The one love of my life i lost i still think of every so often. I have had a lot of women and dated my share but Becky was special. I think as a man you have those that touch you the most and you never forget them and wonder how your life might have been different.

We met when we were young and i had been married and divorced. Becky was unmarried when we met. She was absolutely beautiful. She was not too thin not to big just like a 20 yr old should look.long natural blonde hair, deep blue eyes and one of the most attractive girls i ever met.

She was about 5ft 8 long legs , perfect ass with firm perfect ass cheeks. 100 lbs or so and could have been a model if she had desired to. As ive found is common with girls she didnt think she was all that pretty!!

I was 22 5ft 11 180lbs and dark brown hair.

Wet met and liked each other right off the bat and within a few weeks i asked her out on a date.

I picked her up and was the perfect gentleman opening doors for her assisting with her chair and always complimenting her how sweet and lovely she was.

She was always great to be with she was not loud and had been raised right, well mannered and respectful to waitresses, waiters and people wet crossed paths with. She was a lady at her young age. She wasnt spoiled or a princess like some girls i dated a few times and got rid of.

She over time told me she had had a few boy friends over the years but only one she got moderately serious about and they even talked of marriage.But they had broken up 6 months ago.

She said she dated a couple of guys since but only 1 date a each. She felt they were interested in her for the wrong reasons and she wasnt going to make any mistakes that would affect the rest of her life. I told her i was impressed and admired her for having self worth.

We went to a movie after dinner and then i took her home and waited at the door as she went inside and asked if i could call her again which she said yes she had enjoyed our date and would like me to call.

I called her the next day and we decided to go for dinner down town on the river. I picked her up again at her apartment. She was wearing blue pants with a whit blouse and a matching jacket. She looked so pretty. Her hair had curls that fell across her shoulders and chest.

We had dinner and enjoyed each others company and decided to take a walk by the river as a lot of other couples were doing. The lights were shining on the water and it was romantic. We found a bench and sat down and i put my arm around her resting on the top of the back of the bench. She told me she was enjoying our time together and hoped i was too. I told her i was and she was so easy to be with and i really like our becoming close friends.

With her sitting on my right her coat was unbuttoned and the buttons on her blouse were far enough apart that they opened just enough to get a glimpse of her right breast cupped in her white lacy bra. It looked so round and full but i was affraid of getting caught so i avoided staring and kept talking.

We sat there watching other couples and talking for at least a half an hour. I decided i should take her home as it was almost midnight. When we got back to her place i walked her in and made sure she was safely inside and told her i would call her again.

I called and asked if she wanted to go out the next night whic was a sat. night. She said sure but she had to work a half day but it would be ok to pick her up around 7pm.

Went i got there she was ready and came to the door as soon as i knocked. She looked great. This time she had on a black skirt just above the knee with black stockings and heels and a white pullover top. I commented how nice she looked and she said i wanted to wear a skirt because all youve seen me in was slacks. I told her thank you and she looked fantastic.

As we began to drive she said im a little tired how do you feel about just getting some take out and going to your house and watching TV? I said that would be fine with me. So we did and soon arrived at my apartment.

I was having a difficult time not staring at her she looked so fine in the skirt and heels.

As we ate we talked about life things and it turned to sex. I knew we had to get to it sometime so now was good it was our 3rd date and i was not going to blow it because i thought she is special.

Becky told me she was having real feelings for me and thought i was for her. I told her yes i was and i was beginning to think i was falling for her. She breathed out a sigh and said that was how she was feeling. We laughed a little and agreed we would only see each other from here on out. We had became a couple.

She told me she had not had sex a lot and hoped i would let her ease comfortably into it as we went further. I told her i was enjoying being with her and was not in any hurry to do that. She said she had only been past kissing with 2 guys and sex with only one and he was not good at it and she didnt enjoy it when they did. She thought sex should be pleasurable and fun not fast and unfulfilling.

I told her i was sorry she had not been loved enough by her last boy friend and i would not make that mistake. It will be a loving sweet thing when we get to that point. I also told her i would not put her in a position where she felt she had to have sex and tell me if she ever was to feel that way.

This all out of the way we were relaxed and turned the TV on and i sat on the couch and she joined me as i put my arm around her i slipped down where our faces were at the same level. As we sat there i looked into her eyes and she looked into mine and i gave her a long wet kiss [no tongue]. and we kissed off and on for awhile and layed fully on the couch her in my arms. We softly kissed and hugged and went no farther.

This was the night i feel in love with her. I knew she was the woman i wanted and i had to wait to see if she was going to feel the same way.

I got her home around 1am and we kissed and enbraced and i went home thinking of her.

We talked every day from this point on by phone or in person.

It was a couple of weeks after our talk about our relationship, it was a weekday and i was saying bye to her on the phone when i said love you bye. I dont think i even remembered saying it. She called me back and asked if i would come over now. It was around 8pm and i said sure. When i got there she let me inside and she put her arms around my neck and gave me a light kiss. She looked in my eyes and her eyes were red and tearing and tears began to fall down her cheeks. I thought she going to tell me she doesnt want to see me any longer. I was honestly scared becuse i did have deep feeling for her. As she began speaking she broke into crying and said ' i love you so much". I was so relieved i grabbed her and held her close and told her i loved her more than anything or anyone.

She sobbed and said she had fallen completely in love with me and was scared i didnt feel the same. I laughed and said ive had these feelings for you for weeks!! We laughed and laughed and told each other over and over we loved each other. It was a wonderfull moment and i will remember until the day i die how happy we felt.

Then she said i hope you will still be as happy when we go farther in our relationship. I told her to relax and this didnt change what we discussed weeks ago and we would go there together and it will be wonderful when we do.

I told her about 10 pm i should go since tomorrow was a wok day for us both. As i held her and kissed her goodnight i told her I LOVE YOU Becky. She looked in my eyes and said i love you more than ive ever loved anyone!! Then she surprised me and said do you want to spend the night here?

I said are you sure your ready for that? She said yes i want you to stay with me and hold me all night. So we got ready for bed. I brushed my teeth and went in her room and got in her bed for the first was a wonderfull feeling. The only light on was the night table light but it was well lit.

Becky came into the room from her bathroom wearing a baby doll nightie it was white with a pink lace bow in the front. She had on a g string under it.It was 90% transparent and i could see fully the outline of her tits and the dark circle of her areolas and the points of her nipples. Her tits were a 34b and firm and high. Her hips were full and sexy.I told her she looked fabulous. As she walked over to ted bed her titties were moving up and down so sexily.

I opened the covers to allow her to slide in beside me. She got on her side and lay up against me. I was only wearing under wear so i could feel her body so well.

She said i hope your not disapointed in my body. I said i hope your k**ding you are beautiful in every way. I gave her a small light kiss as i held her. I felt her rubbing my chest and i could feel my cock stirring. I told her im sorry im getting aroused as i grew hard. She said not to worry she knew and expected it to happen and would be sorry if i didnt get excited.

We just held each other and fell asl**p. The next morning i awoke and she was dressed and had breakfast ready. so i dressed and ate with her. We went off to work and planned a date friday night.

When we went out for dinner she had a large purse that i didnt pay much attention to. After dinner we decided to go to my apartment and relax. She told me she brought the large bag with extra clothes if i wanted her to spend the night. I was thrilled and said stay all weekend if you like! She almost squealed YES i will.

We went to bed around 10pm and we talked about us and were we were heading and we both were very happy to spend our time together and how much we loved each other.

As we lay there my dick had gotten hard again but i didnt say anything just let it happen. Becky was on her back me on my side. As i kissed her i slid my hand under the tank top she was wearing for pajamas. I touched her flat belly and moved my fingers over her. all she had on was this and a pair of g string panties. Her breathing got heavier as did mine. I slowly moved my hand up until i felt the bottom of her breast and light rubbed it.I wispered you can stop me anytime . She was silent. I moved my hand up over the bottom of her breast and cupped her entire tittie in my hand and began squeezing and fondling it. The nipple instantly became rock hard. I pulled her top up, and with no resistance from her, over her head and off. In full view i began sucking and biting her nipples and massaging her tits. First one than the other.

The only sound from Becky was sighs and deep beathing. Her breasts and nipples i discovered are extremely sensitive and i spent a lot of time with them from this point on!!! I felt her stiffen and her breathing became short as i worked over her titties and i realized she was climaxing!!

She moaned and moaned as she shuddered under it. her legs trembled as she cummed. As she subsided i kissed her lips and asked if she was alright. She told me somthing i never forgot...this was her first orgasm!!

I said do want me to continue or are you done for the night. She said no no no dont stop it feels so good suck on my titties more!!! I went back to her nipples sucking and licking as she moaned in a steady state of arrousal. Then i slid one hand down her belly and into the waistband of her panties. She grabbed my hand and i was about tostop when she said "go slow Bob" I kept sucking her nipples as a worked my fingers inside her tiny panties and felt the softness of her pubic hair and slid my finger down over her pussy lips.

I pushed her panties down her legs and off as i got mine off and finnally we were both naked. As i put my hand back on her pussy i was surprised and delighted as she moved her legs open for me to have access. I was going back and forth with my lips from her nipples to her lips kissing her.

As i did i rubbed her cunt lips with my other hands and as she opened a little i found her dripping wet and hot. I worked my finger up and down her clit and onto the wet pink flesh of her inner cunt lips.

She was panting and deep in lust as she began to cum a second time. She trembled and groaned as she went over the top and i felt her pussy become soaking wet and i realized she was peeing as she came. She began to cry as she came her bladder was emptying on myself and her. I could tell she was trying to stop when i kissed her and told her it was great and to let go and cum. She pressed her head into my chest and shrieked as she twitched and convulsed and her pee was flying into the air over us both as she came and her bladder became empty.

As she cme down she started to cry and told me she was horrified and ashamed of this. She said you will never want to have sex with me again after this. I was affraid to tell you i thought i could control it but i couldnt. I told her i loved her and i liked what she had done and it made me hot!!! And i hoped she would do it all the time with me. I believe this shocked her because she said "really" are you telling me its ok with you for me to let go and enjoy sex? I told her of cousrse i did i love you!! She looked in my eyes and said i love you so much it hurts!!

As we lay there i got a idea to assure her i was being truthfull. I began playing with her tits again and i got on my side facing her and held my cock up at her and starting peeing on her. She was saying oh yes oh yes!! It feels so good. I got on top of her and arced my stream up over her tittes and on her face and bathed he from head to toe in my hot piss. as i finished i began stroking my cock and cum shot out all over her tits face and chest.

I told her i loved her and anything we did in bed was between us.

we got up changed the bed showered and fell asl**p in each others arms exhausted.

The next morning things were different Becky was naked walking around and i did the same thing. We kissed and were free to do anything now we were fully in love with no holding back anything.

That evening we went to bed and i told her it was time to do more and she said "anything is ok with me" im yours now and your mine. I told her i loved her and wanted to marry her! and she said yes yes im ready to marry you whenever you want me to. And i trust you completely.

I lay her down and moved my tongue onto her pussy kissing it as i opened her widely. She was deep pink and dripping wet and her scent was strong and sweet as i breathed it in. I put 1 finger in and then a second and pushed them in deep and began to work her pussy. She became wet instantly and i got down and licked her. As i licked she came a little and peed a little and i drank it as she leaked. I pushed her legs up and held her ankles and opened her and slid my cock inside her pussy. It was so tight and hot as i sank deep into her body. She moaned and grabbed me as i began stroking and fucking her.

She reached a climax 4 or 5 times cumming repeatedly and every time she would pee a little making our fucking squish and slap. I felt the cum rising up from me balls and just in time i pulled out of her and pushed it deep into her mouth to finish me. In seconds cum was flooding out of my balls and cock into her mouth and stomach as she swallowed it all.

Both spent we fell back into bed to rest.We had waited for this and it was worth every moment.

We went out for lunch as it was 2pm on sat. by now. we went for a walk afterwards and becky asked me to tell her the truth, are you happy with me? I told her she was a angel and i loved her with all my heart.

From this point on we did everything in bed and had a great time together. More later..this is a true story

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3 years ago
wondeful sweet kinky love
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3 years ago
That was a good story.. I love it when a woman can just let it go...
3 years ago
very nice,first loves are so sweet.