Paybacks Are A Bitch

"Fuck you, you fucking low cunt she screamed." " Fuck You,Fuck You,Fuck You That Hurt"
Over and over again. Each "Fuck You" was punctuated by a flying object.
Both pillows whistled past my head, followed by the bedside clock, my wallet from the nightstand and 2 mobile phones.
Jesus she was angry.
I tried to explain.. but she wasn't in any mood to listed... I pleaded..."It was an accident"... really.
My cock went up her arse. I was just fucking her doggie style and pulled back to really ram it home and it came out. Instead of using my hand to guide it back into her cunt I just pushed and she was so wet that my cock went in the wrong hole.
I guess I was so busy I didn't notice. I remember thinking, "Shit this feels good, she must have clamped her cunt on my cock". It felt good, I just hammered harder. I thought her screaming was just the sound of pleasure.
Having a hand full of her long dark hair and yanking back at every stroke did nothing for allowing her to move away and get my cock out of her bum but It never occurred to me that it was anything other than screams of joy.
Come to think of it, I never ever imagined that she would fit my cock up there.
Even after 25 years of fucking,her cunt is small and tight and being a petite build, just a shade over 5 foot with such a tiny arse its a wonder she never split in two.
The biggest thing about her are her tits, 38c and hard as a rock
Mind you, she bled like hell for over an hour and even a generous amount of lignocaine didn't sooth the pain much.
This is the third night in a row I've slept on the couch. She wont let me near the bedroom and even the dog has taken her side by moving onto the spot where I used to sl**p.
I remember watch in a porno on anal once with her and she made me turn it off.
"That's fucking disgusting to put your cock in a shit hole"
That was the end of our anal sex discussion... down and dusted in one short sentence.
I've always wondered what it would be feel like to fuck her arse,now I know.. I`d love to do it again but I don't see that happening any time soon.. if ever.
Even when I shot my load up her she hardly stopped screaming for more than a few seconds.... I sometimes wonder if she secretly liked it but just wouldn't let on?
She pushed back on to me when I shot but I'm not sure if it was an accident or just a moments relapse where she stopped pretending to be outraged and loved it.

That was last Wednesdays.
Early on tonight Sylvia, (That's her name by the way), slipped in beside me on the couch and after cuddling up for a few minutes started stoking my cock.
I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed but it didn't take long to cotton on to the fact that I'm going to get a fuck in the next couple of minutes and it seems that all is for gotten if not forgiven..
Climbing on top of me Sylvia took my cock in her mouth. She hasn't sucked my cock for about 5 years so this was a REAL novel.
God I was harder that a 200 year old piece of iron bark and about as ready to fuck as school k** on Prom Night.
That's when it happened.
siting astride me, Sylvia reached down and rubbed the tip of my extremely enlarged cock against her wet cunt. A little bit of the head went in the out again still she guided me with her hands, I was ready to explode right away.. what the hell had gotten into her, 25 years of sex together and it was never this good even when we were k**s.
Up her hot wet cunt went about 2 inches of my cock, but Sylvia had a firm grip of it to make sure it didn't go all the way in.
In, out, round the lips of her cunt, then she slid it up past her arse hole getting it all wet with her cunt juices. Time and time again she dipped my cock into her swollen hot wet cunt and rubbed the tip of my throbbing cock against her now soft wet arsehole.
There was no was no warning. One minute she was rubbing her arse with the tip of my cock, the next she rose up and drove my cock hard up her arse. Again she screamed like she was being torn apart. She bucked and drove her cunt up and down my cock like a demented thing. I held on to her tits for dear life and was almost too confused to take in what had happened.
On and On and On she rode me, my cock exploded once, twice and on the third time I felt as if I had been flayed alive. My cock was now torn, the foreskin red raw and the stinging sensation from our combined juices had my eyes watering.
At last she stopped,.
Both of us hardly had the strength to breath.
Our lugs screamed for air. The sweat from our bodies soaked the couch and ran into our eyes.
Sylvia rolled off me and with her chest still heaving, lay exhausted on the floor.
It took almost 15 minutes for either of us to rake up enough energy to speak.
"John" she said. I think I want you to fuck me like that every night from now on....
I shuddered...
Every night?
Hell It will take a week to get over this one, and after all, we are both nearly 40.

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