A Sex Lesson For Jessica

A Sex Lesson For Jessica

Her mother got up to make breakfast and she slipped into be bed beside me. When I first met them last night I thought she was only about 15/16 but it turns out she was nearly 18 and still a virgin.
I was the resident solo artiste at the local beach front bar for the holiday season. I had seen them come in every night and sit at the back of the room. They were devout listeners to my songs. I don’t think they missed a word of any one of them.
Last night the young girl came up to me as I was packing my guitar away and introduced herself.
Hi she said. I’m Jessica.
My mother would like you to join us for a drink before they close the bar
I looked over to the mother and decided right away it was a case of “HELL YES”
She was a stand out. Not tall but slim, well built and obviously spent a small fortune on her wardrobe. Black tight curly hair beautiful styled and tied back with a long Red/Orange ribbon that touched her waist. If there was a formula for the perfect tan, both of then had it in spades.. Jessica was a miniature of her mother. Both were dressed in light white summer dresses that left very little to the imagination as to what lay underneath them.
After a quick drink,being weak willed and easily led, I went with them to their beachfront Villa, about a 200-yard walk from the bar. Jessica stayed up with us for about half an hour and them politely kissed her mother goodnight, gave me a quick peck on the cheek also and went to bed.
The next half hour or so went by in a blur. Stacey was a superb hostess and after 3 or 4 drinks I was as relaxed as a man can be. Stacey picked up the 2 empty glasses and whispered in my ear, bed time.
Her idea of sex was about as good as it gets.
She liked her cunt, her arse and her mouth fucked as often as I could get my cock hard enough to fuck them. She, in turn, made sure using her tongue and hands with superb skill I was amply rewarded As you will have gathered, we didn’t sl**p much.
Around daybreak I couldn’t get it up again if my life depended on it, exhausted, I crashed.

It was around 10 am when I woke to hear Stacey humming away and the rattle of dished told me she was in the kitchen.
Jessica slipped into bed while I had my eyes shut and snuggled up against me. My hands were behind my head, and she nestled into my armpit.
Hmmm she said… You smell delicious, and playfully licked my shoulder… I smiled and said , Jessica, get your arse out of here before we both do something silly and your mother has my nuts on a plate!
She laughed and slid her hands down under the sheets to my cock.
I was still soft
She looked at me and giggled.
Was she too much for you huh?
I turned my head and smiled.
Jess… you’ll never know.
To which she replied… Wana bet?
I heard you. I wondered if you were ever going to go to sl**p.
All the while she was gently squeezing my soft cock…. God Dam It…it was coming hard again
I reached down between her legs and she opened up for me so I could feel her slit. It was HOT and wet I mean not just moist it was dripping.
No I was in trouble my cock was hard, her cunt was wet and I wanted to fuck her right there and then.
Breakfast’s ready Stacey called from the kitchen.. I’ll bring it in.
Jessica kissed me quickly, gave my cock a quick squeeze and slid well over to the other side of the bed away from me.
Stacey came into the room with a see through nightdress on, breakfast tray in her hand and stopped dead when she saw Jessica in the bed.
Hi Jess.. What are you doing up so early?
Jessica laughed at her and said… Mom, Who the hell could sl**p with you two noisy shits fucking all night!
Stacey laughed and said. Sorry Hon, We didn’t men to keep you awake.
Stacey put the tray down on my pay. My cock was rock hard and she immediately noticed it.
She looked at me, then at Jessica, smiled and said,
OK, What have you two been up to?
I couldn’t answer.
Jessica burst out laughing and said.
I just had a little play while you were making breakfast… Hope you done mind.. after all you had your fun. Why shouldn’t I?
Her mother roared laughing.
I felt like dying with embarrassment and they both looked at me and laughed even harder.
I guess your right Stacey said. Time you got that thing broken in anyway instead of costing me a fortune in Batteries! More peels of laughter followed and with no further comment we ate breakfast. It wasn’t easy for me to keep my mind on the meal with two beautiful sexy women wearing next to nothing either side of me. Four superb nipples sticking out have a way of distracting your tongue, not matter how hungry you are.

Stacey picked up the tray and with a smile, went back out to the kitchen.
As soon as she was out of the room Jessica slid over and put her hands on my cock again which was still semi erect anyway.
I rolled back the sheets and let her look at it in her hand. She looked at me and quickly went down to suck it, I was laying back eyes half closed when I saw Stacey quietly enter the doorway. She put her finger up to her lips for me to be silent and stood there watching her daughter suck my cock.. Jessica wasn’t very good at it but what she lacked in practice, she made up for in effort
I looked over at Stacey and she just smiled back and started to rub her nipples. She was turned on but the display. Jessica wasn’t aware of her Mother watching for a long while until she lifted her head and saw Stacey standing with her back against the wall fingering her nipples.
Jessica smiled, licked her lips and said, Mom, am I doing it right?
Stacey came over to the bed and said, Baby you are doing great, but let me show you a couple of tricks.
Stacey took my cock in her mouth and started to lick the tip of my cock. She ran her tongue around and around it until I felt it was going to burst. Then she ran her tongue down the length of my shaft to my balls. Jessica was watching every move.
Can I try that? She asked
Sure baby said Stacey and they swapped places.

Meanwhile I was too horny to care which one was sucking my cock until Stacey said, Jess… let me show you another trick men seem to like
She rolled me over on my stomach and got me to get up on my hands and knees.
Here Jess she said. Slip you tongue in here she said and pushed a wet finger gently up my arse. Jess tongue fucked my arse for a long time with her mother gently stroking my cock.
Honest to god, I thought Id died and gone to heaven.

Ok Jessica lie down here on your back her mother said and Jessica complied.
Now she said to me eat her good before you fuck her, and so I did.
Her small cunt was so wet it was easy to slide my cock into. I had made sure it was as ready as I could get it with my tongue and fingers. Stacey sat and watched, all the time smiling at both of us and every now and then rubbing Jessica’s nipples and runni9ng her nails lightly down the full length of my back to my balls.
Jess was into it right from the start. She screamed with pleasure when my cock went in the first time and she pushed up hard to meet me.
Her legs went straight up in the air and she drove her nails into my arse and pumped me into her like a wild thing all the while screaming yes Yes Yes Fuck Its Good Yes Yes…
Stacey lay beside us with her head resting up on her elbow with a knowing smile on her face.
I couldn’t hold back, I had to cum. I pulled my cock out and straight away Stacey swooped on it and took my cum into her mouth.
It was over.
One of the most wonderful fucks I have ever experienced.
Jessica was out of breath but still wanted more.
I need to cum Momma she said gasping, I need to finish.
Jessica started to masturbate while Stacey started rubbing her nipples for her and it took less than a minute for Jess to reach her climax.
I left the house an hour later and went back to the hotel to sl**p the rest of the day away and get ready to play that night.
At 8 pm I slid onto my stool on the stage, and there they were, sitting in their usual place and both smiled. I know what Im doing tonight after the gig. Only something tells me, I should get more sl**p and start taking multi vitamin tablets to keep my strength up. I still have three weeks to go in this gig.

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1 year ago
Amazing story, loving it!
2 years ago
awesome would love it
2 years ago
great dialogue, think about elaborating on the sex scenes