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The Beginning. Part 3

The Beginning Part 3

Dana stood there for a moment and didn’t say a word. Suddenly she knelt down beside Selena`s head and whispered. I’m sorry I’m late. Here they are
She handed the condoms to Selena and sat back. I was too stunned to speak. Selena reached out to Dana and held her hand. Dana moved in closer to her s****r and hugged her,
Its ok, Selena said.
We did ok without them. I was still firmly implanted in Selena`s cunt when Dana ran her hand over Selena`s arse onto my cock and smiled. I loved to watch. I’ve seen you at the boat shed twice and your cock is amazing. Can I have a play for a minute?
She pulled my cock out and started to stroke it. It was covered in cum and starting to go soft but she didn’t care.
Moving into a more comfortable position she looked at Selena who nodded as if to say its Ok. Having been given the all clear, Dana took my cock in her mouth and started to suck me and lick me clean.
I was sure I couldn’t cum again but what the hell, Dana was enjoying herself and I was getting to like it more and more.
Selena straightened her dress, leaned over her s****r and kissed me. Her kiss was every bit as much a turn on as Dana s attention to my cock.
Before long I was hard again. Dana stopped sucking and pushed me gently backwards untill I was lying flat on my back. Lifting her skirt she pulled her panties aside and lowered her cunt onto my face. It tasted delicious. Selena watched and murmured encouragement to her younger s****r and then began to suck my cock in place of Dana. Dana’s cunt was small and tight, My tongue went into it easily but when I tried to finger her I couldn’t get 2 fingers in, Her arse was also very tight. It took only one finger but it was enough to make her shudder with an organic spasm. As quickly as it began it was over. Selena stood up, helping Dana to her feet said, come on lets get back inside before they send out a search party. Both girls went on a head while I waited a couple of minutes before following. And so ended my 15th birthday party.
The next ten years went by in a blur.
Merg moved into the city to work on an earth moving plant, Rodger became an accountant and also moved into the city. I married Selena 3 years ago and we still have Dana living with us although the 3 somes are getting fewer. Dana’s string of boyfriends keeps her more than occupied.Her living comes from a part time job in the local hospital. Although she completed her training, she doesn't like to be tied down too much so the part time option was tailor made for her. In 1961 I joined a rock band.Playing guitar had always been my second favorite hobby, now it had become my profession. Being on stage brought all kinds of added bonuses, none of which I missed. We made 3 records and one of them became a small hit. I have been on the road now for 4 years and Selena travels with me. There are a thousand stories of the road trips and the back stage fucking but that is for another time. I will say this, Selena`s beauty has blossomed over the years, along with her sexual appetite .Most think she is only still in her late teens or early twenty as she has retained a perfect body and her beautiful black hair is now well below her waist. Her main hobby at gigs ,in between selling our merchandise, is to scout the audience for good-looking young girls and bring them back stage.Getting stoned became very fashionable in the 70`s and I enjoyed fucking ripped out of my head but both of us found that it took away the creativity that we had developed over the years together, Sharing was always an option but on the odd occasion, she liked to have a little one on one so I would stay away and find something else for my cock to ravage.
By 1975 I had had all of the rock business I could stand. Selena and I bought a small property about 2 miles out of the city and I began building guitars, writing music and giving lessons. Selena had always wanted to get into fashion so she began to design her own line of clothing, mainly ti-dyed denim casuals.
The style suited her look and she was as busy modeling as she was designing.
Life took on a relaxed easy patten. Lots of people from the rag trade and musicians dropping by, money wasn't an issue.All in all life was great

It was early in 1976 that Dana brought her latest lover over for diner.
It was a girl. Teena was 21, slim beautiful with huge firm tits. Her dress was so short you could see what she had for breakfast and from what I could tell, never wore underwear.
Two bottles of wine later, Dana proceeded to fuck her on the couch right in front of us without even blinking and eye.
Teena didn’t seem to even notice we were there. She pulled her skirt and top off and lay back naked with her legs as far apart as the couch would let her get them
Selena moved in closer to watch and was becoming increasingly aroused when Dana began to work vigorously on Teens cunt. Shaved completely, it was a beautiful sight, The lips were large and moist with a very swollen clit standing up to receive any attention on offer.
Grabbing her legs with both arms Teena pulled her legs back toward her head allowing a full view or her cunt and open arse hole and making easy access for Dana
Old habits die hard.
No sooner had Dana got on her knees to work on Teena than Selena began to finger Dana.
I wasn’t going to be left out. Turning Selena around with her back to me I stuck my hard cock into her cunt and began to slam her as hard as I could.
The result was electrifying.
Teen screamed with pleasure as Dana finger fucked her arse and cunt at the same time and Selena did the same to Dana.
It was like a feeding frenzy for a few minutes with arses and cunts being pounded every which way. We hadn't had a fuck like this for quite some time. It felt great
Teena was the first to Cum. That set off a chain reaction. One by one we went off.
Selena was next, then a few seconds later Dana, and finally me.
No longer able to continue as I did as a k**, I collapsed on the floor gasping like an over worked steam train.
It took several minutes for us all to recover and when we did, it seemed only fitting that I open another bottle of wine to celebrate the start of a new era.
Teena s youth had revitalized us all and brought back memories of our younger days.
Do you guys mind if Teena and I move in for a while? Dana asked.
I looked at Selena. The smile on her face grew and grew until we both burst out laughing. Teena was still laying stretch out on the couch naked. I couldn’t resist running a finger into her cunt and licking up the ample supply of juice that was running out between her swollen lips, she just looked up at me and smiled.
Dana laughed and said, I`ll take that as a yes!
Selena lent over to me and whispered in my ear. I bet you twenty that I fuck her before you do. I love a challenge!

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