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Do you remember your first?

I remember very vividly the first spanking I received in my life it has led me to the enjoyment I still get out of being spanked to this day. It also left such an erotic impression on my mind that even all these years later I must have many of the elements of my first included in my punishment to this day. Otherwise it just does not feel like a complete spanking and punishment and comes up short of the complete and utter enjoyment I derive from having my bottom bared and turned that special shade of red I like to call spanking red.

I was 6 years old my mother was 38, I was the youngest of 4 c***dren and 6 years younger than the closest sibling age wise. So at six my b*****r was 12, older b*****r 14 and the eldest, my s****r was 17. On that sunny southern California Saturday my b*****rs were gone and i had no idea where my s****r was. I left right after breakfast to go across the street to my friends David's house David was a year younger than me and a lot smaller, he had some cool toys and we played together a lot. Including my first strip poker and nude games, but that's another story. I was at David’s having fun when I heard my Mom yelling for me, which I ignored long enough to piss her off. Finally figuring she wasn't going to leave me alone and not wanting to really piss her off I acknowledged her shouts for me. Looking at her face I knew I waited that fraction of second too long and she was angry with me. Being 6 I thought it was time to see how far I could take my Independence and attempt the 6 year old version of a coup de ta for control of my world.

She asked didn't you hear me I've been looking for you since right after breakfast! Who do you think you are mister not telling me where your going is asking if you could go? Which I ignored and pretending to be put out by my Mothers bossiness I took the 5th and didn't answer her. The power struggle was on and I was ill prepared and totally over matched and had no clue I was entering into a battle i had no chance of winning or even fighting to a draw.

Mom continued It is your day to feed the dog and that comes before you play young man, Not aware that I had lost already I went on the offense and proclaimed as we walked across the street to our home. I have no intention of feeding the dog today. As the I got to "og to" I was grabbed by the upper arm and pulled toward the house at a frantic pace being lectured the entire way about not talking to the current administration in that manner. All illusions of Independence faded quickly away and I immediately went into a negotiating strategy that lasted a second and a half and only made my Mother angrier. As I was now unable to keep pace with mom I was being lifted and pulled into the house and the f****y room faster and with more urgency and speed that I could put up a white flag or reminder her of the Geneva Convention. I was a prisoner of a very crafty, superior f***e that I was not to question or resist there instructions.

Mom set on the couch pulling me to her knee at a 45 degree angle to her as she lectured me on the house pecking order and who did i think i was she leaned over and removed my tennis shoes and socks. I was thinking it’s a little early for my bath what is this Mom doing? the words were fast and to the point. I was not to question the dictatorship. I was wearing my overalls a t shirt and my under ware. As the lecture continued nonstop my straps on my overalls were undone and my t-shirt removed then my overalls were in a pile on the linoleum as she lifted my legs to remove them from the pile at my feet. it still did not occur to me what was happening but immediately with considerable speed and f***e my under ware was down around my ankles and my feet were raised to clear them completely from my now totally bare 6 year old body. She stopped for a split second looking me in the eye and telling me I will not have this kind of behavior in this house. Before I knew it I was over her lap and she was hitting my bare bottom rapidly and f***efully without missing a beat in her lecture.

After 30 or 40 spanks i was stood back up in the same place I was striped and I was crying and snot was running and I was doing my first spanky dance with both my hands holding my burning bottom wondering what just happened. Then I heard the giggles coming from behind me from the kitchen. i turned to look and low and behold my s****r and her best friend Mary were sitting at the table doing Girl things and had watched the whole ordeal. I'm shocked, it sinks in that they saw my stripping and spanking and were laughing at my dance. Just as the humiliation sinks in Mom pulls me towards her turns me around exposing my little hairless weenie to these girls and starts spanking me while they watch and giggle as my little weenie bounces up and down as Mom spanks and lectures in front of those GIRLS! I get 20 more which starts the dance and tears and my humiliation to hit home I'm so embarrassed it makes me cry more.

Mom leads me to the corner of the f****y room with both of my hands rubbing my bare bottom trying to stop the sting and puts me about 6 inches from the corner and tells me to stand there and not move until she tells me I can. Now by putting me in the corner the Girls cannot see my f***ed nudity and red bottom, so they get up from the table and come in to the f****y room to get a better view. My Mom says nothing to them and I'm thinking Mom you can't let them see me bare and spanked. She says nothing and leaves the room for a time. The Girls are whispering and giggling and I can feel them staring at the little bare boy in the corner.

After about 15 minutes Mom returns and comes to the corner, turns me around and tells me to go over to the Girls and tell them I'm sorry they had to see me nude and being punished. I'm waiting for my cloths to be returned which are nowhere in sight as I look I don't move at which point she spanks my bottom and tells me to go on ion less I want more. I walk over to the Girls with my hands over my little hairless weenie. Again my Mom's voice hands at your side. Reluctantly I remove my cover and they get a close up view of little boy weenie. I start to cry again but manage to tell them I'm sorry in between sobs. Their eyes never left my weenie and there smiles were from ear to ear. I was then e****ted to my room where I had to stay bare for another hour.

This was the beginning of my lifetime enjoyment of being stripped and spanked. It happened to be the first of many which were always the same no matter where or when I was naughty I was striped totally bare and spanked. It mattered not who was there or our location, punishment was swift, humiliating and embarrassing and I learned to love it and could not live without it now. I was awake and alive and never more than when I was bare and punished. It was the start of my lifetime obsession with nudity exposure and spanking.

That was the first of many before I was 15 it defined my sexuality (bi-sexual) and my sexual enjoyment serving others and being the naughty boy. If you would like some very personnel pictures I will send some if you request them as I do not want to cause you any problems by sending them and someone seeing them besides you. So this is the safe way to do it. Hope you enjoy and I have many other real life experiences if you want to read them.

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