The Bar Ch.2

Disclaimer: This story is a complete work of fiction. None of the described events happened(as far as i know). This story is not meant to harm any of its characters. Do not read if you are younger than 18/21.
PS:English is not my first language

It has been a while since my encounter with Kate. She hasn't called me since then what wasn't really surprising for me. Still i always jerked of to the memories of her. The bar was running really good and i could afford a second barkeeper which gave me more free time.

One of those nights were i had to work became interesting. Elisha Cuthbert walked in. She was wearing a black dress that showed some cleavage and ended above her knee. Her hair ended a bit past her neck.

She came to the counter and sat on a stool in front of it. She ordered a Long Island Ice Tea. After she was done with half of it she was already tipsy and started to talk.
"So now i know why everyone likes this place.",she said.
"And why do they like it."
"Well here are no paparazzi its comfy and your drinks are delicious."
"Glad to hear that from one of my favorite actresses."
"Yes i loved you as Kim Bauer in 24 and as Danielle in "The Girl Next Door" you are a stunning women."
"Oh thank you. You don't sound like you are from here."
"Well i moved to LA a couple of years ago."
"So whats the name of my new favorite barkeeper."
"Oh sorry where are my manners. I'm Markus."
"Nice to meet you Markus. Why did you move to LA?"
"I wanted to become an actor. So i'm preparing for my role as a barkeeper for quite a few years.",i said with smirk.
Elisha laughed.
"Well if my new movie needs a barkeeper i'm going to recommend you.",she joked.
During our conversation she emptied her drink and was already really tipsy.
"Shit i shouldn't drink i get wasted way to quick.",she blurred.
"Here take this."
I gave her a glass of water. She downed it and staggered to the rest room. She needed pretty long and i became concerned. Just before i wanted to check on her she staggered out and made her way to the bar. She moved behind the counter to my side of it.
"Ehm Elisha this part is only for employees."
"Pssst. Don't say a word."
She dropped to her knees,opened my pants and pulled them down. She rubbed my cock through my boxers. I looked around to make sure no one saw anything. Most of the guests were busy with themselves.

I felt that she pulled my boxers down. Her hand was slowly rubbed my growing member. She engulfed one of my balls and covered it with saliva. She repeated it with my other ball. Once she was satisfied with her work she removed the straps of her dress and pulled it down to reveal her breasts. Playing with her left nipple she started to lick my shaft up and down before she finally put my tip in her mouth. Her tongue was rapidly licking it. She looked up at me and slowly bobbed her head down my shaft until half of my cock was buried in her mouth. Bobbing up again until her lips were only wrapped around my tip. This time she moved further down and her nose stuck into my pelvis and her throat muscles massaged my tip. A little groan escaped my mouth.

"Hey dude a beer please."
I looked to my right. One of the guest was at the counter. I withdrew my cock from Elisha's mouth. And slowly moved to the beer pull to give him his beer. Elisha moved in front of me and worked again on my cock. The guest didn't see anything and moved away. Elisha was again engulfing my whole cock in her mouth and bobbed up and down. The stimulation of her throat muscles caused that tingle in my cock.
"I'm gonna cum",i whispered.
She moved her head up until only the tip was covered with her lips and jerked my dick in a rapid speed. My cock twitched and spurt after spurt of cum erupted in her mouth.
She looked up at me,opened her mouth to show me my juice and then swallowed it.

"I want more.",she whispered.
Reacting quickly i raised the bell and rang it.
"Last post!",i shouted.
It was only 2am but my guest paid there bills and left. As only Elisha and me were left i stripped out of my shoes,pants and my boxers and quickly locked the door.
As i turned around Elisha was naked and played with her own pussy. She moved up to me and dragged me to the ground she lined my again erect cock at the entrance of her pussy and slammed her self all the way down. Both of us groaned as my tip hit her cervix. Putting her hands on my knees for support she bend forward and gave me a clear view of her asshole. Moving up and down my cock Elisha was moaning. I rubbed her puckered hole with my thumb.
"",she moaned while bouncing up and down my dick.
Moving on of my fingers to my mouth to lube it up with saliva. I pressed it against her center and slowly eased it in. It went in without any resistance. Her moans became more frequent as a sign of her approaching orgasm. I thrust my hips up and down to meet her bouncing. Her pussy clamped down on my cock and her moans turned into screams of ecstasy while her juices gushed around my dick. She moved away from my dick and got on knees and hands.
"What are you waiting for i want you to fuck my ass!"
"You got any lube?"
"Just stick it in."

I knelt behind her and lined my cock with her entrance to slowly eased in. She rode her hips all the way back until my pelvis slapped her cheeks.
"Yeah that's it.",she moaned.
I started gently but she rode me faster what made me increase my speed until i was pounding her rapidly what seemed to satisfy her. She started to finger her pussy and i could feel her fingers on the other side of the thin membrane that divided anus and pussy. Her moans became rapid to show her second orgasm and her ring clenched my cock which caused the tingle my balls. She quickly turned around sand sucked my cock until i popped a second load of jizz in her mouth. She swallowed it and smiled.

"That was great",she said.
"We can do that whenever you want.",i replied.
"Well i host a little pool party in 2 weeks. Give me your number so i can give you the details!"
I gave her my number and she quickly put her dress on while stowing her black thong in her purse. She gave me a quick kiss and left the bar.


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