Fling at the Gym

Fact is I work out a lot and it shows. It's a stress reliever and sometimes I take it a little far cause I really get into it. Some guys get scared by my muscles now, but that's ok. I'm not really looking these days, I've been burnt too many times by too many assholes. So I just go to work, work out, and keep to myself. I'm actually pretty happy but there's this one guy at the gym who keeps stealing glances at me. I can't figure out if he likes me or if he's scared of me, but the gym is often empty when we're both there so I decided to find out. While working out I caught him looking at me from across the room and I decided to ask him to help me as a spotter. I was doing leg lifts and it's something that doesn't need a spotter, but he came over and I asked him to sit behind me and I'd show him how he could help. He looked a little confused, but sat down on the bench behind me and I nuzzled my but up into his crotch ever so obviously. Then I just asked him straight out as I was pumping the iron how my hard ass felt. He stuttered, not knowing what to say, so I also asked him what he thought of my nipples. He said he didn't know, he'd never felt them, so I said go for it. It was a risk, I know, but I wanted him as I hadn't been fucked in a long time. He went for it, lifted my shirt and the moment he did all my anxiety left and I knew I had him. He played with my body and I stripped him naked before I sucked his cock, right there in the gym where anyone could walk in on us! He got hard right away so I knew he was very attracted to my body and that made me wet. Ohhh soo wet that when I climbed up on him his big cock slide into me with ease sending shivers of mini orgasms throughout my body. I came right away and loved every inch of his cock. But then he wanted more and went for my ass. I'm not an anal fan, but I was soo happy to have him fuck me to orgasm so quickly that I let him do it, with a condom of course. He slid it in and I used all my ass muscles to squeeze his cock into submission. My ass muscles are soo strong it didn't take but a moment before he was cumming, and he pulled out and spewed all over my face. It was marvelous! After we both calmed down I told him that was awesome and I'd like to do it again sometime. He smiled and said ok, but don't tell his wife. ASSHOLE, I didn't know he was married. The last thing I'd ever want to do is break up a f****y. That's why I don't date much anymore, men are creeps. I can only hope a real man comes along one day for me. Please Lord, please. I want more sex like that where I don't have to worry about hurting anyone else.
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2 years ago
Wow that guy was a real jerk he really was. I wish that I was in the gym. When you were there I would have. Hit on you baby I would have done that. I have no problem with approaching. A sexy woman that has big huge muscles. I just want to feel a woman's big huge biceps. I would love to give you. A real good full body massage. I would do that just for you baby.
2 years ago
hey I'm a Diva, I get what I want!!!!
2 years ago
u made him come over n sit down ,then u sat down on him, and then you told the man to grab you tits

you basically raped him but your mad that he is married ???
2 years ago
Wanna fuck me at the gym? I'm single ;)