a young wife Brittany

I have to tell you im in my fifties so i dont often seriously think about girls in their twenties other than to jack off looking at photos of their tight bodies and pretty faces. I was in a resturant completely unaware of anything sexual other than checking out every female in the place like us guys do. I look at every ladies ass and tits i see, its just me i like to look. As i sat there on a sat. afternoon about 2 pm. A girl walks over to a table at a angle on the right from mine. She is pushing a stroller with a 2 year old and is holding a 4 year old by the hand, both little girls. I later found out she is 22 years old.Having the babies did not take any toll on her body!! She is about 5 feet six, maybe 100 pounds and is wearing a dress which was tight and displayed her young tight round ass very clearly. She was a real beauty with long light brown hair and striking features. She could very easily been a model. I noticed her calves and legs because they had flawless tanned skin. Silky smooth and soft. She got the smallest c***d into a seat beside her and had the other 4year old sit across from her. At this point she was directly across from me and i could see up her dress and could see her smooth creamy thighs to just below her panties but no panty showing. I sat there and tried to not be caught looking. At this very moment she moved and her dress came fully open to my eyes. Her dress was a dark gray and it opened and in full view was a flame red pair of thong underwear covering only the lips of her pussy and i could see the outline of them. The flesh on both sides of her clit was on display to me and i became in a trance.It was very obvious she was shaved or i would have seen pubic hair. In this posisition it was like she was in bed spreading for me it was mindnumbing!!! I didnt think she noticed me at all and as she ate and took care of her babies i went back to eating. I returned to eating and got no further peeks. Then she got up to leave and as she went by she put a note on my table. She made no eye contact with me just dropped the note and went on her way. After she was out of sight I picked it up, unfolded it and read it. It said "hello my name is Brittany call me monday at 10 am" I was so surprised i cant tell you. This was a sat. so i had to wait 2 days. Finally monday came around and i called the number and a soft sweet sounding voice answered and said hello. I said hello and told her my name is Bob and you had given your number to me sat. She said yes i remember and that wasnt a thing she did very often knew exactly who i was. I told her how surprised i was at her leaving me a note and her number and that it made me feel special that she would. She said fantastic and she was glad i felt that way. We talked a few min. and she told me she was married to a great guy who works at an investment firm and makes a ton of money so she doesnt have to work and lives in a nice home with nice cars etc. I thought to myself then why are we talking!! She told me she has always had a thing for older men...much older than her. She told me she told her husband about me and he was ok with it. They had made an aggreement as long as neither fell in love with someone else fooing around a little was ok. I thanked her for being interested in me and we talked more. The next thing she said left me speechless. She asked me if i liked her tiny red thong sat. It took me a few seconds to answer. I nervously said YES i did!!I said i didnt thing you saw me looking. Brittany said i was putting on a show for you and hoped you liked it. She said i knew you were looking. I told her she was totally gorgeous and how could i not look. She asked are you doing anything today? I said no and she asked if i wanted to come visit her and i said yes. With her directions i found her home easily. It was a two story in the best part of town not far from my home. It was lushly landscaped with leaded crystal front doors and a black wrought iron fenced rear yard with a big inground pool. It had to be a $500,000 home.As i drove in the garage door opened so i parked inside beside a Escalade suv. As the door went down Brittany met me at the door and led me inside. The house was fantastic open and spacious and furnished wonderfully. She told me her c***dren stayed with her mother every monday so she could relax and have a day off to herself. I imediately noticed she was wearing the tight satin grey dress from saturday again. This time she had on a pair of 5" spike black cfm heels that made her legs look fantastic!! Her light colored hair was smooth and silky looking, she looked marvelous!!! I sat in a chair in her great room and she sat across from me with her legs crossed and covered this time. We chatted and i found out she was 22 and married for 4 years. her husband was 27. I told her i was 56 and she said perfect. She told me her husband she had a intense thing for older men. He told her it was ok but to be very carefull and he would be alright with it since she told him he was her love. She had met a man once before and they met for a short time until his wife felt he needed to stop seeing her. This had been about 6 months earlier and no one since. She told me she was hoping for an ongoing relationship with a older man and hoped it would be me. I told how flattering that was and that it would be an honor to be her friend. At this point we had to talk about the rules etc. times we could call each other and neither would leave our marriages, It was all very comfortable and we had an aggreement. We would even go to dinner with our spouses so they would not object and possibly they might even get togather if they liked. Then we returned to her and i. We aggreed that for now mondays would be the day we met. We shared our sexual likes and dislikes. Which basiclly was no far out or weird s&m pain stuff. We had it all worked out by now, it had been about an hour getting to this point. She asked if i needed anything a drink or whatever and i said no thanks. She then uncrossed her legs and once again i saw her smooth thigh skin like before in the same dress. She said i wore this again just for you to remember. I told her that was thoughtfull and i appreciated her thinking of me like that. She leaned back just a little to get comfortable and as she did the dress rode up to mid thigh and her red micro thong came into sight again. This time she spread her legs fully for me to see. The thong was barely visible in the crack of her cunt and i could see glistening as she became wet. She was massaging her titties through her dress as i rubbed my cock in my pants. My pre cum was running like a faucet by now. She stood up unzipped her dress and stepped out of it and the slid off her thongs and now only wearing the spike heels. Her tits were about a B cup with erect deep pink nipples like young girls have with no sag at all just pointing up proudly in the air. She walked over to me the heels making a deep clicking on the floor and got all my clothes off and sat me back down and Brittany sat crossways on my lap. We wrapped our arms around each other and began kissing tongues deep in each others mouth and saliva leaking as we kissed. My cock was against her ass and pussy and she wispered in my ear.. fuck me daddy..... I told her i had a vasectomy and couldnt get her pregnant which got her even more excited knowing she could take my cum freely. She needed no more foreplay as i layed her in the bed her cunt was sopping wet and fully open her scent was strong and sexy from her cunt. I slowly rubbed my cock head on her clit and then slid in a little. She met me with a grab on my waist and pulled me fully inside. She arched her back and we began fucking!! She was small and i could move her around as i fucked her side to side and full on stroking her. Her face was flushed and with every thrust inside her she would go oohhh ohhh and moan. She climaxed right away, shuddering and stiffening and i slowed only for a second and began fucking her fucked out cunt again. I pushed her legs up to her chest and fucked her in earnest now. Squishing and snapping as my dick slid in and out of her stretched cunt. At least twice a i could feel and hear her fart as we fucked unaware she was doing it. In another she began climaxing and i waited until she subsided and i withdrew my dick and moved up to slide it in her mouth and began throat fucking her. It only took a few moments and i felt the cum welling up out of my huge balls. I pulled out just as the first stream sprang out landing across her entire face and into her hair. Brittany took my dick over and pumped out the rest all over her face and in her mouth until she was covered in hot cum. She swallowed all she could push into her mouth and we laid back in each others arms. We kissed a little and she told me it was wonderfull and i said i was happy we would be friends from now on. We meet all the time now and i will tell more soon of things Brittany and i have done.
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