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Sometimes when I'm alone I think about how far I've come. I used to feel old, I'm over 30 now and I'm not going to tell you just how far over 30 I am, but ever since I've been going to the gym I feel young again. Sure I'm mature in what I'm looking for and my life, but something inside of me changed when I started working out. The stronger I grew, the more excited about life I got. And not just life, sex. I think my sex drive had died just before I started my workout program, but now after a year I can't believe just how horny I am. I play with myself almost every day and although great, it just wasn't enough. Now that my body is tight, lean and strong guys are starting to take interest in me again, and not just guys my age, young guys! Something about the new feeling of vigor got me to fantasizing about a young man and I see soo many of them at the gym. Their young tight strong bodies showing off for me started to build excitement in me and one day while I was talking and flirting with a young man I decided to just blurt out if he needed a ride home. I couldn't believe I had even said it, the guy was only just over 18, but he knew what I was asking and said sure! Once in my car I was soo nervous and I looked at him and sheepishly said I would really rather take you to my home. He smiled and just said ok, so we drove off. I felt like a serial killer with her first prey, and it was a feeling of power. Once at my house I invited him in and led him to the bedroom. He knew what was going on, but he was nervous and I think I might have been his first. I didn't know what to do so I just looked at him and said with an excited sigh "I just really want you to fuck me!” and with that he moved in for a kiss. We fell to the bed and ripped off each others cloths. I couldn't believe I had this young stud in my bed, and I pulled out his cock and attacked it cause I wanted him soo much. He blew his load quickly in my mouth, and he was embarrassed he came so quick. I swallowed it all, and snuggled up to him and whispered in his ear it was ok, Just take a moment and eat me out and once you're ready fuck my brains out. He smiled and then went down on me. The k** didn't have a clue what he was doing, ahh the wonders of youth, but I didn't care and faked an orgasm for him. I was just killing time till he recharged and could fuck me. Once he was ready he asked for condom but I barked at him to just fuck me now so he did, and it was awesome. He had a medium sized dick but it was just what the doctor ordered and after the initial shock of his cock entering me, I begged him to fuck me like a dirty whore and he pumped me for all he was worth. Then after a while he screamed he was about to cum, and I begged him to cum inside of me. He pulled out, fucking k**, and blew all over the place. I licked it up and then ushered him out. I wonder if he'll ever be able to look at me the same in the gym. Better yet, I wonder if he had any young friends who are better at sex.
90% (7/1)
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1 year ago
Hot story!
1 year ago
hey cmon the guy did his best........ he never knew that he woudnt last any longer in bed...fuck him...criously u could pick any1 bettr than him....u bettr at this...!!!!...u need to save ur hunger for cock for smeone who is worth it...!!!
2 years ago
Damn why cant i find someone like you at my Gym!
2 years ago
That was one heck of a story. You are a very aggressive muscular woman. I love sexy muscular women like you baby. Any Woman Bodybuilder that can approach me. And ask me do you want to fuck me. Is the right kind of woman for me. If I was that guy I would have. Blown that big huge muscle back of yours out baby. I would have fucked you in all kinds of ways.
2 years ago
Hot story! Wish the guy was me ;)
2 years ago