Valentine Surprise

[user][image]Me big titted slave said she had surprise for me when I return home from work I found her dressed in Black transparent bra with pink hearts and matching panties and garter belt black seamed Stockings Pretty open toed silver heels sitting on the couch.
A heart shaped empty candy box sitting on the coffee table filled with a roll of very thin wire, wire cutters, maps pins and colored pins Alligators clip, binder clips and more.
She told me to sit and watch her dance.
She started dancing music from the CD she put on dancing slowly and wiggle around the floor and slowly too undo the hooks of her bra her large tits spilling from the bra and bouncing around as moved to the music bent down and pick up the roll of wire and slowly wrap the wire around her big tits pulling the wire tight until her tits were bulging from the between the wire bands around her tits. She tied more wire bands around her big tits until she had 6 more bands around her tits.
Using the wire cutters to twist and tightening the wire bands so tight that they were embedded into her tits taking more wire as she continued dance with her tits jiggling as danced. She cut another piece of wire which pushed under band at base of her tits tying the wire at base she pushed this strand under all the bands scratching her tits until there were red line where the had scratched her causing bleeding pulling wire very tight at the nipples she wrap the wire around the nipples pulling it tight then pushed wire under all the bands right tit and did same to the other tit.
Using the wire cutters to tighten the wires by twisting the wire as she twisted the wire around her nipples squeezed tightly. Her tits already turn dark red and her nipples turning a deep purple.
She took panties off very slowly then cut 1 more wire she tied around her wast tightly cutting 5 more strands of wire she tied the wires to her wast band and slid the stand wire of to her back reaching back she took middle strand pull it into her pussy wrapping around her erect clitoris she pull it tight around her clitoris through and tied the wire around waste pull another strand between her legs one on each side of inner pussy lips tying the strand of wire to her waste. She took the last 2 strand of wire and pull it over her outer pussy lips tying to the band at the waste with the wire cutter she twisted the all strand of wire until they were dug into open pussy tight squeezing her clitoris until it turn purple her pussy lips turning them dark red her clitoris sticking out between her pussy lips taking the alligator clips she clamp one on her clitoris she then clamp about 4 into or more alligator clamps that had nasty teeth on them clamp inside of her open pussy she " NONONOAUGH Aaaaauuuuggghhh! from the pain as she continued to dance wiggling to the music reached down hart shape box on the table taking some map pins she continued to dance slowly take a map pins and pushed it deep into the tits one by one until all the map pins were gone and her tits had 20 pins in each of her tits. Reaching down to pick 6 Hat pins 4 inches long slowly and deliberately taking her time as the hat pin slowly disappeared into her nipples one hat pin at a time until 3 hat pins stuck out about one 1 inch or more from the nipples. She continued to dance took the colored pins and slowly stuck about a dozen Colored Pins inside her pussy until all twelve where buried inside her pussy dancing and wiggle around her lovely big utters jiggling in pain. a wonderful Surprise.

Happy Va[/user]len
tines day[[/image]b][/b]
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