Life With s*s: Pt 3

Well, the next couple of days were much of the same, mall, pool, eat. The only part that was kind of fun, I got to go naked in the room in front of the girls who were busy doing girl things and maybe a little playing with me.

Then the conversation at breakfast on the fourth day. Terece was the spokesperson and wanted to know if they could have an all day party. No people invited, just the four of us, but a party. I asked what they had in mind, some blushing and looking at each other, then they said that they brought a couple of bottles of rum with them, Terece's cousin bought it for them.

I wasn't sure, but I agreed if we didn't leave the room once anyone was getting tipsy and no one could get really d***k, I was still responsible. They excitedly started making plans, first we had to go shopping and get food, then fix up the room.

Pretty much they decided that the table with four chairs was the "lounge" and the desk, cleaned off with a towel, was for the bar and food. Lights were turned off, except for one dim light and a music station was put on the TV. They got changed into their swimwear and told me to do the same and mix them some drinks. We couldn't carry glass to the pool so I mixed up a 2 liter bottle that was 3/4 full with rum and we brought some plastic glasses with ice and off to the pool.

For a couple of hours I did the pool boy thing, putting on lotion, pouring drinks, drying them when they got out of the pool. I was getting horny and the girls were getting a little bit silly d***k so we went to the room where I was instructed to get into the bartender uniform . . . naked.

We talked a bit as I joined them for some drinks, and I had to ask why all the peeing stuff. Terece said she found her dad's porn movies and he had a lot of "golden showers", fisting and cream pie stuff. They were watching the golden showers and thought it looked fun. She also thinks her parents are into it because they do seem to take a lot of showers together, in one day.

As they were getting more d***k, Lexie said she was hungry and that she had bought some chocolate sauce and honey to dip fruit into, but she now had a better idea. She got the chocolate sauce and squirted some on my cock and started to lick it off. With no invitation, Terece joined her, squirting chocolate and licking my cock. It got so hard I thought it would explode, I'd never had two girls licking on my cock and balls before. I couldn't resist, I undid and pulled off Lexies top and put some honey on her nipples and bent over to lick it off of one when I was joined by Terece, who started to lick the other one. I looked at Steph and she was rubbing her pussy through her swimsuit.

We sat back down for some more rum and Coke when Terece asked if we wanted to see what her and Lexie could do. Lexie was shaking her head and saying no, not now, but Terece kept on asking us but when we wanted to know what, she said we would just have to watch.

Terece told Lexie to get ready and she made a face but took off her bottoms, went over to the bed, propped herself up with a couple of pillows and put one under her hips. Terece started up the bed between Lexie's legs and put a finger into Lexie's pussy, pulled it out and said that she was pretty wet, then she started rubbing her clit with the wet finger, then put it in again to get it wetter. After about three or four minutes of us watching this, I was horny, but that really wasn't anything special and before I could say anything, Steph did.

Terece got up and got a bottle of lubricant from her suitcase and came back, smiled at us as she squirted some on Lexie's pussy then started to work the opening of her pussy with her thumbs, while still stroking her clit with her fingers. First she would put the thumbs in, then pull the pussy open while sliding the thumbs out. She did this a few times as Lexie started to really get into this. Then Terece put lubricant on her fingers and started to work Lexie's pussy open with two fingers from each hand. Now she was pushing in four fingers at a time and stretching the pussy open . . . this was starting to drive me crazy and precum was starting to drip from my cock.

Steph saw the precum, leaned over and licked it off. She also took off her bottoms so she could rub her clit. Lexie was now moaning and rubbing her clit as Terece put more lube on one hand and put in four fingers and moved them around a little bit, then she did it, her thumb went in and all of a sudden she was up to her wrist in Lexie's pussy. Lexie was groaning and moaning and rubbing her clit when all of a sudden she grabbed Terece's arm and started to work it in and out of her pussy real fast, then she climaxed. I almost did too, just watching, I've never seen anything like that.

When Lexie was done, Terece pulled her fist out and smiled at us and said, "she really likes that, a lot, I guess you can tell". I asked if she ever tried it and said no, but Lexie said as long as she started slow it didn't hurt, in fact if felt really good. Then Lexie admitted she usually doesn't cum that fast, but with us watching she couldn't control it.

Then, with no notice, Steph crawled onto the bed and said "do me, please, do me." She got into position and now I was really getting hornier than hell, getting to watch this a second time, only now with my s****r. As Terece started the routine, Lexie said she would help and got along side Steph and started sucking at her breasts and licking them. I knew if I touched my cock it would explode.

Steph really got into it, she kept telling Terece to "fuck her harder", I just couldn't believe it. Then she almost screamed as she started to climax, Terece said she clamped onto her wrist so hard with her pussy she couldn't pull it out. When she was done climaxing, she was just grinning and saying "we have to do this more often." I told them I couldn't hold back I was going to cum too.

Steph told me not on the bed or floor, do it in your hand and I did. I didn't even wait for her to tell me, I ate it. Immediately, Terece said that everyone had cum but her. Both the girls pulled her onto the bed. Lexie went for her pussy and Steph for her breasts. I just watched as the three of them worked together to make her climax.

That was the real highlight of the night. We did play some watersports, but that was the most memorable part. Later, when we were too tired to play anymore Steph and I went to our room and showered and went to bed. Tonight Steph came to bed with me for the second time on this trip, cuddled up to me, kissed me on the cheek, told me she loved me and said I was going to have to learn how to do that fisting thing on her. I asked if it was a joke, she said no way, I had to learn.
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3 years ago
Wonderful expression of being open to new things while enjoying sex. Everybody has different tolerance to "Ideas" of sex. I love your adventures and enjoy "ALL" of them in their entirety. Thanks for sharing
3 years ago
the fisting is a bid of a turn off but its a good story
3 years ago
i do not under stand fisting. there is a vids out where a woman takes a 3 liter bottle in her pussy & then the guy fucks her in her urethea.
3 years ago
Not that into fisting.