im a fake because i wont email pictures to someone ha ha ha
(19 hours ago)
Signed up:2004 days ago
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From:Manchester, United Kingdom
Personal Information
Kids:Yes, we do not live together
Education:Some college
Star sign:Virgo
Physical Information
Body type:Stocky
Height:5 ft 8 in (173 cm)
Hair length:Medium
Hair color:Black
Eye color:Blue
About Me
Single almost half a century old, looking for someone thats like minded and wants to have some fun, anything goes I don't scare too easy. Guys I like sexy underwear doesnt mean I want you. Like sll red blooded people I like porn as much as the next one no matter what it is, I am who I am and you will get the whole of me, I love to chat and I will chat about anything and everything

This always makes me laugh so much

nice pix x"

hiya babe,im having a little trouble here so ive set up at the link in my personal information.Maybe join me there? Make a quick profile there & message me back please. x

I get way too many asking that thank you but no thank you this is where I stay and chat

lol unlucky then you pleb x"

Saying you are kinky ist actually the same thing as being kinky and believe me kinky doesn't mean you like t watch from behind the curtains

Ive said it once and Ill say it again the girls from the states have a much better imagination than half the prudes in the UK

latest profile headline that tickled me
"Who wants to share my husband" if you don't want him why the fuck would anyone else pmsl

no original content isn't because you are shy or have a high flying job its because you are fake

if a picture looks like it was taken by a pro then I would guess they are either pros or again fake

I may be pissing in the wind

fake profiles on here
75% this doesn't not include men pretending to be women
15% single men pretending to be women or part of a couple
5% women pretending their bf or husband doesn't know
5% real genuine women

noun: cuckold; plural noun: cuckolds

the husband of an adulteress, often regarded as an object of derision.
"jokes in literature about elderly cuckolds and misers are rife"

verb: cuckold; 3rd person present: cuckolds; past tense: cuckolded; past participle: cuckolded; gerund or present participle: cuckolding

(of a man) make (another man) a cuckold by having a sexual relationship with his wife.
"in the novel Humberto cuckolds his employer"

funny profile one liners, "Hi guys Im new to this" yet they have been a member 563 days. I'm thinking they maybe fake

Has anyone noticed how many profile pictures have almost the same pose and a very similar background? or the fact that it is a female profile picture and they are only looking or adding females, but but yet there is more cock than a leper colony

and guys instead of pretending to be a female get a grip the guys dont mind you looking at their pictures there is no need to pretend

Share my pictures everywhere or text me here is my number I love it (Translation)I caught the bitch cheating on me now Im gonna teach her a lesson

What is the point of tributes ? will never understand it

im imagining that in about another 5 years white men wont excist seems everyone wants black cock or a lesbian

Hated questions

Do I want to buy your panties ?
Not really they are much cheaper to buy in town.

Do I want to tribute you ?
ofcourse I do just not on paper in the flesh would be much more fun for me

Do I want to buy your clips ?
You are nice and all that but there are about 3 million videos on here FOR FREE

What am I looking for ?
This is a porn site need you ask more ?

Hated descriptions

Why can;t you just be beautiful women

This is a not very good TV channel in the UK (Girls give the average white guy a chance, size isnt everything or so Im told

Please share my wifes pictures she loves it
True meaning I caught the bitch cheating so thought I would share our private pictures with everyone for revenge

Horny couple
Only husband here all the time "So how is that still a couple"

please send me your DNA
because if you piss me off I have you bang to rights on a rape charge

Woman looking for a Woman
my profile isnt me, im not in any of my videos but i everything in them, and my photos are my favorites ones of Xhamster but after you have been talking to me a while I might share mine with you,

If it smells fishy it not necessarily a pussy could well be just tuna (super fakers are crap at writing profiles)

and last but not least you arnt well educated is you spell it aducated so dont try and be something you aint

Get over yourself people if someone is nice to you, dont block them just say no thank you its isnt hard and it will show people you arnt ignorant

When searching the dating part of this site your details should be enough to refine the search enough so you arnt wasting your time going through the time waster, fake profile and the people that arnt looking for your type
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1 month ago
Agreed everyone is a perv on here, or why join... Funny text in your profile, made me chuckle.
2 months ago
Just passing through to give you a big kiss hun XXX
2 months ago
But, he is a really nice guy, if there are any single women out there that are close to him, hit him up, treat him, he wont let you down. xxx
2 months ago
batmans fav word at the mo is... lolx
3 months ago
my pleasure
3 months ago
Thank you xx
3 months ago
Popeye, the man is lets just say ...
3 months ago
welcome thanks for accepting
3 months ago
Thanks for the invite.
3 months ago
3 months ago
loved the cum shot vid
3 months ago
mmmmmm fun?
8 months ago
thank you me too
10 months ago
hello x
10 months ago
10 months ago
thank you
10 months ago
thanks for adding me love the open crutch panties your wearing and the video of you cumming xxx
10 months ago
my pleasure always xx
10 months ago
thankyou babes,with all the porn on xhamy thats a lovly thing to say xxxxxxxxx
11 months ago
I know.. what waste of time!
1 year ago
nice pictures. hot cock!!!
1 year ago
if you spot a fake you should name them so they
run away - I always do
1 year ago
thank you xxx
1 year ago
i love them xx
1 year ago
We both have something in common we like toys.
1 year ago
welcome xx
1 year ago
Thank you
1 year ago
my pleasure x
1 year ago
Thanks for the invite.. ;)
1 year ago
thank you xx

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