my Becky

Rebecca and my relations ship moved to a wonderful place after our first sex. She and i had deep frank conversations and got to a point of freedom with each other.

Ive been in a lot of relationships since and im sure with Becky it was the most comfortable trusting one i was ever in sexually as well as personally. We had been together as a couple 6 months or so when there was a loss in her f****y. She took it very hard and i made sure to be there for her in every way i could.

We didnt have sex for several weeks she was so quiet and unhappy. But as with these things in life slowly you move on and begin to live again. We by now were together constantly and were deeply in love.

She was still refined in public and a absolute lady. I was always..always proud to be with her and felt she had class well beyond her 22 years of age.

Other guys would stare out her and look at her when we were out she was such a strikingly pretty girl.

What was great for me she had discovered with me how much she craved hot sex. We were at her apartment one night and the conversation turned to us and how in love we were and it turned more intimate.

We hadnt told each other what we like sexually we just did whatever happened as we went. I told her i enjoyed seeing her naked and liked the room to be well lighted. I went on and told her i would like to see her in more sexy lingerie and dress up for me and to possibly watch xxx pornos together. I told her i would enjoy a lot of oral both ways me to her and her to me.And i wanted her to talk as filthy and nasty as she could when we had sex as she could. And of course fucking her in her pussy and maybe give her ass hole to me as we went on. Finnaly i told her i was pleasantly surprised at how i Loved her getting wet and peeing during sex and i hoped she kept on doing it.

After my sex confessions she began to speak. She said nothing i asked was ANY problem at all to her. She said if i take it slowly we will try anal and we could see where that went. She said we could buy lingerie together and she would buy some alone to suprise me. And sex movies would be alright with her. Having the lights on would be better to her too so she could fully see what was happening.

She said she loved sucking my cock and looking at it and loved the taste of all everything that came out of it. And she LOVED me eating her pussy!!She said she had been affraid of sex due to how wet she becomes and her scent became strong and that she could not as hard as she had tryed to not become soaking wet and release pee. She had decided she would avoid sex until we had it and i loved everything that came out of her.

We promised each other we both fully open and to relax and just enjoy our love, being together and be free during sex.

It had been a little time since we had sex and we had just been out to eat and went back to her apartment and she finnaly seemed to be herself again laughing and talking normal.

We went inside and i said its after midnight do you want to go on to bed or stay up awhile. She said well..i want us to go to bed and stay up awhile and laughed. I said that was fine with me.

We lay on the bed still dressed kissing and hugging and telling each other how much we loved each other. I began unbuttoning her blouse and got it off and massage her still Bra covered titties. I undid the clasp in the back and the Bra fell away as her tits bounced out. I squeezed the fleshy mounds and looked at her nipples becoming instantly erect. We got all my clothes off and she was only in jeans sitting on top of me leaning over kissing as i focused on her beautiful titties.

Her crotch was fully covering mine as she and i both began to breath deeped and become steadily more excited. She sat up straight and i rubbed my hands up and down her sides from her waist to her shoulders and squeeze her nipples and tits as i did. Her face so pretty i thought this is the prettiest girl ive ever known. And her nipples like spears beet red and hard as i rubbed and sucked them.

She became more excited as she begin grinding her pussy on my now fully hard cock. As her breathing became more labored and started to moan i knew she was in the beginning of a climax and i was hoping a long slow one as i was enjoying all the foreply myself.

I was a little surprised when she said i love you so much and with her mouth wide open began kissing mine licking my chin my cheeks with long slobbery kisses licking my face with her mouth open so wide i could feel her so excited she was going out of her mind with lust.

I had never heard her say a curse word of any kind outside the bedroom but something was changing as she became more sexually free. As she kissed and tongues my mouth she was saying fuck me, fuck my pussy, suck my clit., and from then on talked as nasty during sex and i loved it.

At this moment i felt her tense and i knew she was go to cum. She sat up on me and ground into my crotch with hers and with a low groan began to fully cum.

She jerked and twitched as she rode the wave of climax. I was in a trance just watching this fantastic girl doing this with me. Still in her jeans i began to feel my cock and balls getting extremely hot and i realized she was peeing in her jeans on top of me.

I was not surprised and really very happy she was at ease with us and went with her body to pleasure herself fully.

As i watched a dark blue spot began to appear on her crotch and spread up and around her legs. At this point you could her the whirring sound of her pee escaping. The hot pee began trailing down my dick and over and around my balls and my ass crack and pooling under me as she finished and coming off the wave of her climax.

We had earlier put waterproof mattress pads on both our beds and we prepared for our water sports. Becky fell into my arms as we just held each other.

What began for me as being understanding foe Becky had turned into an intense desire of my own now. I had learned i love for us to pee on each other and we shared the love of it.

My dick had become hard again since i hadnt cum yet. I moved her to her back and got between her legs. She began to lift herself to me and i told her to just relax and let me do it all since she was still spent from her orgasm. So she lay back and gave herself to me to do what i wanted knowing she was going to get off again,

I spread her legs open and touched her pussy lips. They were wet from her piss as well as her lubrication from inside her cunt. As i rubbed the tip of my hard cock on her clit her pussy lips parted and her scent instantly filled the room. The smell of her pee mixed with the scent from deep in her pussy was sweet and exciting.

I felt her pussy muscles relax as i entered her. My dick feeling her warm and soft skin as it smoothly slid deep in her folds of cunt flesh.

I was 3/4s of the way inside after 3 or 4 strokes as i pulled nearly all the way out and pushed my cock as hard as i could it sand down to the bottom and hit her back wall as i got all 8&3/4 inches of cock in her.

Her pussy was like a virgin i knew she told me the truth that she had only had one man before me as her pussy was wonderful and unused.

We steadily fucked for a half hour going up to the edge and backing off as Becky came over and over as i held myself off for a big large cum shot.

Moments would come into my head that this was not real , that i was with her and deeply in love with each other and completely in love with no holding back of any kind. It was young love at its very best!!!

She was on birth control but i didnt cum in her as i was past stopping by this time i pulled my dick out as the cum came up out of my swollen balls and charged up my cock to spring out and land on her stomach, pussy and tits. I moved it to her mouth and jacked off inside her mouth. I told her NOT TO SWALLOW!!! and as i removed my dick from her mouth her mouth had a deep white and clear pool of cum in it.

I held her and we began kissing and passing my cum back and forth from her mouth to mine until we had swallowed it all.

She said that was the HOTTEST SEXIEST thing she could imagine!!! And she was again fingering herself. I pushed her legs up to her chest and opened them as she had 4 fingers in herself easily from the fucking i gave her, her cunt was stretched so well.

It only took her a moment to begin to climax again as she did i aimed my dick at her and began to pee on her pussy and hand. As she masturbated my pee splashed on her. As she climaxed i raised my stream until is washed over her titties and nipples and feel on her face.
Aiming directly in her mouth she drank my pee as she came.

Both spent we fell back in bed. Just before we fell asl**p Becky said Bob i love you so so much, and i said Becky you are the only woman i will ever love!

She said believe it or not my mom thinks you hot!! She said she figuired out we are having sex. I told her yes we were and i was out of my head enjoying it and you are wonderful in bed to me. I told her your mom is sexy a but your the love of my life.

She said i thing shes thinking of you in a sexual way! Im sure you could have her if you wanted. I told her i would never do that with her and hurt you. And i didnt!!

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