wait a couple of minutes for people to show up and start peeing as they hold glasses under my pussy. I squirt a little and stop so the next person can move in. I never knew there were so many people with a pee fetish, but now I get paid to pee. The reason I have to work at his house, I have to be there for breakfast so he and his wife can both have a small glass fresh from me. All of this because as a little girl I didn't want to be teased by the boys.
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2 years ago
2 years ago
hot story. wish more people and especially women were into pee games.
3 years ago
3 years ago
Very nice in a kinky sort of way..
3 years ago
sext * kinky