Physical Ther****t in Trouble

Ben stood looking himself in the mirror, reminiscing over the past several months. How he loved talking to Shila, his favorite ther****t during his weekly visits. How wonderful her hands felt gently working his weak hand as he looked at her - her long, flowing, dark hair cascading around her pretty face.
She had no way of knowing the fantasies playing in his head, as she would talk to him – or did she? He’d look her in the eyes of course, but his mind would wonder to another place. The things he wanted to do to her. How he longed to just play with her body – especially her feet. If she could have known, perhaps she would have run, but as it was - "Mmmm MMmmmhh!" He turned away from the mirror & gazed at his helpless prize lying on the examination table. She looked so incredible struggling against the ropes binding her. Her beautiful bare feet were even more amazing than he had imagined all this time. Her dark skin tone, toe rings & pink toenails caused him to get instantly aroused. How wonderful they would taste he thought as he raked his fingers gently over the bottoms of her soft, warm soles. She instinctively jerked her feet back, in response to his touch, strongly voicing a muffled protest through her gag. She was powerless, however, from stopping his continued exploration of her bound feet with his fingers – griping her toes firmly both individually & in groups.

He knew she was already quite aware of the anaconda he had in his pants. He saw her reaction several weeks ago while she was working with his hand. She tried not to show her surprise, but he saw her gulp & her eyes widen when she noticed the tremendous bulge running down his leg. “OH M-!!”, she started to exclaim, but caught herself. He enjoyed her reaction & grew incessantly harder. She couldn’t stop herself from continuously darting her eyes back toward it in amazement. “Would you like to see it, Shila?” he offered. “We could go into an examining room & you could play with it if you’d like.” But she responded sharply with, “I’m married & I’m here to do my job – NOT play around.” With that he left the matter alone, but the smug little smile she wore told him she knew she turned him on & she enjoyed the attention of seeing him aroused whenever she sat before him.

The day came when she brought him into an examining room & closed the door. “It’s too busy out there” she reasoned, yet there were only three other people out in the open area. As she started to work his weak hand & see his usual aroused reaction she started asking him questions. “So, how long is that thing anyway?” or “How do most girls react when they see it?” Without warning she suddenly grabbed him firmly with one hand, making him instantly almost completely erect. Looking him in the eye with a seductive smile she announced, “I’ve got to say, I’m more than a just little curious.” With that she began unbuckling his belt & unzipping his trousers.

Even with his pants completely open, she had to work to pull him out from along his pant leg, but she let out a squeal when his amazing cock finally sprang free. As she instinctively grasped her hands around his swollen shaft, she said without looking away, “Oh my! That is amazing! I don’t know if it would fit in me.” Her trained hands felt incredible around him & he moaned in ecstasy. “You like me playing with your big cock?” she said before giving his now throbbing cock-head a loving kiss. “I usually like to give head, but I’m not sure how I’d do with this big thing.” she went on, but just being in her hands was bringing him to the point of cumming. “I think I’ll just watch you cum.” & with that she rolled, massaged & squeezed him until he did exploded like a fire hose.

Now she was his captive & she wondered what he would make her do with that monster. As she struggled against the ropes, she could see the huge outline running down his leg as threatening to rip out from through the fabric. Ben enjoyed watching her as she stared at his manhood. The bigger he grew the more she seemed to react - stretch & then relax her toes. The more she reacted the bigger he grew.

He suddenly pulled up a chair, sat down & devoured her sweet, naked feet like a starved man – nibbling her toes oh so lightly while pushing his tongue between them. He could hear her gentle moans as she began to give in to her captures advances. He continued nibbling all around her soft soles, while caressing her in his hands. He cherished how she tasted & the soft texture of her skin to his mouth.

Finally he stood up & pulled himself out, allowing her see his enormous hard-on fully exposed. Her eyes stared in utter amazement as he bobbed & swung freely over her. He then walked around & laid himself between her warm, soft feet, still drenched from his mouth. She grabbed his thick, long shaft with her toes & he thought he was in Heaven, feeling Shila’s beautiful bare feet against his stiff rod.
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