A dirty little fantasy of mine.....

I had always had this fantasy where I throw a lingerie and sex toy party and have about ten to twelve women over (excluding the sex toy/lingerie hostess in count). Before the party, I take a sheet of paper and randomly place numbers ranging from one to ninet-nine in no real order (ex: 2, 15, 23, 41, etc.). Our apartment, mine and my boyfriend, has two bedrooms. So in the second bedroom I tie my boyfriend's hands above his head to the ceiling. He is blindfolded and gagged, wearing only a thong.

Now as the girls start to arrive and I greet them, I tell them we are going to have a raffle for a surprise gift at the end of the party. I make certain there is more than enough wine and have put some mixed drinks in the fridge for this evening. Our hostess arives and we begin this party. My boyfriend is only able to hear the horny, lustful laughter from the party as we girls ogle over the toys and the lingerie. Everyone is really tipsy and merry. "All right, time for our drawing" I remind everyone. "Upon you taking your number, don't tell anyone your number" I advise. I walk around with a bowl and have everyone take a number. "Okay, follow me" I encourage as I walk to the bedroom door. "Now gather 'round...take a seat" they all sit Indian style facing him, eyes locked on his cock that is barely able to stay inside his tight thong's pouch. I Whisper in his ear as I stand behind him while caressing his balls through the tightness of his thong-all the girls watching and salivating: "You are going to sooo enjoy this." I slap his ass. The girls give out a coo of liking hearing my hand against his tight cheek and seeing him lunge forward. "Alright, tops off girls. Remove those tops. I wana see those gorgeous tits" I command. They take no time in getting their tops off, displaying their colorful bras. Now I explain the rules of this raffle and the reward: "Okay, how this is going to work is everyone gives him a blowjob. Upon completion you whisper your number in his ear. You wait for him to nod before the next girl comes to demonstrate her skills. The girl that gives the best blowjob will receive a good fucking from my boyfriend here." I turn toward my boyfriend who is still gagged and blindfolded: "Now hun, there is a catch. You have to keep the numbers straight of the girl that gave you the best blowjob. And you can only have one. And there is a time limit upon after all the girls have taken care of you. If you cannot decide in the time limit given, you be f***ed to watch us all have fun with each other." All the girls laugh in naughty delight. I rip away is thong, showing off his thick, shaved cock and balls. The girls get on their knees and get ready to service that hard dick. "All right. How do we decide who goes first?" I ask. All the girls hands go up for volunteering. "No, no-I have a better idea. Ring toss. With your bras, aim for this hard cock. Then whoever's bra is the closest to him will follow in succession." They all remove their bras with quickness and start throwing them at his cock. The first girl wastes no time in placing him in her mouth. We watch as his body tightens and relaxes as she services him. I watch the girls pull on the tits and nipples as they watch with delight and excitement as he moans with the gag as he errupts into her mouth. She rises to her feet and brushes her tits against him as she does and places her mouth to his ear and whispers her number. I can tell he is gong to be so exhausted from cumming twelve times....I cannot wait to see him muster up the strength and energy to fuck one of these girls. He nods in comfirmation that he has got her number. Next in line shows off her skills. So on and so on. Upon intermission of girls sucking him off, we start to experiment with our toys. Sex just fills the air as we girls sixty-nine one another, finger one another, caress and fondle each other as we watch and listen to one by one suck him off. Finally the last girl in line has her moment. We all watch in anticipation. His breathing is really labored and his knees are weak....my pussy is so wet about thinking how he is going to fuck one these girls either really hard or how he is going to fuck her wildly trying to find some reserve energy. Or better yet.....he has to watch us have fun with each other. He reaches climax. She stands up and tells him her number. He nods. And as she walks away, she gives him a booty bump. We chuckle. "Well that was certainly....interesting" I comment." I walk over to him and remove his gag. "How do you feel?" I ask. He replies as he breathes hard: "Drained." "Yeah, I can imagine" I say chuckling as the room is laughing at his comment. "Now for the moment of truth...which number gave you the best blowjob?" He sighs: "Just a moment, please." "You have one minute for your answer then it is our turn to have fun at your eyes expense." The girls look at each other with naughty smiles. He errupts with a number. "Okay. Who was (I repeat the number)?"

Now at this time he is either going to remember a number, make one up or just cannot decide. If he makes up a number I give him two more chances to get it right. If he can't....you guessed it, the blindfold comes off and he watches each girl receive and give pleasure to another girl.
I am not completely without heart, he he he. I might decide to allow one girl of my liking to show us how to use his cock for her enjoyment. :-)
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8 months ago
Holy shit, this was hot. Thank you.
11 months ago
SEXY story
1 year ago
hmmm nice...fun party