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When i was 18 i had my first orgy was me, my boy, this girl i had just met, and her friend. It all started at cici's (pizza buffet) me and my boy had walked in to grab a bite when we came across two big booty chicks ...we hit it off and started talking after five min's into the convo 1 of the girls asked if we wanted to fuck!!!! lol i know i couldn't believe it myself it was as if an angel came down and sprinkled pussy juices all over my throbbing cock ..... i was so shocked that they were so strait fwd i pulled my boy to the side and told him "man no homo b*o but this is a one inna life time chance and if it means we banging these hoes back to back den I'm happy to be your bang b*o for the night lol" after that we headed back to the girl's and headed out …we decided to take my car while driving she was changing my gears if you know what i mean…while her friend on the other hand was sucking my boy's ball sack like a florida orange lol man that was only the beginning to what would be the wildest night of our lives …..when we finally arrived at my house my dick was drenched in slobber as i tucked it back into the opening of my boxers…..

i walked into my house first to check the premises for any potential cock blockers…all i saw was my b*****r on his laptop and my grandpa watching BET uncut recorded from the night before …other then that the coast was clear …operation sneak a hoe in with a friend was in progress…we headed around to the backdoor that i had just unlocked and straight into my bedroom ….and before i could lock my bedroom door my boy had whipped his cock out quicker than a cowboy drawing his revolver out the holster and began to fill her friend's mouth with his vienna sausage hahaha o did i mention he was a long nose italian …anyways i quickly realized my penis withdraw speed was unmatchable to mario but i didn't let it faze me i quickly grabbed at her friend who had been fingering herself awaiting for my arrival so i began going to work... all was well in the pussy after 3 strokes until suddenly it felt as if my pipe head had been pinched by mr. crabs himself …i quickly pulled out to check on my little man while screaming at the top of my lungs…he looked as if he had been in a car reck and mario on the other hand thought it was funny assuming that i was a screamer when i nutted ….i quickly told him to get back to his pussy as i interrogated her about the incident that had just occurred ..she told me she had a birth control implant by the name of mirena inserted into her vagina and that i would have to be careful with my strokes or else mirena would attack again…..i went back to work as if nothing had happen 3 min's in and out the pussy mario began howling and barking like he was a victim of b**stility if i'm not mistaken he sounded as if he was transforming hahaha…

i told him to shut the fuck up so i could concentrate on my mission at hand but his inner coyote got the best of him he started blurting out "this that bang b*o movement bitches hop on the sack and twerk so i can bust on your rack than spread them cheeks so i can lick your crack" …at that point i was done ..he had clearly lost it and let the excitement of an orgy get to him .. the hoes were turned off aswell…mario had screwed us both and wasn't going to pass at this level ever again ….i turned on the lights and noticed green slim time live on my carpet and realized the cause of mario's behavior ..he had been burning all along uncontrollably…i quickly looked for the nearest fire extinguisher but no fire extinguisher was going to put out this wild fire ..poor mario had suffered a 3rd degree burn by princess peach or was it one of his previous victims..the thought still clouds my mind lol ..good thing i wrapped up my cock ..I told the hoes to prepare for departure and pulled mario to the side and said "man you burning"…after that we took the bitches back to cici's and i told mario to get checked…..2 weeks later his diagnosis was chlamydia poor mario at least he'll live to fuck another day..
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4 years ago
O'yeah that a good one,I thought my Jelly Doughnut was funny,Sucked My Boys Sack Like a Florida Orange.Now that's Funny.
4 years ago
dude... you lost me