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The Beginning Part 4

The Beginning Part 4

Dana was more than generous with her lover and I lost the Bet. Selena made sure of that.
She took great delight in telling me about it.
The next morning before anyone else was up, Selena went into Teena and Dana’s room. Both were sound asl**p and naked with the bedding in a tangled mess on the floor. The sight of Teens naked tight body had Selena wet in seconds. Quietly she went to Teena’ s side of the bed and ran her fingers gently over her still swollen and beautifully pink mound. Up over her breasts around her long brown nipples and back down to her clit. She repeated this movement several times untill Teena began to moan softly and raise her body up in anticipation. When Selena made the last pass, she slid 2 fingers into Teens cunt and began to slowly finger fuck her. Teena came partially awake and in a sl**py soft voice said:
MMMMMM ..What took you so long?
Selena lent over and whispered in her ear.
I waited untill I was ready for breakfast, and with that, proceeded to open Teens legs and suck her clit.
Dana awoke soon after and smiled at her s****r hungrily eating Teena. Rolling over she retrieved a pillow from the floor and slid it under Teens lower back so Selena could open her right up and bury her tongue in deeper. After watching them for a few minutes she began to masturbate while sucking on one of Teens hard brown nipples.
Dana was close to Cumming. She rose up and quickly sat astride Teen’s chest. Moving her cunt into position Dana lifted Teena`s head up and forward untill her swollen clit was directly in Teena`s mouth. Teena tongued Dana hard and in no time flat the climax was there. With a loud scream he let it flow into her lovers hungry open mouth. Selena reached up and slid 2 fingers into her s****r and continued to eat Teena untill they both reached a point where it was a race to see who got there first. Dana helped her s****r by getting behind her and using her fingers on her pulsating wet cunt. Selena sucked and now fingered Teena as well.
The dual climax when it came almost took the roof off. Dana was so close to Cumming again so she franticly rubbed her clit to catch up and did so only a short minute behind her s****r and her lover.
I missed it all.
I slept on; blissfully unaware that one of the best orgy’s I could have seen or been part of in a long time was happening only a few yards away.
Teena stayed for about 2 months in which time I have lost count of how many times we had sex with her either solo or as a group.
One morning she said she was going out to do some shopping and that was the last we saw of her.
Dana was quiet for about a week and reverted to her old self again, bringing home the odd lover over the next few months to either share or have to herself. We never made an issue of it one way or another… Untill Tony arrived.
Tony was everything I disliked in a guy. He was tall, good looking, except for his long greasy hair, and about as arrogant as you can get. That far up himself he probably had to shove his toothbrush up his arse to clean his teeth
He had been in the house about 2 days when it came to a head over breakfast on the 3rd morning.
Tony made one of his usual sarcastic remarks about the fact that I got up early every day and rode about an hour in my bike. It was a great way to stay fit and I enjoyed the solitude. It cleared my head and put me in good shape for the day.
Can’t keep up any more Yonnie, he said looking at me with a snide grin
Have to train so you can fuck your wife once a month do ya?
That did it. I hadn’t inherited this Nordic/ Celtic bl**d mix for nothing. I have a hell of a temper with a long fuse for most of the time… Except for Tony!…….. He really got under my skin from the first second I set eyes on him.
I kicked back the chair and with all of my 6’ 3” and 175 pounds frame behind it, landed a sweet right in the middle of his stupid grinning face. Arse overhead went his chair as they both crashed to the floor. I came around the table and grabbed him by the hair and dragged him to the door. I was still kicking his ring when he went through the gate, bl**d running down his nose over his teeth made him look like a Vampire after a meal.
I didn’t say a word. I didn’t need to. Tony started running and when he was a hundred yard away got the courage to yell back.
Your Fuckin dead cunt……. I’ll fucking kill you and your fucking sluts.
He was going to say more when I took of after him,
Almost falling over in a desperate attempt to flee, he turned and ran as if all the demons in hell were after him and he never looked back.
A month later I was away attending a Luther’s workshop in the South. It had been a 3-day course of intense woodwork with no time to relax. I called Selena every night.
We hadn’t been apart for many, many years and it was strange going to bed without her curled up beside me.
After the Tony incident Dana moved back to her parents place in our old home town a couple of hours away. Her father passed on two years ago and Rodger now ran the business. With his mother frail and needing a nurse most days, Dana decided it was time to put her hand up and do her bit. My in-laws were kind gentle people and it was sad to see time ravage them as it would surly do to us. It was a taste of things to come Selena reminded me at her Fathers funeral.
With Dana now up north, Selena and I enjoyed having the house to us.
Our sex lives had reverted to its usual quiet pace. Usually an urgent fuck every 2nd or 3rd morning on the early hard and a long slower relaxed session on the weekends after one of Selena`s beautiful dinners and a bottle of wine.
Merg and his second wife Marie came to dinner about once a month. The wild old days were never mentioned. His first wife found out about our c***dhood escapades from a careless remark Merg made one night when we were all together a few years ago. She chiseled all the details out of him on the pretence that it excited her. When he had confessed all, she packed up and left calling him a fucking homo pervert.
The divorce was messy. We are called as witnesses but denied any of our past and stuck to our guns. The case was dismissed. Eventually a divorce was granted when she had an affair, recorded it on tape and photographs. Presenting it to the court, she claimed her husband, a blatant homosexual who hated women and wouldn’t grant her congical rights, f***ed her into it.
The court took pity on her and granted the divorce?? Tell me how does that work?

There was one more day of the workshop left. I was looking forward to getting home and being with Selena.
From my room I called her but got no reply. Not unusual. She was often out with clients or other people from the rag trade. I tried half an hour later, still no reply, Then I called every 10 minutes untill I couldn’t stand it any more. I called Merg and asked him to swing by and make sure everything was ok.
Always the same old Merg, nothing was too much trouble so I hung up and waited.
20 minutes later the phone in my room rang. Merg was on the other end.
His voice was hardly audible.
Yonnie I have some bad news.
What? I croaked, What is it?
It’s Selena Yonnie…. She’s dead
I was too stunned to speak…
Yonnie Yonnie Yonnie I heard Mergs voice but couldn’t answer.
Eventually I asked: How Merg? What happened?
She was ****d and her throat cut Merg said. Quietly
It hit me like a thunderbolt…..TONY!…. FUCKING TONY. I screamed.
Hanging up the phone I ran to my car and sped out of the carpark. It was nearly an hours drive home and I made it in just over half that.
Merg was waiting, so were the police.
The house was a mess. Selena must have put up one hell of a fight. There was broken furniture everywhere, bl**d on everything, the walls, floor, benches and even splashes onto the ceiling. Her torn clothing was spread over 3 rooms down stairs. Whilst the police wouldn’t let me touch anything, they did take me through the house so that I could identify what was Selena`s and what was not. A mans shoe lay inside the back door and the door its self was smashed. It appears that Selena had locked the door but it was battered down. Out here in the country there was no one to hear her scream or help. She had fought like a tiger for her life it was obvious. Her killer had been beaten and torn. Part of a mans shirt was found halfway up the stairs, A leather belt that wasn’t mine lay covered in bl**d on the kitchen floor. The police surmised that it had been used as a restraint at some point. There was enough skin under Selena`s nails the police said that could more than identify the killer by the scratch marks alone.
Merg had told them about Tony.
Acting quickly, they arrested him and placed him in a cell awaiting medical treatment. His confession was immediate. Breaking down totally his story of the killing turned the seasoned detectives stomach into knots.
Tony was ripped to shreds. His nose broken with two front teeth missing, and half of his face was raw meat where Selena had torn at him in a desperate attempt to get free.
His body was black and blue from the beating she had given him with a heavy copper based saucepan.
Selena had giving him a far greater hiding that I had. But eventually age and condition told, fighting untill she could no longer defend herself. Tony s rage had intensified untill he was beyond any form of sanity. He had been beaten and torn by a woman and now it was his turn. Going to work on her he vented his pent up rage on a helpless worn out victim.
At the inquest it was determined that death was caused by strangulation and that her throat had been cut after she was dead as there was no bl**d in her lungs..
We buried Selena in our hometown. On the day of the funeral, her mother collapsed and died and so we had to go through the whole process again a week later.
Up untill now I had been too shocked to think about anything other than the next few minutes of each day.
Now it was over and I walked into my empty house. The mess had been cleaned away thanks to Merg and Rodgers efforts and all that remained was the upcoming trial.
Sadness turned to anger on about the third day. It built to hatred that god himself would shy away from.
I concentrated on what I had to do just to survive.
I sat through the trial. I listened along with dozens of others to the grim evidence of Tony’s brutal rampage.
The Prosecutor read out the details of the crime to the jury.
He had killed his victim by choking her with his belt, he then rapped her several time before cutting her throat. Her virgina had been slit to her anus. Both nipples hacked off and her beautiful face smashed almost beyond recognition.
Guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment was the quickly reached verdict.
Because he expressed his remorse and pleaded guilty immediately upon his arrest, he would be eligible for parole in 12 years with good behavior. So much for Life Imprisonment!!!
After sentencing Tony was led away to the cell below the court awaiting transport to the prison where he would spend the next 12 years or so of his life.
Tony wasn’t the only one who received a life sentence.
My beautifully courageous, fun loving, sometimes-crazy Selena was gone.
Dana lost almost half her body weight in a few weeks. The guilt of introducing Tony into our lives was too much; the loss of both her beloved s****r and Mother taking its toll.
I am, along with Merg, Rodger and Dana, doomed to spend our lives haunted by Tony’s brutal, cowardly and senseless act of v******e
Rodger and Dana arrived at my house on the day of sentencing. We left for the court together. The outcome was a forgone conclusion. Tony had confessed and told every last detail
All that remained was to put out the garbage.
Half an hour after the verdict was handed down and the courtroom emptied, I said good-bye to Dana and Rodger. Telling them I need to walk for a while by myself. They hugged me and said they understood. I watched them walk away and leaning against the sun warmed stonewall outside the Court. Looking at the clear blue sky I wondered what Selena would think of all this.
Knowing her I think she would say: Yonnie, something’s you cant change no matter how hard to try. Remember I love you. I have loved you every minute of every day and thank you for our wonderful life together.
I smiled and in my mind kissed her on the cheek and said thank you my love, your right.
Something’s you can’t change

The prison bus pulled slowly into the alleyway and the door of the courthouse cell entrance opened a few yards ahead. Tony was led out in cuffs with a police officer either side.
As they reached the door of the bus I jumped out from behind the Rubbish bins where I had spent a few minutes hiding and drove a huge serrated fishing knife into Tony’s guts and began to Saw for all I was worth. The guard reacted quickly and before I could completely gut him, I was f***ed onto the ground and held face down.
Tony died a week later in hospital. His last words were: Tell Yonnie I’m sorry and thank him. This is much better than Jail.

It is now 2012. I am 69 years old. I have been imprisoned since 1976. I have one more year to serve.
Not a day goes by when I don’t miss Selena. Our lives were a little crazy I guess but when you see a boundary sometimes you have to push it just to make sure your alive. Selena smiled and watched over me all through my trial. She doesn’t believe that two wrongs make a right but she understands. She would have killed him herself that night if she could. Thank you my darling she whispered. You did what you had to…. as always

Rodger died of AIDS 10 years ago and Dana still comes to visit every week. In all these years she has only missed one visit when she had the flu. She still keeps my house and promises to be there next year when I am released. Merg does my garden once a week and has done so for the past 36 years. Marie died of breast cancer in 1993. He never married again.
Every morning I go to the prison gym and spend 3 hours working out. It has helped me keep sane and focused on surviving this hellhole.
I give guitar classes twice a week and some of the younger inmates are showing real promise

My parole has been refused 15 times because I show no remorse for killing Tony.
Each time I come before the parole board I ask them this ….. Would you?

The End

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2 years ago
If this is not real still this was really moving. And my feelings still feel the same...
2 years ago
Wow. I feel so bad for you. I would have done the same. And no remorse for what I Did. Hopefully you get out soon or that your out. My prayers go out to you.
2 years ago
I understand what your saying Mikey but I wanted to have a different ending to other stories. Something more real,if you know what I mean. Tony needed killing slow and hard anyway.
2 years ago
great story but hate the ending & i would have done the same or cut his shit off