Brittany our friendship turns to love, part1

At the point im writing this, Brittany and i have been friends several months. We dont meet everyday or with any set schedule.

It started out just on mondays and i was fine with whatever worked for her.

We just really enjoy each other and if i was younger, she was not married, i was not married etc. Who knows how different our relationship would be. But what we have is wonderful.

I had become part of her life and her mine. Our spouses have no problems with it and they even meet for dates as well. Although not as often as Brittany and i do but they are close to it.

With life, c***dren and everything it had been about 10 to 12 days since we had gotten togather. It was a sunday night when Brittany called. We talked a few min. and she asked if i would meet her tomorrow morning for coffee. This seemed to have become a regular thing we both liked.

So i said yes. She said we would meet at 9am at the Hurstborne lane Starbucks.

Just before we said our goodbyes she said if you want bring your canon digital SLR camera. We had talked about my interest in photography so i said yes.

It was a great fall morning the next day. Clear blue skies, bright sun just perfect about 66 degrees.

I got us both drinks and just as i found a table out side. I saw Brittanies SUV parking and the door came open. She stepped out and began walking over to me. I waved and she waved back seeing me.

She looked so pretty her soft hair lightly moving as she walked. Her pretty 22 year old face so perfect as 22 year olds do.

She had on large sunglasses that with her light hair made her look like a movie star! She is stunningly lovely!!

She was dressed in all black which surprised me because she usually wears summery colors.

What she had on was the first tipoff.

She had on black spike heels black stockings or pantyhose with a black leather skirt so short i was a foot above her knee. And a black waist length leather jacket.

As she walked to me the sound of the shoes was so sexy. The sound of clicking as the heels touched the ground.

I stood to say hello and she kissed me and said how much she was looking forward to today.

We talked and had our coffee and she told me she was wondering if i wanted to photograph her. I told her YES but i wasnt going to ask since a lot of women dont like to pose for a guy.

She told me she wanted me to have fun and she would follow directions and pose as i liked.

She undid her jacket and under it she was wearing a fully sheer transparent blouse. The only part at all that hid anything was the strip with the buttons since it was a double layer. She had a black bra with soft cleavage pushing her breasts together.

She didnt seem to mind other people seeing, she said im covered!!

We finished and walked over to our cars and she said lets sit inside my car a few min. This puzzled me a little but i of course said YES.

As soon as we got inside we began kissing and i soon had my hands on her bra covered titties. I softly rubbed them feeling their firmness inside the soft Bra.

By now our kisses had become wet and our tongues flicking each others wet and sloppy.

Brittany lightly put her hand on my dick and began rubbing it. As i moaned from her motions on it.

In a few moments i was nearing having to cum doing this out side in her car was so exciting like a couple of teenagers got me so hot..

Sensing i was near she wispered unbutton my blouse. So i began button by button going down the front until it was fully open exposing her Bra.

She sat back and pulled at the top of each bra cup until her breasts were fully exposed to the nipples but still remaining inside the bra Laying in the cups.

I moved closer and got my cock directly over her chest and began to jack myself off.

As i worked my shaft up and down the pre cum was flowing with every stroke and i massaged every drop on her tits. They rapidly became slick and wet more and more covered in my thick slick juices.

Soon i was at the moment of climax. I pulled her bra cups down at a 45 degree angle to her chest and aimed my dick at them.

As the cum flowed up from my balls the first stream shot into the right cup leaving a thick white trail down the side pooling in the bottom. Followed by the second stream making the pool of cum in the cup deeper. The next 3 streams went into the other cup and soon i milked the last drops into both cups.

The cups of her Bra now had deep pools of hot sticky cum in them.

We kissed again and Brittany bent forward a little and slowly pulled her brasierre back over and onto her nipples and tits.

She said "oh my god!!] this is the hottest thing youve done to me!

Her tits swimming inside her bra in my hot cum!

As we drove to her home she stopped at a Krogers to by some things and as we walked i could smell my cum on her.

When we got to the checkout the lady smiled , we knew she could smell it as well. When she gave us our change she smiled widely and said for us to have a great day!! Ans said she wished she could go along!!

It wasnt until we were walking out i saw brittany had opened her coat and her blouse was in plain sight to the checkout lady.

There were 2 huge soaked thru wet spots surrounding the points of her bra and showed plainly through. And the strong musky scent of cum filled the air.

Brittany said her titties felt so great laying in my thick cum.

Part 2 tomorrow!!
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this is oh so hot
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great stories