Fucking The Neighbor: A True Story of Infidelity

I took an afternoon off from work one day and went to Susan’s office. Now, she worked in a little town called Buffalo and I worked in a fairly large Minneapolis ‘burb called Bloomington, you know, where the old Met Stadium used to be. From one to the other had to be between 40 & 60 miles.

When I walked into her office, the receptionist asked if she could help and when I told her who I was looking for, she immediately said, “I bet you’re Bruce!” I replied that I was and she buzzed me into Susan’s office.

Susan came up to me, wrapped her arms around my neck and one leg around my waist and said she’d been horny all day and wanted me to fuck her right there. Altho I’m somewhat adventuresome (my 1st sex contact was with a male college student when I was in high school & it happened in the Quad at his college, so…), I was a bit reluctant as she could be noisy sometimes and I didn’t want her moaning and screaming in her office while I fucked her.

Oddly enough, although she enjoyed cumming by fucking, oral sex or manually, the only time she was really vocal was when she was being fucked. I told her I’d get under her desk for the last hour of the day if she’d take her panties off so I could suck on her clit and tongue-fuck her cunt. Surprise, surprise, she agreed!!!

Since her desk had one of those “modesty” panels, I was pretty well hidden away. I got situated under her desk and Susan took her panties off, raised her dress up to her thighs – she actually dressed rather conservatively considering what a total fuck slut she was – and slid her chair forward. I inhaled her sweet/pungent pussy scent and ran my fingers thru her sparse cunt hair and then between her pussy lips. She was such a horny little slut she was wet before I was under her desk and I’d only been there about 15 minutes!

As I slid a couple of fingers into her cunt, she whispered that she wanted to feel my tongue on her clit, so I stuck my tongue out and flicked her clit. She sat up stiffly and moaned low in her throat. I knew this was going to be good!

I licked Susan’s pussy up and down for a bit, and then I concentrated on her clit, which was as hard as pencil point by then. I licked and flicked, I sucked it and bit it. Then I got serious about it! I locked my lips to her clit, sucked it into my mouth and began flicking it with my tongue. As I flicked her clit I varied the suction, sometimes just a bit and other times so intense, it must have felt as if I was going to suck her clit off her body. When I sucked it that hard, she clamped her legs on my head and squeezed. I love it when a woman I’m tongue-fucking squeezes my head between her thighs!

We stayed in her office until there was a knock at the door. I stopped licking her but she whispered, “Don’t stop,” so I didn’t. However, I was thoroughly stunned when she invited whoever had knocked to enter. This must have been the regular routine in the evening, as it was the receptionist telling Susan she was leaving for the evening. She added with a bit of a snicker, “Enjoy yourself.” To which Susan replied, “Oh believe me, I am and I will.” This made both women chuckle in a very dirty and lascivious way. I loved it!

While I was stroking her cunt with my tongue, and she was bantering with the receptionist, I decided to pull my cock out of my pants and stroke it a few times while I enjoyed the task at hand. Evidently, the zipper made more noise than I realized as the next thing I knew, Susan was rolling herself out from under her desk and the receptionist was leaning over, looking at me jerking off. I figured, “What the hell!” and kept on stroking. As she watched me run my hand up and down the length of my cock, smearing the pre-cum juices all over it and making it glisten, her tongue came out and she licked her lips.

Now, I’ve never thought of myself as a guy with a hair trigger (well, there was that office clerk named Dona who had the tightest cunt I’ve ever fucked and could make me cum in 2 strokes, but that’s another story!), but here was a rather nice looking young woman, someone who obviously enjoyed sex and didn’t mind seeing a guy jerking off, and best of all, a total stranger to me, watching me stroke myself. As her tongue ran over her lips, my penis twitched and my cum exploded. I’m usually good for 5-7 jets of cum, but I swear, with this babe watching and Susan watching also and fingering her cunt at the same time, I must have pumped 10-12 jets out before it just went to being a drizzle.

At that, Susan’s friend gave me a wink, stood up and said, “Time to go home and fuck the old man!”, and she left.

Since I had cum and Susan hadn’t, she pulled me to my feet, and without a word spoken, cleared a spot on her desk, pulled up her dress, laid back on the desk and said, “Lick it!”

So I did!


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3 years ago
Great Story! I love the local twist. I'm in the Twin Cities also.
3 years ago
very nice