The "SIN" Motel ?

The Sun Motel

The miniature spy camera was the latest and tiny. They had cost me a fortune but its lens, disguised as a screw head, was completely undetectable. It is the last of 3 in this room. One in the ceiling above the bed, one in the picture hook above the head of the bed and one also in a picture hook on the back wall showing the reverse shot of the bed. An overhead in the bathroom light was already in place along with one in the towel rail in front of the toilet, giving a superb view of anyone sitting there.
The unit was one of our regulars. It contained a Queen sized bed, dresser, built in wardrobe and bedside tables.
The bathroom had a shower over the bath, toilet and vanity unit. Pretty much your standard 3 star Motel set up anywhere in the world
It had long been the practice of couples to rent out these rooms for sexual encounters. The obvious give away that they were out of a quick discreet fuck was, the lack of luggage and how long they stayed. Not to mention the tired excuses, I’ve been driving all day I just need a break. My plane has been delayed. My car broke down… You name it… I’ve heard it.
This was the last room I had to wire up. The others had been completed during the week and I had a special computer set up ready to record and store the action. Every camera was equipped with motion sensors so that any movement in the room switched them on to record.
15 minutes after I had the last camera in place and set ready, I got my first drive in of the day. I sat sitting looking out the window when the flashy late model Audi convertible she was driving stopped in the parking lot.
Walking into reception, the first thing I noticed was the huge eyes, almost almond shaped and a deep, deep green. (Shit I though, any one who fell into those would never get out, they are like shimmering pools of liquid Emeralds). The black and while stripped dress probably cost over a couple of hundred and the black 4” heels would have been the same. The wedding ring was almost hidden by the other rocks that reached to the first knuckle. This was a lot of money standing in front of me. Not the typical customer of the Sun Motels clientele.. She’s here to fuck someone I’ll bet I said to my self. YES!! BRING IT ON!!.
A soft voice said, I need room for the night Plez. The accent was quite thick and I guessed Eastern European. To look at, she was a delight.
Gina Vladakove was the name on her license she showed for ID.
Quite tall and slim, mid to late 20s, her long Silver blonde hair was obviously not a dye job, the acrylic nails looked as if they could dig a garden they were that long and the eyelashes almost touched her forehead. Don’t get me wrong, she was stunning, just so made up you’d think she was going onto a movie set…… Well she was…… even if she didn’t know it.
Gina paid in cash and I gave her the room key, the last one I had just finished wiring up. The room was set at the back of the block with parking that couldn’t be seen from the street. I know my customers. Mums and Dads I put in the front, quick fucks, always at the back. I have gained a reputation for understanding my client’s needs. There are 20 units in all in the 2-story block that is 5 Units long. I have regulars that know I know and know I don’t tell. The monstrous Giant Bird Of Paradise Plants, now over 10 years old, completely screen the back units from the road.
A few minutes later a car came up the driveway and wheeled around the back. I guessed Mr. Right had arrived.
The cameras were already rolling and had been since Gina stepped through the door.
Her first stop was the bathroom. I enjoyed watching her strip off the tight dress and
sheer black underwear. Flipping her long hair into a knot on the top of her head, she turned on the shower.
The tits were great. Not too big but VERY firm and the nipples stood out almost and inch with nice large brown surrounds. There were no strap marks on her body so she had either a spray tan or sun baked in the nude. Clean-shaven, of course. With the shower running, she squatted on the toilet and after a short squirt stood up without wiping herself and stepped into the shower.
A casual rinse of her body was all she worried about but when it came to her pussy it got a very detailed and lengthy washout. She soaped it up and cleaned it out thoroughly, making sure the slit was perfectly cleaned and then soaped up her arse. I could see her working her finger into it as she washed to make sure it was spotless. Ablutions completed she turned off the water and stepped out to dry her self. Standing in front of the long Vanity mirror she examined herself from all angles. She was beautiful. Her body would stop traffic even in New York and her face was every bit as attractive.
Her nipples were erect; gently rolling each one in her fingers she smiled at herself in the mirror then patted her body dry.
After quickly brushing her teeth, several slight touches of perfume from a bottle carried in her handbag, the ritual completed, she stepped out into the Bedroom.
Gina had drawn the Curtains closed when she entered the room so the bed lamps were the only lighting. Stretching out on the bed she took the remote off the side table and switched on the TV. The Cameras are equipped with microphones; I hope she wasn’t going to leave the TV on while she fucked. I wanted to hear it as well as watch them. Sound adds to the please.
Lying back on the bed with one arm behind her head she gently began to play with her clit. Before long it was easy to see the response. Her long legs came up and opened as she slid her finger slowly into her cunt, the smile on that beautiful face was making me horny as hell. I had the monitor set to allow each camera to be shown at once in a split screen.
Gina wasn’t in a hurry and she was taking her time fingering just enough to bring her pleasure level up to where she wanted it to be while she waited.
Above the sound of the TV I heard the knock on the door. Gina quickly leapt off the bed, opening the door just enough to let Mr. Right in. He was tall, well dressed in jeans and sports shirt, vary dark short cropped hair and good tan. His body was heavily muscled and filled the arms of his short-sleeved shirt to near breaking point.
Gina threw her arms around him, kicking the door shut with a loud slam. The kiss was savage, desperate and long.
It ended up with him lying on top of her on the bed. They hadn’t spoken a word.
Still locked in a deep embrace, rolling over, she tore at his belt and shirt buttons. He was naked in less than a minute..
The kiss ended long enough for Gina to throw his clothes away and go straight down to his cock.
I have seen some nice cocks since I started installing my cameras but this one was even by my standards, a beauty. I guessed about 9” long and about 2’ thick completely shaved and balls that were tight as a drum. She sucked his cock slowly at first. Teasing, tantalizing, taking all of it into her mouth and back her throat while gently squeezing and stroking his balls. Those long nails raked the inside of his thighs and under his balls. Mr. Right squirmed in waves of pleasure. Gina wasn’t just good, she was fantastic.
The head of his cock got special attention, Her tongue was long and pointed. She flicked it out and around the head for a long time, up and down the shaft and the she rolled him over onto his hands and knees to tongue fuck his arse.
Spitting into his arsehole, she spread his cheeks apart and sunk her tongue in. In, Out, In, Out, In, Out, his moans of pleasure clearly heard above the TV still running quietly in the background.
She licked her fingers and slid first one finger into his arsehole then began to work a second one in as she finger fucked him. Before long there were 2 fingers in his arse and he grunted as he drove back onto her every stroke.
After what seemed like an hour, but it was more likely five minutes, he rolled over and pushed her up so that her cunt was over his mouth. With her sitting a stride him he sucked her clit and licked her cunt while she cried out in pleasure
It was time for her to take his cock. She couldn’t wait. Sliding back quickly, she reached down and took hold of his cock, guiding it into her cunt.
This show was too good. I let down the office blinds and locked the office door. Sitting back in my chair, I took my cock out. It was as hard as a rock. I had been rubbing it gently ever since I had watched Gina strip and shower. Now I was on the verge of Cumming. I love this. It’s the reason I installed the cameras so I could enjoy watching all of them fuck while I masturbate. I have the computer room all set up for it. A box of tissues within easy reach with a set of Bose headphone so I can her every grunt, scream and squeal of pleasure. I love to hear the slap of skin on skin and the squelching of cocks going in and out of wet cunts.
Gina was beautiful and she was fucking as if her life depended on it. Her tits firmly bounce with her every drive and they looked magnificent. She kneaded her nipples in pleasure as she slid on his huge shaft
Now she changed. Astride him, she squatted with her hands on the wall while she pumped his huge cock into her cunt. The back wall camera showed a magnificent view of his fingers in her arse as she was being penetrated in both holes with every stroke. Her Cunt began to gush. I could see it running down his cock still she kept up the steady rhythm, on and on and on she fucked him.
I was sure he was about to cum but changing positions quickly, he fucked her doggie style. I watched in sheer joy as his cock slid up her arse making her shuddered with pleasure as he rammed it home. Her arse had obviously been fucked often the way she took his big cock. The pleasure of it was loud and clear He fucked her arse for a good 3 or four minutes and then pulled it out to ram her cunt. By now they were in frenzy. His cock was slamming into her as she screamed with every stroke. Slapping her arse hard and yelling “ Fuck me you dirty little cunt “ Fuck me You Slut” Fuck Me. “I’ll rip your Fuckin arse hole apart “
Welts from the beating were showing up angry red marks on her arse. Neither of them cared. The more he hit her the more she loved it and moaned “ Yes” yes “ yes “yes “Fuck Me” Fuck me “Yes “More “More” Fuck me over and over
He changed over every dozen or so strokes between her arse and her cunt .I couldn’t take it any more. With a deep long grunt, I exploded into the handful of tissues I had ready. My cum soaked them through as I collapsed exhausted and they reached their climax.
With a scream that should have brought the entire police f***e down on them, she came and that set him off as well. With a finial massive thrust he drove his cock into to her arsehole and let go a primal scream that was every bit a match for hers.
I cleaned up while they lay down beside each other to recuperate.
My parents thought at 23, I was too young to take over their Motel business. I am out to prove them wrong. Apart from the normal guests, I now get over $200 for every one of these tapes I make and there are about 3 or 4 new ones a week.
Fringe benefits of course are obvious, the great sex I enjoy watching and being an interactive part of
Come back again soon, I’ll post another story from The Sun Motel shortly. God knows….. there are enough of them to fill a book at this rate and everyone of them different. May a name change would be appropriate, The SIN Motel?
Why don’t you send me a request about what I’ve seen my guests get up to and maybe I can tell you about it.

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2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
Never turn down an offer to see a good Video of a naked woman. Love the feeling of a nice hard erection in my hand as I watch too.
2 years ago
that's very exciting. I spied on a neighbor tanning nude on her deck. A very nice looking woman she is. If anyone would like to see the video I got. PM me. She never knew she was being filmed. I was pretty nervous but it was worth it.