Fucking The Neighbor: A True Story of Infidelity

When I started my affair with Susan, I had no idea what a sex freak she was and when I did find out, I took full advantage, and believe me, there were no regrets from either of us.

We had been neighbors for a couple of years and she, my wife and I had become close. We’d have dinner at each other’s home, watch movies together on Friday and Saturday evenings, she and I would get stoned together while my wife would fuck with our heads once we were loaded. Basically, a good time was had by all three of us. Innocent fun until she and I took it one step too far.

After that, I couldn’t put my cock in her often enough to satisfy either of us. I’d go over after dinner to “watch TV” while my wife did her own thing, generally sewing or watching the Twins or Vikings or Timberwolves, depending upon the season. Susan and I would sit on her couch, watching TV. Well, I’d watch while she sucked my cock, swallowing it to the hilt and then working her throat in a swallowing motion, squeezing the shaft and head and then releasing it, only to do the same again, over and over.

When I was ready to cum, she’d either let it shoot down her throat or, if she was feeling really dirty, she’d pull off and have me cum on her face, after which she’d sit there and wipe it into her mouth and swallow it. That would keep me hard enough for her to pull up her skirt and sink her cunt onto my cock. She never wore panties when she knew I was coming over for the evening. She said they just got in the way!

When I introduced her to BDSM fun, she admitted that she’d always thought of herself as a sub tho she had never really done anything other than having a previous lover spank her from time to time. I introduced her to the real thing and showed her a whole new world of pain and pleasure.

I started out easy on her, doing nothing more than tying her to the bed, arms and legs spread to the 4-corners of her mattress and would proceed to torment her with my hands and tongue, getting her worked up enough that her pussy was dripping wet, making a spot on her sheets that was bigger than a basketball. I would use a vibe on her clit, I’d pull her nipples and twist them, I’d stretch her pussy lips until they were bright red, all the while fucking her in the mouth and slapping her clit. And she always begged for more.

Sometimes I would tie her arms together, over her head and secure them to the headboard of her bed. Then I’d bend her legs at her knees and tie them so her heels were touching the backs of her thighs. Finally, I’d tie her legs so that they were spread as wide as possible and so that her ass was elevated, giving me access to all of her intimate parts – pussy, clit and asshole. And then I’d go to work on her.

I’d start by using a riding crop on her cunt. She particularly enjoyed the quick flick on her cunt lips and would moan in pleasure. I knew it was in pleasure because she’d let out a long, low moan followed by the request, “More.” I never failed to give her more, either.

Once her pussy was puffy, pink and soaking wet, I’d slowly push a 14” long by 4” around dildo into her. She had gone shopping one day and had chosen it herself, so I knew she liked it. Actually, when she first got it she showed me how much she liked it by fucking herself with it on her couch, while I sat and watched and jerked off until I shot onto her pussy. When my first splat of cum hit her clit she shuddered to orgasm. Oh yeah, she liked that dildo!

I’d slowly push that fake cock into her until it was buried to its balls and then I tie it so that it was held in place, filling her cunt and giving her something to squeeze while I proceeded to abuse her other body parts.

The first time I fucked her, she’d asked me if I wanted to fuck her in the ass, and while I admit that I didn’t ever have that offer made to me, I wasn’t really all that interested. I’m pretty much a blowjob guy and prefer a hot wet mouth. However, when she was tied like this, with her legs spread and her asshole exposed, I would fuck her asshole, and I admit, none too gently, either.

I never bothered with any lube. Between the fact that my cock was dripping more pre-cum than I’d ever produced in my life and the fact that she had requested that I not use any, I didn’t bother. I’d just rub that pre-cum over my cockhead and down the shaft, put the head at her asshole and push. I didn’t want to TOTALLY brutalize her asshole, so I’d just push the head in until her sphincter squeezed my shaft right behind the head and then I’d stop. When I’d stop, her asshole would go into spasms that would almost make both of us cum. It would squeeze and relax, squeeze and relax, several times before it would finally relax so I could push more of my shaft into her. When that happened, then I’d push the whole length of my cock, which isn’t all that long anyway, into her until my pubes were rubbing her ass crack and her sphincter had clamped down on my shaft. Only then did I begin to withdraw from her.

I’d fuck her ass slowly to begin and then gradually build up speed until my thighs were slapping her in a rhythm that sounded more like a hard, fast spanking. Smack, smack, smack, over and over again, until I had to stop to catch my breath. Usually, at that point, I’d find something else to stuff in her asshole, like a big candle or some such thing and, after washing my cock – I’m not a total brute! – I’d fuck her mouth until I was ready to cum. Then I’d pull out of her mouth and jerk-off on her face, rubbing her clit at the same time. She never failed to cum hard and heavy when my hot wad hit her face.

After a period of about 15-18 months, Susan began to bug me about leaving my f****y and moving in with her. That would have been a tough thing to do, as we were not only neighbors, we owned the 2-sides of a twin home (a double bungalow to some). Besides, I still loved my wife, and she loved me, tho neither of us had time for the other.

Susan ultimately made her demands so blatantly that my wife became aware of the situation and all hell broke loose. We eventually moved and the last I heard, Susan had found another guy, a single one, and they married after a 2-year courtship (word in the old neighborhood had it she refused to let him fuck her for the first year they were together. Go figure!). She’s still with him after almost 10 years and seems to be doing okay, tho I avoid the risk of running into her by having moved twice since then and staying away from old haunts that we all three used to go to.

My wife has forgiven my infidelity, but she now insists on being the aggressor in the bedroom. That means that if I want sex and she doesn’t, I have to “perform” for her, jerking my cock and making it cum when she demands. She also insists on fucking me with a strap-on every so often, which she thinks is a form of “punishment” or “retribution”. What she doesn’t know is that I’ve never cheated on her again – with a woman, but I do love sucking cock and tasting that hot cum squirt into my mouth. I understand why Susan enjoyed it so much and always look forward to that moment.

Now all I want is for a real cock to fuck me, instead of a strap-on. So, if you live in the Minneapolis, MN area, drop me an E:Mail and let’s see if we’re compatible. I’d like to know what the real thing feels like.


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4 years ago
turn-on but for the very last. yopu should have tied up your wife too