lifelong friends

This is a story about how things in life sort of happen in the right order some times.

I travel with my work from Ky. to Indiana and Miss. I drive across interstate 64 west through Indiana 4 days a week.

I am a creature of habit and i stop at a fuel mart with an attached cafe.

As you do you begin to know the people who work there.

After a short time i got to know the girl who works there days. Her name is Melanie. She about 19 or 20, average height built really well. She has shoulder length auburn hair and a cute face.

But what stands out about her are her Titties!! Shes has to wear a FFF cup bra!!!

We got friendly but that was all but o.k. for now i guessed.

In life its the things you dont notice that are usually the best things.

There was a lady who worked in the cafe part and i got to know her as well.

Mary is her name a slight thin woman about 5ft 4 and not an ounce over 90 pounds.

Mary is in her mid to late 50s with highlighted hair and a pleasant personality.

Soon i stopped every day on my way or on my way home in the evening and laughed and the 3 of us learned all about each others lives and day to day things.

I noticed Mary would always make sure she spoke to me and smiled at me.

Melanie was always nice but i noticed Mary was paying a lot of attention to me.

One day as i got there a little late Mary was about to get off work and her husband Bill was there and she introduced us.

He was a thin guy and 60ish. Very warm and said ive heard about you from Mary. She says your such a nice man. I told him he had a great wife and was a lucky guy.

As they left Bill said i hope to meet you soon and get to know you much better. I waved and said yes.

As i left Melanie said they sure like you! I shrugged it off and said i was glad.

About a week or so went by and on this thursday i stopped and got gas and a coffee. I went and said hello to Mary and she asked if i would like a real meal one night. I said sure and she said next monday im off and come by on your way home.

I got her and Bills number and directions and said bye and went on my way.

I called around 2 pm and said i was about an hour away the next monday and would it be o.k. if a came by. Bill said yes and i headed to their home.

It was a rural area and they had an older farm type house on about a 100 acres of ground. As i pulled into the drive it was a lovely home. Bill met me at the door and shoke my hand and said to come in.

Mary came into the living room as Bill and i walked inside. I said hello and she came over and hugged me!! I was a little surprised by a hug but didnt think anything of it.

She was dressed in a nice dress with 4 inch heels and stockings...she looked very pretty. So i said Mary you look so pretty today. She blushed and thanked me.

We sat down to eat. Mary gave a blessing for the food and for frienship.

Mary is a wonderful cook and we all enjoyed the meal and went to set in the living room.

Mary said for Bill and i to go in and sit down and she would come in after she cleaned the kitchen.

As we sat down Bill asked me if we could have a personal talk and i said feel free to say or ask anything..

He asked about my personel life and i told him i was married with grown c***dren and very happy. He seemed pleased by all that.

He then began to tell me he and mary had been married over 30 years with grown c***dren like me and they were very much in love.

I told him that showed in the way they treat each other.

He said he had began to have health problems a few years ago but was fine but had to take medication for the remainder of his life.

He said one of the side effects was his unability to sustain an erection.

It will become hard but only for a few seconds.

He went on to say Mary would never leave him because she loves him so very much. And she would not cheat for the same reason.

So he said he talked her into bringing another man into their marriage who cared about them and would become a close friend to fulfill her needs.

He went on speaking as i sat in silence listening.

He said it would be in strict confidence and 100% discreet.

Then he dropped the bombshell......would you like to be the man?

My head was spinning and didnt say anything right away.

Bll must have thought i was going to decline and said dont feel any pressure we still want to be friends just the same if your not interested. We know your married...

I cut off his words and said i was honored and would love to be with them that way.

We continued talking and Bill said if we were to ever see you and your f****y out we would speak and say we knew you from the cafe.

And we would also tell our f****y the same thing so no one would suspect or think anything more than casual friends.

I said yes and we would arrange things ahead so they would never be a awkward moment.

Mary was still in the kitchen and we filled each other in on my and Marys sexual likes and dislikes.

Bill said she is very sexual and multi-orgasmic. Her nipples are extremely sensitive as is her clitoris and loves to recieve oral sex. She loves foreplay and loves to hug and lots of wet hot kissing.

She loves intercourse in any fashion..slow ,fast, deep.

She also loves to give oral and loves hot cumm in or on her anywhere you like.

She also has squirting orgasms but not all the time. And she will have anal but she was to say when and that is also not every time. Its been awhile sine we had actual sex but she has a nice large hole but shes tight. She loves to be filled up and can take 4 fingers and possibly a fist [at least she used to].

But mainly i want you to make her feel like a woman.

I told Bill i appreciated him telling me this and i would do my best.

As we finished Mary came in and said everything is cleaned up and asked if i was going to stay a while or did i have to go. I said its only 3:30 pm and a have a few hours if they would like me to stay awhile.

We talked awhile and then Bill said, Mary i talked to him and he really wants to be with you and me.

Mary mean...

Bill said softly YES Mary with you!!

Bill said he understands everything and that i love you so much i want this for you.

I told Mary, i think Bill is a special man to love his wife this much, he wants you happy in every way.

Mary looked at me and and said ..i hoped so much for this!!

Bill and Mary were sitting on the couch and me in a armchair. Mary stood up and i did as well. She walked to me and put her arms around my neck as i slipped mine around the small of her back we kissed. This time not hello like before but sexually.

Her tongue slipped inside my mouth as mine met hers we both knew today was going to be special.

I sat back onto the chair as Mary sat sideways on top of me. I looked over to Bill and he smiled and said wow!

We kept kissing as i unbuttoned her dress all the way to her waist. Her white lacy bra came into full view the cups filled with her breasts with a nice full cleavage spilling over.

The cups full with soft breast flesh.

I began to massage her bra encased tits and the skin on her stomach and back as i touched every inch of her.

Under my touch her breathing was becoming deeper and hotter.

My cock had became hard as it pressed against her soft round ass cheeks still in her dress.

She began grinding her ass into my crotch as we still were kissing the entire time.

I slid the top of her dress off her back and down to her waist. Now only her Bra on from the waist up.

I reached down and pulled first one then the other cup over and off her tits setting both titties free.

I was stunned to see the most wonderfull dark brown tiny areolas and inch long nipples ive ever seen. The skin puckered horribly and her nipples engorged with bl**d.

I leaned down and began sucking first one than the other as she squirmed and began to moan.

I gently bit each nipple then sucked them had and as far into my mouth as i could suck them.

As i worked them both over with my tongue Mary flexed and cried and i realized she was climaxing!!

She fell back onto my arm, momentarily spent. Her nipples spearing out into the air rock hard and covered in my saliva.

She looked at me and sighed "oh my god" "your good"

I asked her "do you want more"

She said "oh god yes"

I looked over to Bill as we stood up to go to the bed room. He was smiling ear to ear.

I lifted Marys dress off and tossed it over the chair and then her Bra as well. We went into the bedroom and i slid her panties down revealing her full bush dark and hairy. I lay her on the bed and slid my pants off with my back to her and then my shorts. We were both finaly naked.

I turned around for her to get the first look at my dick. As i did i said "i hope you are not disapointed"

My 8&3/4" cock swung into her face....she said "oh my oh my"

I was surprised as she took it and rubbed the head all over her face covering herself in my thick hot pre-cum.

I pushed her legs up and began licking her hot pussy. The scent of lust was heavy. She smelled of pee, her cum and heavy with the scent of hot cunt.

As she squirmed under my tongue her gash opened under my mouth and her hole gaped open and closed winking at me as i massaged her pussy.

I pushed her legs fully up and raised her ass and licked her from asshole to pussy up and down. Each time kissing her asshole and putting the tip of my tongue inside her asshole.

By now she was out of her head with lust, her pussy and ass so wet it was squishing and fully open for me.

I raised up for a moment kissing her mouth letting her taste her juices. I looked into her eyes and neither of us said anything..........AS MY COCK ENTERED HER PUSSY!!

All her breath gone she gasped as half my dick went inside her.....

As i pulled back all but my cock head she took a deep breath knowing what was next...

I slammed my dick fully and completely into her.

As both our pubic hairs met her cunt made a loud squishing and sloshing sound. I realized she had squirted inside herself as my cock invaded her cunt.

Her eyes closed , her arms behind her claves holding her legs pussy and ass up to me to fuck.

We began to steadily FUCK!!

She slowly began to climax again..i slowed but didnt stop and took her back into the next orgasm.

In about 2 or 3 min. she began to lightly moan and nearing another climax.

I slowed for 30 seconds the put her ass cheeks in my hands, lifted her off the bed and fucked her hard and deep.

This time she shreeked as she got off and this time her squirt came out all around my cock flying everywhere as i rammed in and out of her.

I slowed and stopped leaving my still hard cock inside her now sloppy pussy from the fucking.

Marys chest was heaving as she tried to get a full breath in. She was spent and i didnt want to wear her out.

But in a few seconds she was moving under me and i knew after 5 climaxes she wanted more.

I rolled over on my back and she got in position over me.

She lowered her fucked out cunt onto my cock. As the head touched her cunt lips it sank fully into her cavernous pussy.

She got her feet under her and pounded up and down on my cock fucking and fucking.

She began to shudder and twitched as another cilmax flooded her cunt.

Slowing only for a moment before impaling herself onto my my hot cock again.

She rode me for another 10 min. and she said 'oh god' and began shaking and became unsteady as she entered the big orgasm!!

This time i grabbed her ass and fucked her back.

As she shuddered the first stream of cum sprang out of me and into her cervix. She trembled and shook as all my hot sperm shot deep inside her body.

When we both were finished cumming she raised her cunt off and over my dick, and a torrent of hot cum flooded out of her all over my abdomen.

Mary lifted herself off and layed down and put her head on my lower chest and began licking all my cum off of me.

She moved up beside me and we kissed passing my cum back and forth then swallowing it.

This was the first time and is still going on today............more soon

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3 years ago
fantastic glad your helping each other out
3 years ago
beautiful affair..
3 years ago
Very nice and hot. Loved it and will be looking for more....Thanks for sharing
3 years ago erotic.........nicely written. let meread ur other stories....