Serving margret

I'll never forget this. I was 18 and in college at Chico state. I met this amazingly beautiful girl at a party the second week I was there. Her name was Margret we fucked the first night we met and I was hooked. We started dating but she was always a little stand offish and I was head over heals. She was one of the hottest looking girls I had ever met but always very much in control. We dated for a month and I went and picked her up one afternoon to take her on a motorcycle ride up the canyon just out of town. There was a stream that ran down the canyon from the high sierras and I thought it would be romantic to hike up the canyon a ways. After parking the bike we started up the trail. Holding hands and kissing and me looking at her with eyes that told the whole story I was in love. We hiked and talked for about an hour. Then I stopped her on the trail holding her face in my hands and told her how much I loved her and wanted us to be a steady
couple. She said I don't think it would work. I was crushed. What do you mean? I asked. She said Clayton there are things about me I don't think you could accept. I said Margret there is nothing about you I couldn't except I don't care if you’re an Axe murderer I love you. Well I'm not so sure you would like this side of me Margret replied. Look just tell me what it is and I'll show you that my feelings for you go beyond anything I have ever felt before please Margret I love you and want you to be happy I said. We walked for a few minutes in silence. She stopped and said come on grabbing my hand and pulling me off the trail about 200 yards. She stopped when we came to several large boulders. She said OK Clayton I'm going to tell you and you will see that we are not compatible. Clayton she started. I enjoy certain unorthodox practices that I'm not willing to give up. They are part of me and I have been practicing this for over 4 years and it makes me who
I am... What is it Margret I asked.
I'm into Dominance sexually I like to control and be the boss. When she said this I was smiling hear to hear. Why are you smiling she asked? Margret I enjoy being submissive I answered.

Ever since I was 6 years old and my Mother spanked me the first time of many I was hooked. I'll never forget my Mom pulling me into the f****y room and removing all my clothing. All the while lecturing when I was dressed in nothing but my under ware I will never forget her hands moving to the waist band and pulling them down to my feet and removing them. Leaving me totally bare my bottom and my little hairless Weiner exposed. She kept telling me how naughty I was and this is what happens to naughty boys. I heard some giggling coming from the kitchen. I turned and my older s****r and her best friend were sitting at the kitchen table enjoying my bare bottom. Then I was placed over Moms knees and she spanked me for at least 5 minutes. Then she stood me up and I did the spank dance with both hands trying to rub the sting out of my bottom. By doing the dance I now exposed my little hairless Winnie to the girls who were still giggling. My Mom grabbed my arm
and placed me in the corner for corner time. The girls moved into the f****y room to get a better view. I stood in the corner for 15 minutes. My Mom came in and told me corner time was over and I was to go to my bedroom and wait for her but first I needed to walk up to the girls and apologize for them having to witness my naughty behavior. So in all my glory I walked up to them and apologized. Both of them were grinning and starring right at my bare Weiner. I have never forgotten the embarrassment of that punishment but part of me enjoyed it I didn't fully understand what I was feeling but it was kind of thrilling. From that time to about 14 years old I was always spanked the same way totally bare it did not matter where or who was present. So needless to say many of my friends my b*****rs and their friends, my s****r and her friends not to mention relatives saw me punished at least once. She stopped the spankings when I turned 14 and would get an
erection. So, from then until now I wasn't sure if I would ever be able to experience that excitement again. This is perfect I grabbed and hugged Margret I would love to be you’re submissive if you want me? She hesitated and said we will see after your trial period but if you do what you’re told I'll give you a try. Again I hugged her and said you won't be sorry Margret I love you now even more then I did.

We shall see Clayton this is your first test. Remove your tank top, I did. She then started to undo the button on my shorts telling me that I had been a naughty boy for not confessing earlier. Yes ma'am I replayed then down my shorts came slowly exposing me. She removed them from my ankles. Now I was in my undies out in the wilderness with a women I adored about to be stripped bare and punished. Her hands went to my elastic band and she slowly pulled them down over my erection and down to my ankles and off. Now I'm hard as ever exposed and totally hot. She took a hold of my organ and stroked me checking me out while I was under her hands magic. Let’s see Clayton you will have to remove all your pubic hair and keep it that way. Yes ma'am I said. She turned me around and played with my bottom then she spread the cheeks of my bottom and put her fingers in her mouth and slid two of them up my boy hole. She moved them in and out and pulled them out inspecting them. You will also
be required to take enemas to keep your hole clean. Yes ma'am I said again. I will be using your boy hole for my pleasure by fucking you. Now place your hands on the boulder in front of you spread your legs and don't move. I did as she requested and she striated to spank me with her hand rapidly about 50 spanks. She then stopped checked my still hard penis and pulled a hairbrush from her purse and proceeded to continue my spanking. She moved to my side and started stroking my penis as she spanked my now red sore bottom. Don't you cum until I tell you it’s alright. Yes ma'am I said. As I was about to shoot a load I would never forget I hear voices. A group of hikers were coming down the trail 4 girls and 2 guys. Margret didn't stop and they heard the spanks. One of the girls said look she is spanking that guy and she and her group started to come toward us. When they got within 20 feet they were giggling and asking was he a bad boy that needed a
spanking. Margret said yes he was very bad. One of the girls asks can we take some pictures. Margret said sure take what you want if you hang around a minute he will shoot his load for you. The group was elated and started snapping photos of my punishment and asking Margret if she had to do this often. She said yes he is a very naughty boy. She then said get your cameras ready has going to cum. They started to snap photos of my impending squirt. Margret picked up the pace on my penis and my ass as well. In about 30 seconds I came harder longer and stronger then ever before. The group squealed in delight. Margret said we are leaving do you mind if we walk out with you guys they had no problem with it. I turned to Margret to get my cloths back and she was putting them in her purse. I said what about my cloths Margret? Naughty boys don't get close now lets go. I started walking with my new friend’s bare naked, red assed, and in fear I would be seen by
others. When we were about 2 minutes from were the Bike was Margret gave me my shorts and told me I could put them on for the ride back to her place.

When we arrived at her place she told me to get in the bath tub which I did. She came in and washed me and then she shaved off all my pubic hair. She pulled a fleet enema from under the cabinet and told me to meet her in the living room. When I walked out in the living room her roommates were there. I had a towel around my waist and Margret asks me what I thought I was doing with a towel covering me. I mumbled something. She said I will have to punish you for that later and she ripped the towel off me much to the delight of her roommates. One of who said he has no pubic hair. Margret placed the towel on the coffee table and instructed me to get on the towel on all fours. I did. She then asks her roommates if they wanted to see me get an enema. They were all four it she stood and slid the nozzle up my hole as her roommates looked on. It didn't take long but she wanted me to hold it for 10 minutes. She then let me go to the bathroom and expel the liquid.
When I stood her roommates said look he's hard. When I was done cleaning the area up I returned to the living room and Margret was stand there with a strap-on around her. She told me to get back on the Coffey table and proceeded to fuck me in front of her roommates for a half hour. I was blown away at the sensation of having a fake penis up my boy hole as well as being watched receiving it. I came harder then ever without touching my penis I came for several minutes in a torrent of cum. I have been hooked ever since. Margret and I stayed together for 3 years until she graduated and went back home. While I was with her I served her and her friends always nude and I had to perform any request that any of them had. I was seen by countless co-eds and learned what being a slave was about. When Margret left she gave me to one of her friends and I served her for 4 years.

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