Brittany called

It was the next day when my phone rang and it was Brittany. She said she wanted me to know how much she enjoyed our first meeting and told her husband about it in every minute detail. Her husband got excited hearing his 22 year old wife telling him all about her older friend. Brittany said he asked if Bob is the one, she told him yes he is my special friend and as long as he is interested we will be friends. I assured her she would be my only girlfriend if that was what they wanted and i was thrilled. She said she felt the same and would only share herself with me and her husband, for safety and health reasons we both agreed. This was not about numbers it was about being true friends. I told her that thrilled me and thanked them for choosing me. As it turned out i was in the Mall, a nice mall not far from her house [about 2 miles]. It was directly across the road from the resturant we first saw each other. It was a tuesday and we agreed to meet on mondays to begin. She told me she was coming to the mall to pick up a few things and would i like to see her. I said of course we could walk around and talk. I went to the Starbucks and got a cup of coffee since it was early and i had not had my morning coffee yet. As i sat sipping it i saw Brittany walking toward me. She was in white pants with a silk striped top with medium heel brown shoes. She looked like movie star her long hair falling over her shoulders and d****d across her face. She had on large designer sunglasses that gave her the look. As she got nearer i realized my cock had gotten hard and i could feel droplets of pre cum and worried it might seep through my khakis!! I got up to great her with a wave but she moved closer and gave me a hug and kissed my cheek. She said your to special to me to just say hi, i need a kiss. I got her a latte and we sat down and talked. She said she didnt plan to call so soon but needed too. She laughed and said as she told her husband what we had done he got excited and she masturbated him and sucked him off. I said that made me happy and i was glad for them. She asked how i felt and i told her she was all i had thought about since we met. She told me she had been thinking of me and how much she liked me. We finished the coffee and walked around and window shopped for about an hour. I was amazed how many guys looked at her and even other girls. But when your that pretty, that young i guess you get that. I commented about it and she said i did not even notice it happens all the time. She said she is hit on all the time and given phone numbers from guys and girls but discards them. She said im not interested in anyone else other than my husband and now you!! We looked at clothing and shoes and i told how great she would look in them. We got to a victories secret shop and she said lets go in. As we looked at the lingerie she held up a garter belt and see thru bra and panties and said would you like me to wear things like this for you? I told her i would LOVE IT!! Soon we were finished and heading to our cars and she said would you like to come by the house, i said sure if your sure its ok. We went in and she threw her purse on the island counter as we stood in her kitchen. I felt we were not going to wait long and i was not wrong. Brittany and i got close and i put my arms around her shoulders as she got about a foot from me. She began unbuttoning my shirt and ran her hands around my chest and my back and played with my chest hair running her fingers up and down. She said my husband has no hair on his chest and i love it on you. I kissed her for several moments and moved my hands down her back and felt the back strap of her Brassierre. I lifted her top out of her slacks and slid my hands up her back and felt her bra back and straps. I was surprised because i thought she was bra less as you could see a hint of nipple on the front of her blouse. I removed my hands from under the back of her top and began unbuttoning the front. As i opened the blouse i saw why i saw the nipple through her top..she had on a shelf bra that her titties only sat on with the full nipples exposed. She wispered i usually only wear this in the bedroom but i wore it for you!! Her aereolas were deep pink about silver dollar size and her nipples dark pink. As i cupped both breasts i watched her aereolas pucker and turn deep red as her nipples hardened and turned a deep burgandy red. We both took our tops off as we continued kissing and touching. Brittany sat down as i stood in front of her she slipped of my shoes, socks and undid my trousers and slid my undershorts off until i was completely naked. I sat down as she stood up and i remover her clog shoes and her slacks. Now she was standing in front of me her tits lying in the Bra fully exposed with a pair of blue matching thong panties and nothing else.I made a motion to remove her panties and she said no wait....She lifted one leg over my shoulder as i sat in front of her standing...the panties were fully crotchless!!!! Her 22 year old cunt was right in front of me. As i kissed her clit and pussy lips she steadied her self with her hands on my shoulders. I ran my tongue the entire length of her cunt from clit to her asshole. As i kept up licking she became soaking wet and i pulled her open wide to fully access her inner folds and the smooth soft pink skin in side. As i ate her pussy she became noticably weak in her legs. So picked her up and carried her to her bedroom. I lay her on the bed and she said i need to use the phone really fast is it alright, i told her of course. She had her back to me but i could make out it was her husband and she was telling him what was happening. I was very uneasy when she asked me to talk with him. I took the phone and said hi how are you? He said it was nice to speak to me and assured me he was ok with all this and hoped to meet me in person very soon. I told him i was looking forward to it. He said be good to Brittany and i handed to phone back to her. I could hear some of their converstaion but not all and i heard her say..soon..and bye bye. She got in bed and put my hard cock in her hand and began stroking it softly but fully as pre cum drops appeared and ran down to her fingers all around the head. She began licking the head and licking all around it like a lolipop cleaning all the pre cum and eating any more as it appeared. She began sucking my dick up and down and got over 6 inches in her mouth. I am nearly 8&3/4 inches hard and really thick. She looked up at me her lips wet with my juices and said her husband is 6 inches and she loved my big cock. She said she was going to try to take it all down her throat for me and to let her go slowly. I decided to lay back and enjoy her efforts. I was laying on my back her beside me leaning over to my dick. She was licking up and won my shaft and taking my balls one at a time in her mouth sucking them as well. Then i could tell she was concentrating on getting all my dick down her throat as she worked up and down in varying speeds and a lot of saliva getting all over my cock. At this exact moment i saw movement in the doorway and i saw a tall young guy there. I grabbed the sheet to cover myself. It was Brittanys husband!! He asked if it was alright for him to watch and to be honest it excited me. Brittany said if your uncomfortable i will ask him to go downstairs. I said i was alright if he really would be ok watching and they both said it was something they had wanted to do and hoped to do one day, and wanted him to watch once in awhile but it would not be all the time when i came over. I thought if a agree i might be able to come over more and as it turned out i was correct. He was 6feet tall and thin with brown hair and very nice looking. There was a wing chair beside the bed around 4 feet away so he sat down. I rubbed Brittanies shoulder under the sheet and in a second she threw the sheet off us fully exposing us naked and having sex. She went back to sucking my cock as her husband watched. He began massaging his dick and took all his clothes off, sat back down and began stroking his dick as he watched his wife and myself. Brittany resumed sucking my cock and got me slobbery wet as she went deeper on my shaft until almost all was in and with one final gasp and nearly gagging she got all the way down on me. She began going about half way out and fully back down sucking my dick. Nearly every time she gagged and nearly puking. Deep low gargling and choking until she was easily taking it all.It was all i could do to not cum seeing her young pretty face covered and full of my cock fucking her mouth and throat. We both forgot about her husband until we heard a little moan and looked over just as he shot off watching us, his cum shot all up his stomach and chest. Brittany smiled at him and asked if he was still alright and he moaned yes and went back to my cock. I rolled Brittany over on her stomach got her on her knees doggie style and her head on the pillow her ass spread and in the air. I leaned over and began eating and licking her soaked pussy. I used both hands and put my index fingers from both hands and opened her cunt hole wide and began licking. You could see deep into her and see all the shiny wet skin and her organs inside. I began licking her asshole which i had not done before and she squirmed and squealed and met me with acceptance. The bitter taste soon left as i tongued her asshole deep with my tongue. This all in front of her husband as he watched and was erect again.I moved my face and told Brittany [for her husbands sake to hear] are you ready to fuck! I pushed the head of my cock inside her hot wet hole and slid easily and fully inside her and began to steadily fuck her. She was out of it by now unaware where or who was there. I looked over as her husband watched as my hard cock tore and fucked his little beautiful wifes cunt apart! He smiled at me and continued jacking himself off again. As with the first time we met Brittanies pussy scent filled the room with deep musky pussy smells. I then moved Brittany to her back and spread her as wide ass i could and plunged back inside her with her pussy squishing and noisy with wettness. I pulled out my cock and began rubbing it up and down by her anus. She did not push me away or make any effort to say no so i kept on. I massaged her asshole with my precum and slowly my dick penetrated and slipped slowly inside. I had her legs up in the air so her hubby and i could get the full view.She had her hands on my hips as to direct me as far as depth and speed so i took her lead. My cock slipped deeper and deeper in her ass hole and i could feel it loosen. By now she realeased her hold on my hips and i gently but f***efully ass fucked her. I looked down and her pussy was obviously fresh fucked ,you could see her lips hanging open and red swelling in her cunt lips and the wet mess her vigina was. As i looked at my cock going in and out of her ass i pulled it nearly out and rammed it in deep and she began to quiver and moan out of her head as she climaxed. She rode the wave of climax a good min. or so quivering and shaking as she cummed. She told me to cum in her ass for her.So i began pounding her a second time and soon we both began cumming at the same time. With her anus trembling and my cumming i was shooting long hot streams of Cum deep inside her asshole. She told me to stay inside and turn over to her left side of her as she lay on her back my cock still in her asshole. She made a motion for her husband to come to her and she had him lay on her right side. She kissed him and then me both passionately. She then took his hand and guided them to near her holes and slowly slid me out of her ass and clenched to hold in my huge cumm load. Then she guided his fingers inside her asshole. I was watching them now!!!!! He began fingering her as all my cum ran out into the palm of his hand. His 2 middle fingers inside, cum running into his palm. She opened her mouth and drank it all into her mouth from his hand then she began sucking his dick and he came in her mouth also. She kissed him with her mouth full of both our cumms and he tasted it nd then she looked over to me and i kissed her putting my tongue deep in her mouth tasting both my own and her husband cum and i liked it!! We talked for awhile and she told me i could call and come over anytime from now on as long as she could get a babysitter. Her husband said if it was alright with me maybe we could do more things later and asked if my wife would partcipate as he also liked older women. He said he understood i was Brittanies friend and what her and i do was ok with him but just with me no other guys etc. I told him my wife would surely love him in bed and when i was ready to leave i went to my car and came back with a packet of photos of my wife. I handed them a few 10 or so and they looked at her body and face and her husband said he would LOVE to meet her!! I then let them see 40 or 50 of her nude, titties, spread pussy and cocksucking and us fucking and my cum all over her and they both said YES!!! I told Brittany we could do some photos sometime and she said you bet! I have more and more of Brittany to tell later...........
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Very good. Can't wait for the swapping to begin. Thanks for posting.
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