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Spanked on the way home from Vegas part 1

This happened on our way back from Las Vegas about 4 months ago. While driving home we reached the town of Mojave. My wife informed me that she was going to spank me when we got home but first she wanted me to pull off the freeway at the next exit and take the dirt road. I did as she requested thinking she had to pee. We drove down this gully and I shut off the truck and jumped out to pee. She got out the other side and walked to the back of the truck. I finished and zipped up.

She said come hear, I did. She grabbed my shorts and pulled them down then my underwear she made me remove them from around my ankles took them and threw them in the cab. She said you won’t be needing these for a while. I’m standing in the desert with a tank top on and, my sandals nothing else nervous that someone may come by and see my shaved penis and bare bottom. When I protested about my exposure she told me tough shit. She opened the tailgate of the truck and said bend over. I did as told. She proceeded to tell me that I had been a naughty little boy and naughty little boys don’t deserve anything but punishment.

She then started spanking me with her hand rapidly without stopping for about 5 minutes. I was kicking my feet and promising anything this did not stop her. She was lecturing me the whole time about how naughty I had been and was. When she stopped my bottom was on fire. I laid there gyrating and grabbing my bottom with both hands trying to rub out the sting. After a minute she said stand up and turn around. I did and she said just as I thought you’re hard. I stammered I’m sorry I can’t help it. She grabbed my hairless member and stroked it very hard asking me if I enjoyed my spanking? I admitted I did well, she said naughty boys aren’t suppose to enjoy being spanked keep stroking you’re little penis till I get back. I took a hold of it and did as requested.

She came back from the cab of the truck with her little penis whip in hand and said stop masturbating. I did. Stick out you’re wewe I did and she proceeded to use the whip on my penis. It hurt but felt exciting at the same time this want on for a few minutes, I was still hard. She then grabbed my arm and turned me around facing the tailgate again. She then said hold open your bottom for me. I did as she requested holding my bottom cheeks with both hands. Wider I want to see your little boy hole. Yes maam, I said and did as requested exposing my anus to her. She then started using the penis whip on my exposed anus it stung but again was very erotic I would move and she would tell me to stay still finally she stopped and said don’t move. I stood there holding my cheeks open while she pulled a penis shaped butt plug out of her pocket. She put it in my mouth and told me to get it wet. She then spit on my still exposed anus and used her fingers to penetrate my boy hole first one then two, in and out rotating them and thrusting as far as they would go. I was grunting and drooling with the plug in my mouth.

She removed her fingers spit on my anus again and took the plug out of my mouth and placed it against my anus. Telling me this is what naughty boys get. Yes maam, I moaned. She keep putting more and more pressure on my anus finally it gave away letting the butt plugs penis shaped head slip in my boy hole. She worked it in all the way and, pulled it almost all the way out about 10 times all the while twisting it. I was grasping for breath, as this feels exquisite. Finally, she pushed it in to its wide T shaped end. I could feel its 4”length and 3” width fill my boy hole it’s a mixture of fullness and excitement. She told me to let go of my cheeks, which I did; she then proceeded to spank me for about 3 minutes with her hand. The combination of spanks with the butt plug up my hole was unbelievable not, to mention this being done out in the open where anyone could come along and see my punishment in broad daylight.

She told me to turn around again and said I see you’re still hard you naughty boy. I’m sorry maam I replied. Out came the penis whip and several stinging strokes on the head of my penis. Stroke it for me naughty boy, she said. I did and was on the verge of shooting my load when she yelled stop and turn around remain standing. I did as she directed. My bare bottom facing her hands at my side bare penis sticking out in front of me. Stay still she commanded, and went to the cab of the truck and returned with a leather slapper it’s about 8” long with 2 pieces of leather protruding from the handle 3” wide. The 2 pieces of leather are attached together at the handle but not at the ends. When swung they separate when they strike your bottom they slap together increasing not only the f***e but the sound as well. It stings a lot trust me. She then gave me 20 while standing 10 on each cheek. I took it begging the whole time to stop I’ll be good I’ll do what ever you say please! You promise to do what ever I say naughty boy? Yes please no more, I’m sorry for being naughty I promise what ever you say just please stop for now. As you wish naughty one. I was rubbing my bright red bottom and sniffling.

She turned me around and stroked my still hard penis as I sniffled and moaned. She then said I want you to get in the truck and drive us the rest of the way home, all the while stroking me. Yes maam I said, I asked permission to remove the plug and get my shorts. No she said firmly I want you to drive the rest of the way just as you are, still stroking my bare penis. But maam! But maam nothing as she released her grip on my hard on and spanked my bare bottom with her hand several times while saying you promised anything I want and I want you plugged and bare for the rest of the way is that understood. I was crying again and said yes maam between sobs. She continued and when we get home we will continue your punishment until I’m satisfied you have learned your lesson young man. Yes maam, I replied and got in the truck and drove home bare and plugged. To be continued…….

Posted by barebottomboy 3 years ago
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