Preparation of passive slut pt. 1

I had been meeting my master for a while, and had got used to dressing as a woman, being stripped naked in public, spanked and being fucked. I decided to take things a step further, and my master agreed. We met in a cafe one evening, I was dressed as usual, like a little slut. I was wearing a tight red dress, black stockings, red heels, my fake silicone breast forms contained by my red bra, my useless little dick squeezed into a red thong, and my hair had now grown long and dyed blonde. 'Ok you little slut, I'd like you to meet your new Mistress, she is going to transform you into a horny little slut,' my master announced. She was a tall, curvy woman, very attractive. She had long dark-red hair and wore tight leather trousers and jacket, with knee-high black boots. 'Oh, you are a lovely little slut already, but when I'm finished with you, you'll be the best fuck-slave around' she said with a grin. With that, we left the cafe and parted with my master. I would be spending the next several months with my new mistress, being even more feminized and turned into a passive fuck-slave. She lived in a 2-bedroom apartment, shared by a bisexual woman, who was also tall, blonde and thin. 'This is my room mate and my dominatrix partner, Joanna' said my mistress. She was dressed in a small denim skirt, tight string top and black heels. it was clear she wasn't wearing underwear. 'We have a new project, Joanna, we're going to turn this cute little slut into a very effective little fuck-slave' announced my mistress. 'Oh, that will be interesting,' replied Joanna. 'Ok slut, strip off! Let's see what we have to work with!' ordered my mistress. I slipped off my tight red dress, and my now more feminine body was revealed. 'Oh, that is a nice figure you have dear' said Joanna. I unstrapped my bra and revealed my silicone breast forms. 'You won't need those any more, slut. Joanna is an excellent masseuse, she will be able to grow some cute little real titties on your pathetic little chest' declared my mistress, and she applied adhesive remover to my skin in order to remove the breast forms. I pulled my thong down past my ankles, my pathetic little dick flopped out. 'Oh, when we're finished with you, you'll only use that to piss with,' said my mistress, as she touched her own crotch area. 'Ok, so we will give you your first breast massage now', said Joanna. I was ordered to lay down on the table, and Joanna got to work with massaging my chest. Afterwards, they gave me some estrogen pills. 'These will help the process, little slut' declared my mistress. 'Ok, I think it's time for a quick performance test, let's see how good you were behaving with your master' said Joanna. They had a cord suspended from a pulley on the kitchen ceiling, and my hands were bound over my head. I was still naked, wearing just my red heels. Joanna produced a black leather whip and proceeded to spank my ass. The loud smacking sound of my tender skin echoed around the otherwise quiet apartment, as the two mistresses giggled in delight. My pathetic little dick wobbled around helplessly as I moaned in pain with each strike. 'You take well to this kind of punishment, little slut!' said my mistress with a shrill laugh. 'Let's see how she deals with a good fucking' exclaimed Joanna. I was untied from the ceiling and then had my hands bound behind my back. I sunk to the floor on my knees, as Joanna pulled off her denim skirt, revealing her shaved pussy. 'You like this nice pussy, slut?' she asked me. 'Yes mistress' I replied. 'Well, you're not gonna get it' she declared, as she pulled on a large strapon. 'Let's see how good you are at eating cock!' she said, ramming the strapon into my mouth, and started fucking my mouth. I closed my eyes and sucked it passionately. 'This little slut is a good little bitch' declared my mistress, spanking my naked ass while I sucked the strapon.' 'Let's see how good she fucks' she said, and pulled on her own strapon over her leather trousers. She inserted it straight into my ass and proceeded to fuck me while I was sucking Joanna's strap-on. The two mistresses screamed in delight, evidently thrilled to have found a new sex slave. 'Ok, we've seen enough for today' declared my mistress after around half an hour of fucking. My ass had been loosened up by my master's fucking already, so I took well to the strapon fuck. They tied my hands and feet together and placed me on the sofa. They then stripped each other in the middle of the room, and proceeded to have strapon sex, while I could just watch, my pathetic little dick hanging limply between my legs, barely an inch long. 'This is how fuck-sluts give pleasure!' declared my mistress as she bounced her pussy up and down Joanna's strapon. after they fucked for an hour, they showered together and eventually untied me. They let me eat, then gave me a maid's outfit to sl**p in. 'This is going to be a great project!' declared Joanna. to be continued...
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9 months ago
love to read part 2!