the photo shop

I was into photography in a big way and before digital came in i used to shoot a lot of 35mm film.

I used a photo shop that was ok with nudes which was not easy to find.

A couple owned the shop Jerry and his wife Bonnie. They were in their 40s and very attractive.

I would flirt shamelessly with Bonnie everytime i went in. She was thin worked out a lot and was a nice c cup and i looked at them a lot.

I began taking a lot of film in as i was shooting a lot of different women from ads i had placed looking for models.

I paid very well and was very friendly and soon i had lots and lots of ladys posing for me. They would tell friends , s****rs even a few told their mothers.

As i took the film in Jerry told me anything i shot would be ok as long as NO ONE under 18!!!! Which i would never do!!! I always got photo ids and made copys for myself.

Another girl named Tracy worked there also and we soon became friendly as she did a lot of my film. [processing it i mean]

Tracy was 35 or so and a 18 or 19 year old girl worked on mondays to.

When i shot film of my wife and i it soon turned to xxx shots. Big open pussy shots, cocksucking, fucking and huge cum shots.

I didnt know everyone in the shop was looking at my photos and getting turned on by them.

My cock is 8&3/4" and thick as a cucumber and Tracy and Bonnie and even the teenage girl loved seeing it i found out.

The other girls i did photos of were nude erect nipple spread open pussy and ass hole shots and some cum shot on them from me.

I had over 10 women i regularly shot.

As Tracy and i got friendlier i told her i had a crush on Bonnie and would love to photograph her and i would LOVE to eat her cunt for her. I was affraid to tell her myself for fear of ruining having my photos done there.

Tracy told me she told Bonnie and she was turned on by the offer but could not do it.

From then on though Bonnie was over the top friendly with me and flirted back.

Finnally one day i asked Tracy to model for me for $100..she said she couldnt she was married and didnt feel right about it.

I thanked her and told her if she ever changed her mind to let me know and forgot about it.

About a month went by with nothing else said about it and then one day i went in to drop off film and Tracy said she would like to talk to me.

She took a 15 min. break and we went for coffee and she told me her husband was cheating on her and she had caught him.

I was sorry to hear it but glad she was offering to pose for me.

We sat up a time and met at a adult motel.

She arrived wearing a pair of shorts and a blouse and nikes.

She had a bag with clothing to wear and she said she would drees for the photos.

I gave her the $100 and she went in the other room.

I sat up the room , the chair, the lighting and had the camera ready.

Tracy opened the door and stood there for me to approve and i did!

She has brown curly hair and the best set of legs i ever saw. Her tits were a b cup at best but very round under her clothes.

She was wearing a sheer see thru gown tied at her neck. Plainly though it her baby blue bra and garter belt and white lace stockings and pantys shown thru.

I began taking photos as she turned side to side and backwards. She had on a pair of 6" spike stellato high heels whic made her calves pop out shapely!!

I had long since learned to keep complimenting a lady as she models to keep her feeling sexy.

I gave her directions on turning and leaning as i took photo after photo.

Soon she unfastened the gown and slid it off and got on the bed and moved as sexy as she could for the photos.

Raising her ass in the air and spreading her legs for me to see her panties sliding up her ass crack.

I could teel she was getting sexualy arroused in the way she breathed and moved.She rolled over onto her back and i got into position at her feet as she opened her legs as wide as she could.

The panties had dissapeared into her pussy crack and i got to see for the first time her hairy pussy.

She had told me she didnt shave and she had hair up the sides of her legs and above the panty line. She was the hairiest woman i had ever seen.

I asked her to remove all the clothes and lets do full nude so she slide the panties off followed by the Bra. and stockings and the rest.

She laid on her side. I think to keep the last signs of her nakedness.

I sat beside her and said are you ok to go on or have you changed your mind.

She said NO..i am ready and she rolled on to her backfully naked in front of me.

It was the first time i saw her titties fully and her nipples and aereolas were small quarter sized but extremely dark.

Her nipples were hard and 3/4 " long huge nipples!!

I said are you ready to show me everything now?

She answered "im affraid im a little excited and wet"

I told her that was good, she was enjoying herself.

With that she rolled onto her back and opened her legs.

Her pussy was deep dark hair covered snd as she spread her cunt lips beet red became visible.

She began to touch her clitoris and her breathing became deep and her eyes closed as her pussy opened up.

She opened her cunt with her left hand and masturbated with the right.

I took 100s of photos and she was climaxing in no time.

I sat beside her as she quivered and massaged her hip.

She opened her eyes and asked can i ask you something?

I said of course and she asked if she was attractive to me!

I told her yes and told her she had me arroused as well!!

She then said will you take off your clothes and lay down with me?

I sat the camera on the dresser and took off my clothes with my back to her and slipped into bed beside her and put my arms around her.

My cock had become as hard as a rock and she put her hand over the head and played with my oozing pre-cum.

I told her she was lovely and said.."Tracy im going to fuck you"

She said oh god yes!!

I leaned down and kissed her lips and then went down and tasted her hot snatch.

She had a pungent sweet taste from weeks without fucking. I licked and kissed her pussy until she was sopping wet.

I went back up to her and layed over her as she spread her legs wide open to accept my cock into her.

I began moving the head up and down her hot crack. She told me to go slow since my dick is so much bigger than what she was used to.

Tracy said her husband was at best 5 inches hard.

As i rubbed my cock head up and down her she wispered "ive wanted this since the first time i saw it in one of your photos'!!!

And Bonnie wants it too!!!

I leaned into her and kissed her lips tenderly and wispered its only yours!!

As i did the head slipped into her. She moaned softly as we were at last fucking!

I was determined to give her a good fucking so i rocked in and out slowly until at last our pubic hair met as i slid fully inside her wet puss.

I could fell her relax as i slowly fucked her pulling out almost all the way then sinking fully back in.

As i began to go faster and faster she raised her legs and wrapped them around my back and i knew i was free to go on.

I put her ass cheeks in my hands and pounded her as her pussy squished and slopped and got wetter and wetter.

She began to cum and began to violently arch up and down to meet my cock.

She squealed as she went over the top cumming.

I slowed for 30 seconds or so then began fucking her like a slut again making her cum instantly again.

I stopped and looked down at the bed it was wet about a 3 foot arch from her pussy juices all around her ass.

She opened her eyes and said "ive never been fucked before" Ive had sex.. but now i know what being fucked is about and this was my first time.\

We kissed and i placed my cock at her opening again.. this time it was slimy wet and my cock easily slipped half way inside her.

She looked up at me and said "oh my god my pussy is stretched out so bad"!!

I laughed and said you dont have to worry my dick is going to keep it fucked from now on!!

And with that i plunged deep into her once again.

Her pussy took me with ease and i began fucking her again as she moaned , groaned and climaxed.

Feeling the cum rising up my shaft i pulled it out as it shot out of my cock and shot up her stomach covering her belly and titties in a thick hot layer.

We lay there and she said you know i am going to need this from now on. I said yes and its yours whenever you want.

We can do photos and pornos and fuck togather.

She said i will do anything you want, you can have my ass too.

Wait until i tell Bonnie!!!

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HOT story. I love reading about hairy pussies almost as much as seeing them. Thanks for posting.
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Very nice story. Thanks for sharing