Lessons in a crowd

The PJ Spankings
I arrived at PJ office on time and as I walked in I was greeted by 20 people some I recognized from my first round 12 Woman and 8 Men. As I walked threw the door PJ saw me immediately and stood on one of the desks and got everyone’s attention. Ladies and Gentleman he said and went on Mr. Butler has arrived and it is time to begin his punishment. All of you can participate in his punishment and humiliation. There was applause at this statement. PJ went on, this time you may spank or use Mr. Butler anyway you like at any time. If he refuses or resists in anyway let me know and I will see that he pays for his insolence. After his initial spanking he will be put into service to get you drinks or food or anything you like. Your wish is his command. Remember you may use him and punish him as you see fit no restrictions.

After hearing that statement from PJ I was in shock. I never dreamed that everyone could do as they wished with me or that I was expected to serve these people. I was shaking and almost in tears as PJ turned to me and said Mr. Butler if you would please get up hear with me. Trembling and scared I got on the desk with PJ. The crowd whooped and clapped and started yelling things at PJ telling him what he should do to me. Some were pretty brutal and I was afraid this could get out of hand. I started to tremble as I looked down on all the people who wanted me punished and humiliated and knew it was about to start

PJ faced me and pulled my shirt over my head leaving me bare from the waist up as the audience cheered at the removal of my shirt. PJ told me to kick off my sandals which I did. He then grabbed the waist band of my shorts and unbuttoned the top button. Then he pulled down my zipper and was holding my shorts up by holding the sides up. There was a silence in the room. PJ said now folks this naughty little boy that is about to be bare in front of all of you was told that he was not to have any pubic hair. The crowd cheered. PJ went on; you are to treat him as a naughty little boy which produced another roar from the crowd. Slowly ever so slowly as he whipped the crowd into frenzy my shorts started to come down. Finally after what seemed like hours but in reality was seconds. My shorts were pulled down until my bottom and hairless weenie were exposed to the mob. PJ had me turn around with my hands on my head and to my total embarrassment my weenie was hard.

The crowed was making comments and I was made to stand in various poses as to give everyone a good look at my naked body. When I say good look I mean from my weenie and my balls to my boy hole. I was on display for everyone’s enjoyment. They did seem to enjoy my exposure and my embarrassment at my exposure. PJ took great enjoyment at my comfortableness. He spoke again I will now give this naughty boy his initial spanking after which I will pick a few of you to help with this.

A chair was placed up on the desk a PJ had me bend over the back of the chair legs spread wide hands on the seat of the chair. His hand was rubbing my bottom and then his spanks begin 20 with my bottom facing one way. Then he had me turn the chair 1/4 turn and assume the position again. Another 20, and so it went until I had done a full 360 degrees and the crowd all got a good look at my bare bottom being spanked as well as my balls hanging down. Then PJ did me over his lap the same way 1/4 turns so the crowd got a good look. Than an ottoman was put up on the desk and I was made to kneel on it with my bottom up legs spread wide and my head down. Again the same 1/4 turn after every 20 spanks and this time he used a ruler. Then I was ordered on my back 2 pieces of rope were tied to the legs of the Ottoman and my legs were spread wide and my knees were close to my ears leaving my boy hole and penis exposed. The same procedure was preformed to the delight of the crowd. Now I have had 320 spanks my bottom was red and sore and I had just started.

PJ called a female up on the desk and he announced that this naughty little boys Daddy told me something that he hates. I was trying to figure out what my Daddy had told PJ. He told the woman to get the tape and I knew what was about to happen. Since my cheeks were pried open by my position on my back it didn't take much effort on her part to tape my cheeks wide open so my boy hole was visible and easily accessible to all. When she finished my legs were freed and she told me to stand and bend over hands on my knees legs wide. My boy hole was totally exposed I could feel the air and the comments look you can see his hole. There were many comments as I got into position I felt the penis whip on my exposed hole. God it stung and when I would cry out the crowd would cheer. It was the same procedure 20 at each 1/4 turn than he proceeded to do 20 more in the same manner. This went on for a total of 160 spanks of the whip to my exposed hole. The crowd loved it as I was crying in shame and pain.

A man was called up from the crowd who than used the whip on my ever hardening penis. The same routine was used and by the time it was over I was a blubbering mess of a naughty bare bottomed boy. PJ was back up and asking the crowd what they thought there were cheers and laughter all at my expense of course. He asked for the chair again and had me bend over the back of it. This even exposed my boy hole more than I thought possible. PJ Put on a glove and started to finger my hole. Now it was already sore having been spanked. First 1 finger than 2 finally 3 the crowd was in a frenzy at my humiliation. He called another male up and Pj moved toward my face and the other man took his place fingering my boy hole. PJ pulled his pants down and rubbed his penis all over my face until it was hard than he pushed it directly in my mouth much to the delight of the crowd. After some time he told the guy fingering my hole to switch places with him he put on a condom and came around to my bottom and pushed his weenie in my boy hole. It went in easily since it was spread wide open the crowd could see his weenie penetrating my boy hole quite clearly. The other man was now at my face and Put his weenie in my mouth. PJ was thrusting in and out and spanking my red hot bottom as he did. The crowd was going wild cheering them on. 8 more people were allowed to use my boy hole and mouth as well as spank my bottom 4 men and 4 woman wearing strap-on dildoes. When this finished I had cum all over my face my boy hole was dilated the size of a quarter my bottom was red as a fire truck. I collapsed crying and begging for it to stop. PJ called 2 men and 2 women up to take me in the executive washroom and clean me up so that I could start the next phase of my punishment. THE NEXT PHASE I SCREAMED AND CRIED as I was carried into the washroom. To be continued…..

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3 years ago
Damn... what is next in store for the punishment
3 years ago
What's next?