Brittany our friendship turns to love, part2

We drove on to Brittanys home and i arrived first so i put the code in the garage door and parked inside making sure i left enough room for her escalade to fit in beside my car.

She arrived moments behind me and came inside as i waited sitting on the couch.

As she walked in she took off the jacket fully revealing the see thru blouse and her Bra.

The wet spots over the ends of her Bra cups were 4 or 5 inches across and was deep wet and glistening drenched in my cum.

She walked over to me, her heels making a sexy clicking as she stepped and sat beside me on the couch.

She put her arms around me as she lightly kissed my lips. Her short skirt rode up nearly to her waist exposing the lace tops of her black stockings and her garter belt and the garters holding the stockings up and the creamy flesh of her thighs.

She said what we did earlier was so hot!!! You do things that make me so hot!! I told her it was easy with her we fit together so well.

My hands moved to cup the her titties and the feel was unbelievable. The warm round mounds of flesh every man wants so badly to touch.

But the warm wet thick Cum soaking them was crazy hot! I squeezed and my cum squished in my hands as i fondled them. I had came so much in her Bra cups.

Since it had been 20 min. or so the scent of my cum had intensified and it filled our noses with the musky scent of Cum and a hint sweet smell of her perfume.

Britanny said to get the camera out and i will go get ready to pose for you. You can take as many as you want i want to make you happy and i hope you will look at them when were not together.

She said it may take me a few min. to get dressed so be patient.

I sat getting the camera ready making ajustments and taking a few test shots for light etc. and deleted them and had the 8 giga bite card empty and set the camera to 14 mega pixel and was ready.

It was nearly ten min. when i heard her say are you ready from the other room. I answered yes and i could hear her approaching as she came into view and entered the room i was totally speechless!!

There she stood in her wedding gown!!

Veil with her face under it and full length gown to the floor with a 6 foot train. It was snow white with lace trim from top to the floor in the front.

It was sheer lace in the front to her neck with a high neck design.

Brittany was a vision.

I asked her if this was alright since it was her wedding gown. She said it was o. k. her husband was told she was going to surprise me wearing it.

I stood and took 7 or 8 photos very fast and she began to move around posing for me as i got more and more photos in the gown.

At this point she came to me and put both her hands into mine and told me she loved me. I responded and told her i loved her too.

She looked in my eyes and said NO i dont love IN love with you!!

I slowly began to speak and told her, we started out as a physical relationship and i too had fallen in love with her. It was so much more now.

I asked her is it really possible to be in love with more than one person? She said yes because that was exactly how she would describe us.

She went on to say will you make a commitment to me? I told her YES i already had!!in my mind and heart.

We stood face t face about 2 feet apart holding hands looking into each others eyes.

She started..I promise to love you and always be yours as long as i live. I also promise to help you and take care of any needs and be avaliable to you anytime you want me.

I promised her the same things and promised to protect her and cherish her always.

She went on and said i wore this dress today to marry you!!

You and i are married in my mind now!!

With that we kissed and knew we had entered a new area of our friendship.

I picked up the camera and began taking more photos.

Brittany lifted the dress to her waist and she was wearing white high heels white stockings and white panties with a white garter belt. Her lovely perfect legs on display. Her calves so perfect highlighted in the heels muscular and shaped so perfectly.

She turned and rested her arms on the chair back and lifted the dress up over her ass. Then opened her legs. She looked fantastic as i kept shooting pics.

She unzipped the dress and stepped out of it and was just in the bridal lingerie. She was pinching her nipples and pulled them out of the bra cups letting them rest on the lowered material.

Her nipples bl**d red and erect. She reached down with both thumbs and lowered her panties and slid them off.

We made our way to her bedroom at this point and she lay on the bed and spread her hot, wet aroused cunt for me.

Completely wet and open she was slick with her juices and deep red inside as she pulled it open as i went on taking photos.

She motioned with her arms for me to cum to her so i sat the camera aside and went to her.

As i kissed her and kissed her neck and ear lobes she was squirming beneath me. She said posing for you and our promises we made has me so so so hot!!!

I spread her legs and positioned myself in front of her as she lay there so young and so lovely.

I touched the head of my cock against her clit. Rubbing it softly as my pre cum began flowing feeling her soft pussy skin against it.

She became instantly in a orgasm as i massaged my cock on her clitoris. As she became soaked with pre-cum and her own juices she stiffened and came. Half moans and half muted screams she climaxed.

At the top of her climax her fluids ran out over my cock head saoking us both.

I knew what to do next and i let the head slip inside her steaming hot hole.

I meant to go slowly an inch or 2 at a time but she was past that. She wanted fucking not love.

She reached around my hips and pulled me deep inside her. With a loud sloppy wet sound my cock hit the bottom of her pussy.

As it did she shreaked and frowled at me FUCK ME......OH DAMN FUCK ME!!!

I held her legs up to her chest and rocked in and out as she climaxed 3 or 4 more times non stop fucking.

As i felt the cum welling up inside my balls i knew it would be a huge load.

I quickly pulled it out of her and straddled her chest.

I was directly over her as the first stream squirted out across her face. Covering her cheek nose and forehead into her hair.

I continued squirting and honestly thought i may never stop!!

She got as much in her mouth as she could but it was far more than she could handle.

When i was finaly drained i layed beside her she rolled to face me.

When i looked her face was covered completely in a thick layer of Cum. So much she didnt look like herself.

I began to lick her and as i got it i kissed her and gave her the cum i cleaned off to swallow until she had all i could give her.

We lay there the room thick with the smell of cum..pussy..and fucking.

We fell off to sl**p knowing we would be together as lovers again.

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