"Suck his dick, baby!"

She was my sexy, submissive Slut. I couldn't imagine what she must have been like as a young, big-tittied, blonde Slut but here she was - a mature, big-tittied, blonde Slut - with k**s - and she was all mine to do with as I desired. My big thing was having her service strangers for me - which she enjoyed doing, since she truly enjoyed the feel of cock - and on this day, I just wanted to watch her suck off a white guy.

I lucked out with the guy I found - I don't even remember his name - he was white, in good shape and really, really horny. He told me some story about how his wife didn't suck his dick anymore...I have no idea if it was true or not but I didn't care - I felt like it was my duty to share my Slut with the world of horny guys, so I didn't really care why they were horny.

When he stripped down, I was initially a bit disappointed. He was still soft and looked rather small but he was here and I wasn't about to turn down the opportunity to watch my Slut service another guy, so I gave her orders :

"Make him hard baby."

I lucked out. It turned out that he was one of those guys that is really small when soft but then inflates up to a good length and girth when properly excited - and she took it as her personally responsibility to get him excited!

I sat back and watched, taking pictures the entire time. I knew enough to know that sometimes, I can be a bit intimidating, so I gave him room to enjoy her as he saw fit. He wasn't touching her though and that surprised me - she was on her knees with her double-D tits pulled out of her blouse - how on earth could he not want to kneed those tits?!?

He probably thought he couldn't touch her like that.

"Dude, she's all yours", I reminded him, "just don't hurt her and you can do what you want."

That seemed to make the difference; he immediately cupped one of her tits and started to play, then grabbed the back of her head and started to fuck her mouth.

Nice. Very nice.

With the way he was fucking her mouth I knew he wouldn't last long. It wasn't long before he asked me where I wanted him to cum - I always feel a bit awkward when guys ask me that because deep down I know they want to blow their loads inside my Slut but on the other hand, I want to see the cum! Chalk it up to years of watching porn but I want to see the cum splashing off the skin of my Slut...

I think you will agree from these pics, I made the right choice, no?

When the last of his sperm was in her mouth or on her face, he got dressed, thanked me and left. I had her lie down without bothering to clean herself off and slid my hard cock inside her. I marveled at the look of the cum on her face and asked her all kinds of questions - did she like him, did she swallow any cum, what did it taste like, etc. She smiled and answered all my questions - clearly indicating that she enjoyed being a toy servicing some stranger that she could not even see.

"Good baby", I said lovingly, "because the next guy you're going to suck should be here shortly!"

(See the rest of the pics I took that night in my "Blowjobs" gallery. Remember : keep the comments positive - that encourages me to post more!)
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1 month ago
This is a story that I could've written about my slut wife! The amazing feeling when you see your slut sucking another cock and my complete agreement that you need to see your slut taking the cum over her face. I love fucking her when another mans (or many men's) cum is plastered over her face and tits and in her hair, while she describes how it felt to be a slut.
6 months ago
Hot story and what a good slut you have
7 months ago
Damn thats hot
7 months ago
Thanks. Don't exactly recall but I know it was less than 5 (not including me)
7 months ago
Awesome story. How many did she blow that night?
7 months ago
lovely pictures lucky girl xx