Caught Again by s*s

Well, if you read my last story you know that I like to go around home naked, when I'm alone. I've always been way to scared to let anyone in the f****y see me, except for that one time when I got caught by my s****r and her friends.

Mom and dad were going to be out of town for the weekend, leaving Friday night after work and coming home Sunday night. They told me I could stay alone if I wanted to,but my s****r (Stephanie a.k.a. Steph) was going to stay at one of her friends house starting on Friday. I liked the idea, home alone and naked for the weekend, what could be better?

I got home from work on Friday evening and found a note from mom giving me the number they could be reached at and one for my s****r. They dropped her off on the way out. She is staying about a half mile away. So cool, I went upstairs to take a shower and when I came out, naked time, I'm not getting dressed for two whole days.

After a bit of jerking off,not until I came, just to get hard for a while, I went downstairs to get something to eat. I fixed a sandwich and drink and went into the den to watch TV while I ate. I guess I didn't hear the door, since the TV was on, but I got a big surprise when my s****r said, "thought I'd catch you naked." She had and I tried to cover up but she grabbed the throw and told me that the reason she came home was to see me naked, she'd been thinking about it ever since the incident at the pool.

She told me she wasn't going to get naked, at least not right away, but she wanted to see me. Later, if it was OK with me, she thought she might invite her friends over again. I didn't know what to say, but I'll admit it seemed pretty hot to have someone around to see me naked, so I finished my meal and went to the kitchen to put up the dirty dishes.

My s****r asked me to bring her a drink when I came back. Just thinking about naked in front of her got my cock hard again, so as I walked into the den it was waving around just being happy and hard. She just kept looking at it as I brought her drink to her, as I handed it to her she grabbed my cock. That was unexpected but nice.

Steph said she just wanted to feel how hard it was, then she started to stroke it. I asked what she was doing, and she said she wanted to see it drip again, not cum but that other stuff, I told her it was precum. She giggled and kept going until the precum was oozing out the tip of my cock, she touched it with her finger and then licked it off. "That's not too bad" she said, "I think I want to taste cum someday too". I told her if she didn't stop, her wish might come true right away, that got a smile and she quit stroking me.

For the rest of the night, everything was pretty normal, except I was naked and Steph kept watching my cock. Around bed time, she asked if I wanted to watch her shower, "oh my god yes!" I said, she smiled and told me to follow her upstairs and I did.

While waiting for her in the bathroom I brushed my teeth and started to pee as she came in. I apologized but I couldn't stop peeing, she came right over to me and told me not to and she grabbed my cock and started aiming the pee around in the toilet exclaiming "it's just like a little fire hose". I reached over to flush when she said not to, she had to pee too. I turned to walk away and she told me to stay and watch if I wanted to.

She was already naked for her shower and stood over the toilet, squatting a little bit and started to pee. I could see it coming right out of her pussy and I don't know why, my cock started to get hard again. I don't know if it was seeing Steph naked, I never had before, or seeing her pee, I'd never seen a girl pee.

When she got in the shower and got the water to the right temperature, she asked if I wanted to join her, of course I did. Now we were both in the shower and she told me she wanted to wash me if I would wash her. She quickly washed my back and legs then spent some time on my chest and a lot of time on my cock and balls, just soaping and rubbing and I thought I was in heaven.

Then I washed her back. I didn't realize what a cute ass she has so I spent a little time there and then to her breasts, not big, just nice I think she said they are a 34B, whatever that means. Her pussy was so nice, she didn't have it shaved all the way, just around the opening was shaved and there was a V shaved above it, pretty sexy looking. She told me not to get too much soap inside her.

We rinsed and got out and dried. I think she was just as horny as me. She asked if she could come to my room and watch me cum before she went to bed. Of course I agreed. I laid down and started to stroke my already hard cock when she sat on the bed next to me and started to rub her pussy, asking if that was alright with me, I just grinned and nodded.

It wasn't long before I told her I was going to cum. She asked if she could make me cum and reached for my cock. Almost as soon as she touched it I started to cum all over my stomach, it was just unbelievable, and then she did it. She leaned over and licked a little of the cum. She sat up and said it really didn't taste as bad as she thought it might, she wanted to try more. I didn't say anything, she just leaned over and started to lick it all up,she cleaned all the cum off me before looking at me with a grin and said "actually it tastes pretty good", then she added, "can I have more this weekend?" I asked about staying at her friends house, and she said she never planned on it, she wanted to be here with her naked b*****r.

Then she asked if I wanted to see her have an orgasm. I've never seen a girl do that before. She laid down on my bed and spread her legs so I could watch, after a little bit she asked if I'd ever licked a girl's pussy, and I told her no. She told me to get my head between her legs and she's let me know what to do.

Good grief was I ready for this or what? I got between her thighs and could smell the sweat musky scent of her pussy, I couldn't believe how wet it looked as she kept stroking her clit with her finger. Then I started to lick on it, after a bit she told me to suck the clit and use my tongue at the same time. Right after I started doing that she started to grab my head, her thighs started shaking and I could feel her pussy start to open and contract real fast as she climaxed. I almost couldn't keep up with how wet she got and I'll admit it, pussy juice tastes really good.

She went to her room to go to bed and I fell asl**p almost right away. What a day, totally unbelievable. I couldn't wait to see what Saturday and Sunday brought along.

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2 years ago
now that was a very nice tune of events, and sounds like you have a very sweet sister
2 years ago
instant hard on...nice story
3 years ago
nice one again
3 years ago
3 years ago
Very hot brother-sister story written with clarity and attention to detail. Well presented.
3 years ago
sweet sexy sister
3 years ago
You are such a good sister!
3 years ago
i wish i didn't read this at work..
3 years ago
Don't make us wait too long to find out.