Agent Jada of MOCOC

Agent Jada is part of MOCOC (MONSTER COCK AGENCY) and she had just apprehended their number one target, Keith Strokes. After she brought her prisoner in, she tied him to a bed so she could interrogate his cock. He lay helpless as she used both of her hands to massage & squeeze his crotch passionately – making him grow & harden into steal. Only the thin fabric of his pants was between her hands & him. She could already see & feel his impressive size just by the bulge. She eagerly unfastened his belt buckle & yanked opened his fly. Agent Jada gasped as his remarkable rod sprang free-standing almost straight on its’ own-bouncing & swaying to its’ new freedom. She instinctively grasped her hand tightly around the base of his wonderful manhood & stared in awe, saying, “Oh my god, that’s amazing!”
She was stunned at his tremendous size - stroking him slowly - gently, but firmly. He could do nothing but moan in ecstasy as his captor fondled & rolled his long, thick shaft between her hands at will until he started to throb & was ready to explode. He can see her barefeet flapping in the air as she lay between his legs & he is even more aroused.
Damn, sweetheart, you should be in a magazine! You’re cock is not only gargantuan, but just sexy & beautiful. It’s so cute how you’re throbbing in my hands.
I think you like me playing with your big fat cock, while I have you all tied up, don’t you? Getting you all hard & turned on. Good! I’m gonna suck your cock like it’s never been sucked! I’m gonna get your big cock so hard, you’ll feel like you’re going to grow right out of your skin! I saw the way you were just looking at my barefeet. Maybe I’ll rub your cock between them. Mmmm, wouldn’t that get you good n’ hard? Feeling my toes curled around your great big cock-head-stroking your long shaft? She gives his swollen cock-head a sloppy, wet kiss & then continues to slowly kiss up & down the length his long shaft - tracing her tongue along the thick veins that ran along it.
After he feels like he can take no more & is about to explode his jizz, Agent Jada looks him in the eyes while clamping the base of his pulsating hard-on tightly to assure that he does not cum. “Before I allow you to cum, I want you to tell me where there are others like you.”
I’ll be back in a while, she says, giving his package a firm grip & getting up. As she walks away, still in her barefeet, Agent Jada looked back on her bound prisoner-admiring the sight of his stiff johnson in full view. Make the right choice & tell me what I wanna know when I get back.
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