The Mirror. Part 3

The Mirror. Part 3

I was awake long before the truck arrived. I heard the drives door close and the back doors swing open. The windows on these old apartments were big steel framed swing out types, built about 60 years ago and strong as hell. I used the window to support me and swung over on to the top of the truck which was only about 4 feet below the window.
Creeping across the roof, I reached the other side just as she opened her window. The driver had parked closer to my wall than hers. A good 6 feet of open space lay between us. She smiled and reached out her hand. I could easily touch her fingers but it was still quite a distance and with no way to get a run up I had to use the window frame again but it worked and I was able to slip quietly into her room.
She still had on her PJs, s small Tube top and shorts. Her kiss hit me like a hot fire as her tongue went into my mouth. Her body pressed tightly against me and I could feel her hard little perky tits against my chest. The push of her pelvis into my crotch almost broke my cock in two. I was hard. I had been for hours, my balls were tight, my cock was throbbing and I needed to cum.
Stripping her top off, her tits were even more beautiful than I had seen them in the mirror. I licked her nipples and sucked her urgently. I needed to fuck her NOW. I started to pull at her shorts.
She was a lot smarter them me. She pushed me back slowly but firmly, put her finger to her lips for silence and stripped off her shorts, I was in a pair of baggy shorts and T Shirt. They came off in a flash and we both stood there naked admiring each other’s bodies. I had never been with a girl like this before. The closest I had ever got was finger fucking Sarah Hughes at the movies a few times and playing with her tits. Sarah liked to wank me off and thought it was funny when I left the movie theater with cum all over my pants.
She wouldn’t let me put my cock into her though and eventually she found someone else to wank.
To see this beautiful tiny body so close and in every detail was almost overwhelming. She reached for my cock and started to gently stroke it, looking up at me with a quizzical expression on her face as if to say, is this right? Do you like it?
I could only smile and look down at her and nod. Getting down on her knees she took my cock in her mouth and started to suck. Not very deep or fast, just, slowly as she explored the sensation. She never took her eyes off me, just as she did in the mirror.
Reaching up, she pushed my legs slightly apart, just enough to get her hand in. She began stroking my balls and fondled them, before running her nails down my tight sack and around my arsehole.

I couldn’t help it. Without warning I shot my load into her mouth. She looked startled and choked. Clamping her hand over her mouth to stop the noise as she gagged several times. I was mortified. I kept whispering sorry, sorry, sorry, over and over. She glared at me and I got the message, I grabbed up my shorts and T-shirt, headed for the window.
Halfway out, she grabbed my arm, pulled me around and kissed me. The joke was on me. In kissing me she spat my cum back into my mouth and punched me on the arm. I had no option but to swallow. It tasted terrible. UGH… now I know why she was so pissed off at me. I don’t blame her.
Before she could do anything else to vent her anger I sung out on the window, crossed over the truck and scrambled, naked, into my room. I looked across to see her standing back from the window pulling her PJ`s back on. She stopped, waved, blew me a kiss and pulled the blind down.

On my way to school my phone rang, she must have saved my number.
Incase you ever need to know, she said, my name is Mika.
All I could think of to say was Hi Mike, Pleased to meet you.
She laughed. It was a beautiful laugh and just as musical as her voice. I was in love.
Sorry about this morning I said lamely.
I-I-I just couldn’t hold it back.
She laughed again and said, Its Ok, just a hell of a surprise that’s all. I nearly choked. God if I had woken the house up we’d be dead by now. My father is VERY strict. He sent my elder s****r back to Lebanon for going out with guy behinds his back. I know she still a virgin. She told me she was too sacred to sl**p with anyone.

I’ve never had my, ahhhh… (not sure how to put it), cock sucked before, I half blurted out, looking around to see if anyone heard me.
I’ve never sucked one before either she replied evenly, not at all phased,
I’ve just seen it in some porno movies my s****r and I used watch on our computers.
By now I had arrived at the classroom door.
Mika I have to go, I’ll see you after school. Will you meet me at the bus stop? I’ll wait for you.
No, she said in a panic. You mustn’t. Don’t even let on you know me. My father finds out he’ll probably kill me. We are not like you. In our religion, it’s called an honor killing.
OH FUCK I though! What the fuck have I got myself into?
Then she said, I have some things I want to share with you on my laptop. I think you’ll like them. See you in the morning. Same time.
A voice in my head screamed at me to hang up and never look her way again, but I was hooked. Somehow I had the feeling that this could all turn to shit in a heartbeat.

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