back from vegas part 2

So, we continue the drive home with me plugged and bare. It takes about 45 minutes to arrive at our house. It’s on a dirt road about ½ mile from the road and our nearest neighbor is about a mile away. I pull up in the driveway. She tells me to get the luggage and all the stuff from the truck. I said but I’m naked. She replied tough shit and walked to me and spanked me a few times with her hand to emphasis her point. I grab as many as I could carry my head on a swivel looking for cars that might come by and looking for anyone looking. I took the first load in and dropped them in our room. Then I stepped out to the f****y room and she was standing there with a spatula she got out of the kitchen. Come here bend over and grab your ankles she said. I told her I hadn’t got all the stuff out of the truck. Do, as your told was the reply. Yes maam was all I said and complied by bending over and grabbing my ankles. Smack, smack, smack was all you could here for the next several minutes. My bottom was on fire once again. When she stopped she started playing with the plug that was in my bottom hole moving it in and out and getting me all excited again. I was hard as a rock again. She giggled at my condition and said go get the rest of the stuff from the truck. I went outside again this time with an erection and red bottom to worry about being seen with. Again my head was moving back and forth checking for anything or anyone that could see me in my full glory. I grab the rest of our items and it seemed like it took me forever being nervous about my state. Finally I got back to the door and into the relative safety of our house. She said anyone see you out there? I don’t think so I said. To bad she replied. Bend over she said. I did and she pulled out the butt plug gave me a few smacks with her hand and said.

I want you to go in the bathroom and give yourself an enema. Then shave, shower and report to the f****y room in 20 minutes. Yes maam I replied and did as I was told. I gave myself an enema using a bulb type device it defiantly cleans you out. Then I showered and shaved and cleaned up my mess and went to the f****y room. Upon my arrival my wife was standing in the middle of the room with a very sexy teddy on complete with nylons and garter belt no panties. I could see her beautiful bare pussy and her wonderful bare bottom. I was already semi hard from the bathroom now it was full on bonner. Come hear you naughty little boy she said smiling. So. I went and stood in front of her. Did you get yourself all clean you naughty boy she said while stroking my penis? Yes maam I replied. I’ll have to inspect you to make sure you did a good job. Get on the coffee table with your face on the floor and your ass in the air with your legs spread wide now! I did as requested. She examined my boy hole probing with 2 fingers my balls from behind and told me to lie on the table on my back and examined my penis and pubic area to make sure I shaved. She then stood over my head with her legs spread so I could see her pussy. I want you to lick my butt hole inside and out but don’t touch my pussy. She straddle my face spread her cheeks and presented her rosebud to my lips I licked it all over and even got my tongue up inside her passage. She was masturbating herself and every once in a while bends over and sucks my cock. This went on for ½ hour. Then she stood, still stroking herself and said go get a chair from the kitchen and bend over the back of it with your hands on the seat. I did as told standing bent over the chair. She returned from our bedroom with a riding crop and a belt. Now she said you know how naughty you’ve been lately young man? Yes. Well I’m going to have to spank your bottom until you learn to behave. Do you understand naughty boy? Yes maam. She started with her hand for at leased 5 minutes. Then the belt for a couple of minutes, then followed by the crop for a couple more. Mind you, the whole time she wasn’t just whaling away. She was stroking and probing and playing with all the intimate parts of my body so I was very turned on. When she was done I asked may I come please? No not yet you haven’t been fucked yet. At which I cried out no please! All naughty boys must be fucked by there teachers when they are punished you know that. But I don’t want to get fucked please. Well you should have thought about that before you were naughty shouldn’t you have? Yes maam. Now get up and go stand in the corner you may play with yourself but no coming understood? Yes. I’ll be right back. She left the room with me stroking my penis standing in the corner. 10 minutes later she says turn around. I turn. She is standing there in that outfit but now there’s an 8” strap-on sticking out from where her pussy used to be. Come here. I go towards her. She grabs my member and says follow me. She pulls me into our bedroom and tells me to get the lube. I do. She says pour some lube on your hands and stroke both our dicks with it. I do as she told me stroking her penis and mine simultaneously. Good boy now up on the bed on all fours. I comply with my ass sticking up in the air and my head on the covers. I feel her pouring lube on my hole then rubbing it in and probing my hole with those fingers. She positions herself behind me on her knees and I feel her penis at the entrance to my boy hole. Slowly she works the head in. then about 3” in she pulls it almost out and back in 3” several times. She smacks my bottom with her hand and thrust all 8” in and holds it there. Then all the way out almost and all in again. She picks up her pace until she’s pumping in and out of my hole rapidly. Spanking my cheeks occasionally but fucking me with her cock rapidly and fully. This fucking me goes on for a good 20 minutes. She pulls out and asks me if I enjoyed my punishment. Yes maam. Good now get off the bed and stand facing the bed. I do as requested my penis hasn’t been this hard since I was s*******n, She takes off her strap-on gets on the bed with her bare pussy facing me and says ok I want you to masturbate for me while I play with myself. No coming till I’ve come or your bottom will be so sore you won’t be able to sit for a week ok? Yes maam. So, I’m stroking she’s playing with her clit and probing her pussy and asshole with her fingers. It didn’t take long until she climaxed and said come whenever you want naughty boy. I shot a load about 10’ for about 30 seconds all over her the bed the wall you name it had sperm on it. I collapsed between her thighs and eat her to 2 more orgasms. She looked at me when she reached her final “O” and said your goanna have to be naughty more often.

Hope you enjoyed,

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