This is more about Mary..her husband Bill and myself.

After the first time together our friendship developed much deeper. We just connected deeper than just a sexual attraction.

There was only 1 moment that made me concerned and that was a few days after our fist visit at Marys and Bills home.

I stopped for coffee and when i went in the other younger girl Melanie who works in the shop with Mary gave me a funny little look as i entered. Did she know?

As i was pouring my coffee Mary came over to me. She said i want you to know our secret is safe. I did tell Melanie about us so we can be at ease when you come in here.

Mary went on she will never tell anyone else and you can trust her. melanie has had guys treat her badly and i talk to her and tell her to be patient that the right man for her will come along if shes willing to not settle.

Melanie loves Bill and they are great friends and she understands about us and you. I told her it was o.k. as long as they trusted her knowing and i would be fine with it.

Mary laughed and said "you should have seen her face when i told her you made me climax 8 or 10 times!! And she was speechless when i told her how large your dick is and how well you know how to use it!!!!

Mary and i made plans for the next day for the afternoon and i told her bye and went to pay for my coffee. Melanie said its on us today and thank you for making Mary so happy she and Bill are really nice people.

As i spoke thank you i realized i was staring at Melanies huge chest. I looked up and she was looking at me looking at her tits. She smiled and put her hands under them lifting them and said maybe someday you will see more!! I said "i hope so" and left.

The next day i arrived at Bill & Marys and we sat down to talk awhile.

I mentioned Melanies actions and Mary said "i think she wants to have sex with you if your interested" I saidthat i would be but only if your alright with it.

This seemed to relax Mary..i then realized she may have gotten worried about our friendship. I went on and said what i have with you is precious to me and its my first concern.

We reaffirmed that it was a lifelong friendship not a temporary one.

At this point we were sitting on the couch with Mary between Bill and i.I took her hand in mine and said ive looked forward to today so much!!

She said us too!! I put my hand on her cheek and leaned over and kissed her. Her lips so soft and warm i instantly began to become aroused. My dick and balls tingled and were ready.

We parted our kiss and i lifted Marys top and revealed her titties as she was not wearing a Brassiere. I pulled the top off and all she had left on was a pair of jean shorts.

As i put my hand on her tit i felt Bills on the other one so we both massaged a tit and we both began to suck and kiss them from each side.

Soon Mary was breathing heavy and saying nothing only sighing. I knew she was going to climax from the tittie play. She had the most sensitive nipples i had ever seen.

As she sighed and climaxed she stiffened slightly then relaxed as she went over the top cumming.

She looked at me and said " i need you to fuck me"

I looked at Bill and said " if you would like you can join us, watch us if it will help you enjoy this"

When i said it Mary grabbed me and said thank you so much i want him to be free to try to get off.

We went into the bedroom and mary slipped off her remaining cloths now naked she sat on the side of the bed. Bill didnt come into the bedroom right away.

This time i went to her and held my cock in front of her face and she placed her tongue on the tip and licked it and then took it into her mouth and started sucking me.

This was my first bj from her and she was good at it. She slobbered on it until it was slimmy wet and worked it up and down inside her mouth until 3/4s of it was inside.

I put my hands on her hand and slowly pushed it fully inside her throat and then began fucking her head. She made gagging choking noises as i slammed my cock into her throat.

I wanted to taste her pussy so a layed her back and spread her pussy lips and ate her hot pussy which was already wet before i started. I ate her cunt for my own pleasure. She smelled of hot nasty sex and was ready for it.

We got into a spoon position me behind her. I began rubbing mu cock up and down her crack preparing for fucking her.

Just then i noticed Bill had come in the room and sat down accross from the bed and was naked playing with his soft dick.

As i rubbed Marys crack my dick found its target and slid effortlessly inside her steaming pussy. As it did Mary arced her ass backwards and i fully went in to my balls.

She let a deep breath and i low moan as her cunt stretched to accept my rock hard erect cock as her pussy made a loud noise as the air was all f***ed out of it.

I began to stroke my dick in and out as in about 30 seconds Mary squealed with a orgasm. Her ass making jerking motions trying to continue fucking as she came. Her contractions made it hard for her so i grabbed her ass and slammed in and out as she climaxed.

With this i rolled her onto her back and raised her legs and fucked her in earnest.

As she climaxed over and over i gave her a half hour of nonstop fucking , the bed soaked from her juices.

I knew i was about to go off so i pulled out of her and pushed her legs up to her chest and put 4 fingers into her hot steaming fuck hole and began finger fucking her.

I was experienced with squirting women since my wife is one too!

As she got near climax i removed 2 fingers and left the 2 middle fingers inside her and bent them to her g spot and massaged her g spot.

....She screamed and i pushed with my other hand on her pussy hair from outside as i worked her g spot.

She went out of her mind screaming and a arc of her cum squirted 3 feet into the air as my fingers did their job. Her ass met my fingers and she went on and on squirting high in the air covered us both in what seemed like gallons of her cum.

I could not wait as she slowed and i got over her face and jacked off 7 or 8 thick streams of cum on her face. Just as i finished Bill ran over and had managed to get a hard on and came on her face mixing his cum with mine.

His little 4 inch cock shooting hot cum all over mine.

I looked down at Mary and she was so lovely , sexually spent and a full and complete sight with 2 loads of cum coating her face.

As we cleaned up and took a shower togather Mary told me "the next time i want you to fuck my ass too!!!!!!

more soon!!!

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