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The sex I had with Hot Chick was great… After fucking in the locker room at her boss’s condo, we started kinda sorta dating but not seriously though. I was seeing other girls but not fucking them and she was honest too as telling me she is talking to other guys but not doing anything with them either. Either of us would come home call each other after the date and then meet up and fuck or just fool around. We figured we weren’t hurting anybody.

Spring turned into summer and I started see less of Hot Chick cause she went to summer school to finish some courses and I was working full time downtown. We talked every other day and we had sex like once every other week just to get it out of the system. I told her if she fucked another guy I could be friends with her but I didn’t want his sloppy seconds. I taught she was gonna slap me when I said it but she said she wouldn’t do that because it’s not far to me because I wasn’t sl**ping around either. Days turned into weeks of us not fucking maybe the occasional blowjob and 69 but no fucking. I started thinking that she met a guy she likes but doesn’t want to loose me. So I started distancing myself. I started dating this really nice girl and I was having feelings for her but I haven’t slept with her but she wanted to and so did I but I always stop saying that not yet. Hell, I even let her into my apartment and Hot Chick still didn’t know were I lived and it was 5 months of knowing her. But being respectful I rode over to Hot Chicks house and she was outside tanning. I go – “Hello stranger…” She was startled and ran over and jumped onto of me. She tells me she misses me but she met a guy who she likes too and is taking it slow with him so since she was honest with me I told her my story. She was like – “This is bad… I love fucking you and you’re the only guy who makes me cum like you do but now its unfair to these two people we have feelings for…” And she was right… I give her a hug, kiss her and walk away. I didn’t say two words. My heart was kind of broken because she was so great in bed but we took things so fast and that ruined everything. I jumped on my bike and rode off. I looked in my rear view mirror and she was standing in her driveway quietly sobbing.

I didn’t see Hot Chick around school when the new year started. I even asked mutual friends if they’ve seen her but no of them have. I started see this new girl and sex was good but not as good as the sex me and Hot Chick had. I ended up dating this girl for 3 years and was thinking of marring her but we ended up having a huge fight and broke up, thank god too cause I was about to by her a ring.

So it has been 4 years since I seen or heard from Hot Chick. I never told my friends about the crazy times I had with her. I always tempted to drive by her house but I stopped myself. I sometime think I seen her walking downtown or hear her voice. I even attempted looking her up via Facebook!!! But she was no where to be found like she fell off the face of the earth. I even referred to her as Hot Chick so they wouldn’t be compelled to look for her.

Then turns turned for the worst!!! She’s getting married!!!

I was at my friend’s house and his wife was showing me pictures of girls she wanted to fix me up with. She shows me a picture of a wedding she stood up for and Hot Chick was in the wedding party not the bride. I tell her “Whose this???” She continues to tell me that she’s (insert real name here) and she is getting married soon to this rich, awesome guy who’s really cool. Then she tells me that if she met her sooner she totally would have fixed us up. I was like No Shit!!! My buddy puts 2 and 2 together and yells that’s Hot Chick, my face was a dead give away. His wife was like who is Hot Chick. My buddy tells her the story in a more wife friendly PG-13 kind of way, really cleaning it up. He then tells her that the last time I saw her was 4 and half years ago when I jumped on my bike and rode off. She seriously was buying this story and telling me that I have to tell her that I’ve been thinking about her. I cut her off and say end of conversation.

A couple weeks go by and I settling in my new place in the city. Everything is going great. I open up a box and see a picture of Hot Chick from that sex toy party we went to. If you read part 3 you’ll know what I’m talking about. I ripped up the picture and went on unpacking. I hear a knock on my door… I go and open it and it my buddy with a piece of paper with an address written on it. He tells me he got Hot Chicks address from his wife’s address book and she doesn’t know. He’s like at least now you know where she is. He turns around walks away telling me do what’s right.

I sat in my living room telling myself I shouldn’t go but I did. I jumped in my car and drove to her new house in the suburbs. I just wanted to catch a glimpse of her. I pull in front of her house and there she was unloading her car with boxes. Looks like she’s moving in too, she turns and see’s me and drops her boxes. I pull over and pick them up hoping she didn’t break anything important. She says my name in shock and all I say is hi…

She invites me into her new house which is huge, like 8 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms huge. I ask how she’s been. She whips out her hand and shows me her huge diamond engagement ring. I was a little taken back and she gives me a big hug telling me she’s thinks about me all the time. I tell her the same that’s why I drove by. Well that sent her questioning on how I got her address when the house is listed under her fiancés name. I told her the story and how my buddy’s wife knows her and so forth. She starts crying… I go in for a hug but I see a picture of her and her fiancé and I let her go. I told her I don’t know why she’s on my mind all the time. Maybe it’s a chemical attraction but I wouldn’t be able to find a girl like her anywhere. She comes towards me and kisses me.

We started kissing deeply and caressing each other bodies. She whispers to me to go into her bedroom. But I couldn’t she was engaged and I tell her that cause I believe in karma and I don’t want to ruin this mans life. She takes my hand and goes “One last time like the first…” She slowly starts undressing all the while kissing me. My cock was rock hard and I was still dressed as she was in the same exact bra and panties from the first time. I ask her if they are and she confirms that they are and slowly unhooks her bra and her body hasn’t changed. I turn her around while kissing the back of her neck and notice a tattoo on her lower back of an Asian symbol I ask her what it means. She doesn’t reply… She turns to me and starts undressing me. My cock hard and I could feel the heat from her pussy radiating along my leg. She walks away and bends over while she removes her underwear. Climbs next to me and we start kissing. My cock was caressing her clit while we kissed for what seemed for ever. I started sucking on her tits and she moan with ecstasy. My cock was rubbing her clit while I sucked on one nipple and played with the other.

She stopped and took of her engagement ring and then proceeded to jerk me off nice and slow. She then turned herself around and we started sixty-nining. I decided to make out with he beautiful clit while I still played with her tits. While she was sucking my dick she proceeds to lick my balls and jerk me. This was an unbelievable sensation. My balls were in her mouth and I was about to cum, but I pulled her away and she goes to me “Oh I missed you!!! You always want it to last!!’ She knew I was about to cum. I look over in the night stand and see a glass dildo hidden under her pj’s. I pull it out and she giggles and says that every time she uses it she thinks of me. I grab her and bend her over and tell her to use it while I watch. I sit back and watch her fuck her self with the dildo. She was moaning my name really loud. She pulls out the dildo and tells me to eat her out from behind. I start licking her pussy but her asshole was right there and I slowly kissed around it and teasing it. She then tells me she’s ready to try, but slowly. I grab the dildo and slowly put in her ass while I eat her pussy out. I felt her legs shake and she was cumming… But not like before not like 4 years ago, a nice simple everyday orgasm.

She climbs on my cock and starts riding it while we are passionately kissing. I started flicking her clit and that sent her over bored… She was moaning while wearing she yelled ‘Oh fuck…. Of fuck… I missed you… I miss your cock in me!!!!” She turned around and she was riding me reverse cow girl. Her ass bounced up and down… She started talk even more – “Did you miss my tight pussy baby!!! Oh god your cock feels so good!!!” I pull her off me and bend her over her the bed and start fucking her from behind. It was the best in my life. I grabbed the dildo and slowly put it in her ass while I fucked her tight wet pussy from behind. She loved every minute of it… She came again and I pulled the dildo out and I pulled out and laid on thee bed. I tell her to suck my cock I wanna feel her lips on my cock. She starts sucking my cock and then stops and starts kissing me tell me how much she misses me and she rolls over to her side spoon me and says. I want you to fuck my ass. I only trust you. She then tells me to just lay there while she slowly glides it in. I was holding her tight while my cock entered her ass. It was so tight and I could tell she was little in pain so I tell her it’s me you can trust me. That must have worked because she was moaning so much after that she loved it. We slowly fucked till I bent her over and I took control. I slide my cock back in her ass and started fucking her. She reached under and started rubbing her clit telling me to fuck her ass hard. She started moan my name say “Fuck me… I need you baby… Fuck my ass…” She came again and this time it was a powerful one. I slide my cock out and I needed to cum. I told her I needed to cum so I started jerking off but she pulls out the lube and starts jerking me off while she was rubbing herself. I tell her I’m close. She say’s – ‘Come on baby cum for me…. I want your hot cum on me… All over me… I wanna taste your cum on my lips.” That did it I shot the biggest load of my life. All over her tits and her lips, she licked it off her lips. Then she paused looked at me and grabbed my hand and lead me into the shower.

She washed all of our sweat and cum off each other and didn’t say one word. We both got dressed and I tried to kiss her but she pulled away. I asked her what’s wrong. She replied – “I cheated on my fiancé… I feel horrible…I love him but I love you too.” It took her five years to tell me she loved me. But I looked around and saw the life this guy will give her, the life I could never give her. I told her you I will always love you but this has to be the last time we ever see each other. She nods and understands. I walk towards the door and kiss her goodbye and hug her one last time.

I drive away and head home. In the end we were only hurting ourselves.

So you ask where is she now… I don’t know…

It has been 5 years now since I seen her. She will always be to me my “Hot Chick”!!!

The End

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