First Date Fuck

First Date Fuck

A few years back I took this girl out on a date. It was our first date; we’ve met at the same gym we both worked out at. We went out to dinner and then took a walk down by the lake and started talking about our previous experiences. I told all the crazy things I did (read my previous stories) and she was taken back. “I hope I didn’t offend you” I said, but you said be honest and I’m an honest guy. She says “Oh no… I wasn’t offended, more surprised that a gentleman like you is like that.” We keep walking and talking and she says “Would you like to come back to my place for a glass of wine?’ We hop into a cab and take it back to her place, we could have walked but she hailed the cab before I can say a word.

We head upstairs and she pours a glass of wine for both of us and we starting kissing. She was a great kisser. I know she felt my cock getting hard because she was grinding her jeans against it. She pulls back and goes – “You told me everything you done in the past let me show you what I want to do.” She grabs my finger and starts sucking it like it was a dick. She steps back and starts undressing all the way down to her bra and panties. Her tits were so perky and large, her shirt did a great job hiding them. She had on these cute little boy shorts on too. She climbs on top of me and we start making out.

She takes off my shirt and while we were making out I undo her bra. Her boobs fall gracefully out of her bra and there they were, so soft and natural. Her boobs grazed my chest as we kept making out, I quickly grab them and cup them in my hands she goes to me “Why are your pants on???” I never been asked that… “Well we have to fix this…” she says. She stands me up and starts kissing down my chest and stops right by my pants. She undoes my belt and caresses her face along my boner trying to break through my pants. She lowers my pants and drops my boxers. “Holy Shit!!!” she goes… Her eyes bug out.

I know that I don’t have a long dick but 7.5 inches in length and large in girth. She looked at me and smiled. She sits me back down on her couch and she turns around and bends over while taking her underwear off. Now my eyes bugged out cause she had the nice looking pussy I seen and she had a little hair above it, like a furry landing strip. She standing in front of me and her pussy is near inches from my face.

“Lick my pussy baby” she goes…. I didn’t hesitate, I dropped on my knees and started licking that pussy. She had the most intoxicating smell too. I stood up and she quickly started jerking my cock while she kissed me deeply, it was like she wanted to taste her pussy juices.

I wanted her to suck my cock so badly, she was an amazing kisser, imagine how her cock sucking skills were like. Before I knew it she was on her knees kissing around my cock, but no where near it. She looks up to me and says “Do you want me to suck your cock” I nod and she says’s “Say… I want you to suck my cock.”… I look down and she has her mouth barely open and breathing warm air on my cock, it was like a tease. A little precum comes out and she groans… “I want you to suck my cock ahhhhh… Before I could finish the sentence she lays her lips on the head of my cock and sucks it, licking off the precum. I look down and she closes her eyes and starts sucking my cock. She was great at it, took her time licked up and down and all around the head of the cock. After a few minutes she takes my cock and puts it in between her beautiful tits and starts titty fucking me.

“You like fucking my tits… I know you want to see your cock in between my tits”

I was in heaven… My cock was about to explode…

“Oh baby… I gonna cum…” I yelled..

She pulled away and slapped my cock… I kinda liked it… She goes “Not yet baby”

She walks over to the couch and bends over. I couldn’t help it. I started to lick her pussy from behind. I was licking up and down, I wanted to lick her asshole and I was moving in that direction and all of a sudden she goes.

“Lick my asshole...Please lick it”

I went for it and that was it, I started rubbing her clit while I was lick all up and down her ass. I wanted to fuck her so badly. I stood up and I could see it in her eyes that she wanted my cock in her. I start teasing her pussy by rubbing it and her pussy juices were all over the head of my cock. I glide it in and she was moaning so loud. I started fucking her from behind. She kept grinding her ass against me going deeper and deeper. She was so tight. I reached under and grabbed her tits while we fucked, pinching her nipples while I kissed her neck. I arched her back and started fucking her harder and harder. Her pussy was throbbing. She was gonna cum…

“Oh baby…. Oh baby…. Oh AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”

I take out my cock and start jerking it so I could cum on her back but she turns to me and heads me into the bedroom… My hard cock went to a semi hard cock cause I didn’t know what was gonna happen next.

She lays me down and starts sucking my dick to get it hard again.

“I wanna fuck you again baby… You cock feels so good…”

After those words I was ready to go… She climbs on top on me and start fucking me. She was grinding her pussy back and forth. Her boobs kept bouncing and I reach for them to suck on… She grabs them and says…

“Suck my tits baby… That makes me horny!!!’

She holds one and I start sucking away, biting them, kissing them, I couldn’t get enough.
Her tits reminded me of Faye Regan’s tits with the puffy nipples though she was tanner ( ). I reached down and started to massage her clit while she was riding me. She loved it…

I was sucking on her tits, fucking her and massaging her clit at the same time, fucking awesome. She pulls back and grabs my cock and starts teasing her asshole with it. I didn’t fight it…

“I always wanted to try it in the ass”… After she said that she glides my cock in her asshole. Her moans were half pain and half pleasure. My cock was only half way and she says…

“Take it slow baby…” I just lay back down and watched her glide my cock in and out of her ass…

She jumps off and runs to the bathroom… Was that it??? Is it over… But no she comes back with a bottle of KY, a condom and a vibrator. She puts some KY in both hands and one hand was rubbing my cock to get it hard and the other hand was massaging her asshole with the KY. She puts on the condom with her mouth.

She glides it back in and moans as it slowly goes up and down, she starts going faster and faster as my cock inches deeper and deeper in her ass. She moves her hands to her chest and starts playing with her tits…

“Fuck my ass baby… Oh god I never knew it could feel this good.”

I reach over and grab her vibrator and put it on her clit…I start rubbing it all her pussy. Then I got the idea of rubbing her nipples with it. That sent her over the edge… My entire cock was in her ass and I knew she was about to cum soon cause I felt it on my cock.

She pulls my cock out and takes the condom off and starts sucking it while she glides her vibrator in her pussy. I wanted to cum and she knew it…

“I want you to cum baby all over me.” She says with my cock going in and out of her mouth.

I stand up and she is sucking my cock so hard while one hand is fucking herself and the other is playing with her tits. I grab my cock and start to cum… She grabs both tits and lets my cum land on her face and tits.

We collapse on the bed. Her cum soaked tits was glisten in the light, and I was spent… I get up to get the rest of the wine and when I come back she was in the shower. We take a playful shower and lay in bed naked finishing off another bottle of wine before we fall asl**p.

Morning came and I made coffee… We looked at the nightstand and saw the KY, looked at each other and knew that more was to come.

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very good & naughty