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a****l sex stories -2

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Tammy was shocked. "You don't let them, do you?"

"Of course not. I'm a virgin, but it gets me hot when they try." Her
virgin pussy began to seep as her mind wandered.

Tammy laughed to herself, thinking of Beauty again and when she had
lost her virginity. "You don't need boys to get hot and have fun,"
Tammy said in a mysterious tone. She thought of Beauty's long pony-
cock, and she wished she were back on the farm.

"What do you mean you don't need boys?" Priscilla asked, slightly

"Maybe you'll find out before you have to come back to the city." Tammy
paused, her ears straining. "Your mother's calling me, Priscilla. I
have to hang up."

"Tell them I'll call and say hello tonight. See ya."

Priscilla hung up.

Once the telephone was back in its cradle, the young virgin was able to
use both hands on her small tits. She closed her eyes and sighed. "Oh,
this must be what she means," Priscilla said.

Her virgin pussy pulsed. Her fingers quickly unsnapped the jeans. With
a swift move, her panties went with her jeans as she pushed them down
her thighs. "Mmmm!"

Her trembling fingers touched the brown silky hair of her virgin cunt.
Warm pussy juice greeted her fingers. Her big brown eyes widened. Warm
fuck cream coated her swirling fingertips.

Her free hand worked the buttons of her blouse open while the other
hand was busy stroking her pussy mound. Her trembling hand slipped
inside the bra and cupped a firm tit.

The youth sprawled on the bed writhing in innocent passion. One hand
was on a bare tit, the other on her bare pussy. Soft brown eyes turned
glassy. Rippling tremors skipped lightly over her tingling flesh.

"Ohhh ... Mmmnnn ..." Her innocent features froze into a mask of c***d-
lust. Her frantic fingers stroked her virgin pussy and hard button
clit. Pussy juice flowed from her virgin cunt. Thrashing on the bed,
her soft bare ass rubbed the bedspread.

Eyelids fluttered. Lips parted, soft sighs rushed out. The kneading
fingers on her tit grew more demanding. Her nipples hardened.

The hand on her cunt moved with urgency. Her clit stiffened--gorged
with bl**d. "I'm ... I'm ... Going ..." She was panting heavily. "I'm
... Going ... To ..."

"Are you in there, Priscilla?" Ben Hudson called from the other side of
the locked bedroom door.

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