The Mirror part 5

The Mirror Part 5

The blind wasn’t up the next morning, or the one after. Being the weekend, I didn’t get a chance to see Mika at school. It was a long, long 2 days. I was awake earlier than usual on Monday morning impatiently waiting for the delivery truck to arrive. When it did, I looked anxiously across at Mika`s window just as the blind came up. As soon as I heard the driver going inside the shops with his delivery, I crossed over to Mika`s room.
By now it was a perfected routine. I would always find Mika naked. After a quick kiss she got on her knees with her legs spread waiting to take me into her. and my cock went straight to work.. We had dispensed with any fore play. It took up valuable time and besides, we were both more than ready. Mika was hot and wet. She always pre lubed her arse with hand cream and these days my cock was always hard enough 24/7 to pole vault across the alley
We were so intent on our fucking, we never heard the door open. And all of a sudden Mika dived out from under me with a gasp.
Confused I turned around and there standing with her back to the door was a girl whom I could only assume from the similarity in looks, was her elder s****r, She must have crept in and shut the door without us ever being aware. Every bit as exotic in looks but a little older, I guessed around 17/18, she was clad in a very sheer night dress that showed her beautiful brown skin and stunningly erect nipples almost as if she was naked. Putting her fingers to her lips and whispered Shhhhhhh
Please she whispered, keep going PLEASE. Mika was stunned and I was so embarrassed, my cock had lost a lot of its erection.
Creeping over to the bed, her s****r took my cock in her hand and began to stroke it. The response was instant, rewarding her with a full erection. Mika, still unsure got back onto her knees and her s****r guided me into her. Let me join in PLEASE, her s****r pleaded in Mika`s ear as I continued to stroke deep in to her arse. Mika, quickly returning her normal urgent morning fuck mode, just nodded.
Putting one foot up on the bed, hers s****r lifted back her nightdress and began to masturbate for me. Reaching over, she circled my cock with her finger and thumb. It meant I wasn’t able to go into Mika as deep but the wonderful sensation more than made up for it. Her pussy was beautiful, completely hairless with very large swollen lips. Mika watched fascinated and began to breath even heavier. The sight of her s****r s naked pussy so close was exciting her. She reached out and touched it. Her s****r guided Mika`s finger into her wetness. My climax was instant. I grunted as my cock spewed forth its message, Mika`s arse tightened in response to the hot cum and her s****rs whimpering sounds were far too loud for comfort.
Mika quickly turned around and took my cock in her mouth to finish me off as she always did. Her s****r licked her wet fingers in pleasure as she watched her little s****rs expertise in action. Getting down on her knees she placed her mouth open just beside Mika`s. there was no mystery as to what she wanted. Mika obliged. Taking my cock out of her mouth, she let her s****r clean off the last few drops of my cum. She stroke a lot deeper that Mika, my cock went well back into her throat and then she teased me by running the tip of her tongue all around my cocks head. Mika joined in. Quietly giggling they both ran their tongues over my cock and balls until I was almost ready to scream. Then Mika made me bend over and got behind me so she could run her tongue all around my arse while her s****r took me deep into her mouth again. It was torture…. of the most wonderful kind. I wanted to fuck both of them NOW… I was ready and started finger both of them in preparation. Eagerly they spread their legs to let my fingers in. They were ready also; both cunts were so wet and hot. Sliding my fingers into her s****rs arse confirmed what I suspected. She too had been saving her cunt. Her arse was beautiful soft and ready. It easily took 2 fingers and I’m sure quite able to take much more My cock was throbbing as Mika smiled and stoked me.
Suddenly, in the back of my mind I heard the truck doors shut. I had to go. It was almost daylight when I made it back to my room. Looking back across the alleyway I saw Mika and her s****r waving at me. Her s****r giggled and slipped her nightdress off letting it fall to the floor. Standing there naked with their arms around each others shoulders were two of the most beautiful sexy creatures I could ever imagined I would ever have sex with.
Once again I heard that now familiar voice warning me… This is not going to end well!!… The other voice took over. Who cares? There are two of the most perfectly fuckable women in the world waiting for my cock! To morrow I must find out what her name is.. if I remember

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excellent story :)